Good News Headlines 5/16/17

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Girls Soccer Team Ridiculed For Entering Boys League Silences Critics By Winning It

from Sunny Skyz

Prior to making the move to the boys league, AEM Lleida lost only once in 22 games. The club's general director, José María Salmerón, decided the girls needed better competition… Read More



Veterans Use Improv Classes To Gain Confidence Back In Civilian Life

by Kristin Toussaint, Boston Metro

Northeastern University teamed up with Improv Asylum to offer classes to veterans and service members so they can build their communication skills… Read More



Pregnant Workers’ Rights Bill Set To Pass In Massachusetts

from Boston Metro

Bill would mandate “reasonable” accommodations for pregnant women and those recovering from childbirth… Read More



Teacher Raises $80K For Bikes For Elementary School’s Entire Student Body

by Enjoli Francis

She teamed up with a local bike shop called Affordabike that worked with her for seven months, designing the bike, picking out colors and settling on a name: “The future, let's go places…” Read More



How 700 Kerala Villagers Waded Through A Dead River, Cleansed It And Brought It Back To Life In 70 Days

by Ramesh Babu, Hindustan Times

The villagers first removed weeds and then plastic that was lodged solidly in the river bed. The next step was to dredge the water of pollutants and other debris dumped over the years… Read More



UK’s First Zero Waste Store Just Opened – And It’s Wildly Popular

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

Everyone knows the common saying “waste not, want not” – but this couple has taken it to a whole other level… Read More



Researchers Develop Device That Generates Power From Polluted Air With Sunlight

by Derek Markham, Treehugger

A team of researchers from two Belgian schools, the University of Antwerp and KU Leuven, have discovered a process that can be used to address two disparate yet related issues – the need for air pollution mitigation and cleaner energy sources – with nanomaterials and sunlight… Read More



This Talented Therapy Pig Is Bringing Joy And Oinks To Seniors

by Hilary Hanson, HuffPost

The South Florida pot-bellied pig isn’t just a budding fashionista and Instagram star — she’s a certified therapy animal who spends time bringing joy to seniors at an assisted living facility in Palm Beach Gardens… Read More


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