Good News Headlines 5/2/17


101-Year-Old Becomes Oldest Woman Ever To Win Gold In 100-Meter Race

by Steven Hoffer, HuffPost

A 101-year-old from Chandigarh, India, made history at the World Masters Games on Monday when she became the oldest woman ever to claim gold in the 100-meter dash… Read More



Thousands Demand Action On Climate Change In Boston

from The Associated Press

Protesters rallied at the Boston Common on Saturday afternoon. The demonstration coincided with similar protests around the country in what is being called the People's Climate March… Read More



Galapagos Giant Tortoises Make A Comeback, Thanks To Innovative Conservation Strategies

by James P. Gibbs, The Conversation

The tortoise dynasty is on the road to recovery, thanks to work by the Galapagos National Park Directorate, with critical support from nonprofits like the Galapagos Conservancy and advice from an international team of conservation scientists… Read More



Teen Siblings Raise Nearly $110,000 To Fight Hunger In Washington State

by Patty Hastings, The Christian Science Monitor

Aidan Ryan started volunteering abroad, but when he realized the challenges much closer to home, he adjusted his focus. His sister, Erin Ryan, has gotten involved, too… Read More



5 Schools Moving The Needle On Sustainability

by Hallie Steiner, NationSwell

As many environmental regulations in the United States are reconsidered and loosened, these colleges and universities are committed to cultivating sustainable campuses and future environmental leaders… Read More



New Orleans Takes Down White Supremacist Monument

by Jesse J. Holland and Gerald Herbert, Associated Press/ABC News

A monument to a deadly white-supremacist uprising in 1874 was removed under cover of darkness by workers in masks and bulletproof vests Monday as New Orleans joined the movement to take down symbols of the Confederacy and the Jim Crow South… Read More



Plastic-Eating Caterpillar Could Munch Waste, Scientists Say

from Good News Network

Researchers may now be on track to find a solution for plastic waste; and the key is a caterpillar commonly known as a wax worm… Read More



Prairie Dogs Win Major Victory In Court

by Charlie Wood, The Christian Science Monitor

The Denver-based 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of protecting the threatened Utah prairie dog, strengthening precedent that the federal government has the authority to override state law regarding the regulation of endangered species… Read More


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