Good News Headlines 5/21/19

Riederer Amazon Secondary
Photograph by Dolores Ochoa / AP
Waorani women celebrating their victory in court.


Millions Of Acres Of Rainforest Saved: A Tiny Amazon Tribe Just Defeated Big Oil In A Historic Lawsuit.

by Leo Shvedsky, Upworthy

It’s not every day that you see a story like this. A real David v. Goliath story that results in a win for all of humanity… Read More



A New Study Just Debunked Trump’s Favorite Talking Point About Undocumented Immigrants

by Rebekah Entralgo, ThinkProgress

A growth in the undocumented immigrant population is not associated with an increase in local crime, according to a new study from The Marshall Project… Read More



Epic New Trail Will Allow Cyclists And Hikers To Travel 3,700 Miles Across America From Coast To Coast

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

The Great American Rail-Trail will stretch 3,700 miles across 12 states, from Washington DC to Washington state. Collectively, the trail will connect more than 125 currently existing trails and 90 trail gaps… Read More



This Truck Is Making Sure The Homeless Have Clean Clothes

by Kumasi Aaron, WPTV

Riley Cockrell is on a mission to get 30 loads of laundry washed inside a tiny truck for all the people who have lined up outside it… Read More



A Compound In Broccoli And Kale Helps Suppress Tumor Growth

by Catharine Paddock PhD, Medical News Today

The body has its own mechanisms for fighting cancer, but sometimes they are too weak to suppress tumor growth. Now, scientists have found that broccoli, kale, and other cruciferous vegetables contain a compound… Read More



How The Creators Of A Database Are Stamping Out All-male Panels

by Virginia Gewin, Nature

Developers of ‘Request a Woman Scientist’ hope that its 10,000 participants can help to boost gender diversity in scientific talks and in the media… Read More



Massive New Arbor Day Campaign Will Plant 100 Million Trees Around the World

by Dobi Finley, Good News Network

The Time for Trees campaign was recently launched by The Arbor Day Foundation, which is the largest US-based nonprofit dedicated towards planting trees… Read More


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