Good News Headlines 5/28/19

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97-Year-Old Grandpa Saves Village By Painting Buildings With Colorful Art

by Jessica Stewart, My Modern Met

He was offered money to pack up his home and move elsewhere, but couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the only home he’d ever known in Taiwan. That’s when he started painting… Read More



Determined Teen Siblings Who’ve Turned 15,000 Pounds Of Food Waste Into Compost Awarded Thousands To Continue

from Good News Network

Emma and Ugo Angeletti are the masterminds behind back2earth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting food waste around Miami, Florida… Read More



‘Sesame Street’ Welcomes A Muppet In Foster Care, The Latest Addition To Its Inclusive Cast

by Sonia Rao, The Washington Post

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind the show, has welcomed Karli, a Muppet in foster care, as well as her “for-now” parents, Dalia and Clem… Read More



Why Volunteers Are Rewarded With Longer Life, According To The Science Of Kindness​

by David Fryburg, MD, Founder, Envision Kindness, Good News Network 

The observations on volunteering come from epidemiologic studies that follow various populations over time… Read More



Colorado Becomes First State To Cap Insulin Costs

by Ryan Grenoble, HuffPost

People with diabetes won’t pay more than $100 a month out of pocket for the drug under a new law… Read More



Brightmark Energy Breaks Ground On Nation’s First Commercial-Scale Plastics-to-Fuel Facility In Indiana

from Associated Press

The new plant will utilize a state-of-the-art plastics-to-fuel process that sustainably recycles waste that has reached the end of its useful life – including items that cannot readily be recycled… Read More



Brookline To Offer Free Tampons And Pads In All Its Public Buildings

by Ally Jarmanning, WBUR

Restrooms in public buildings — including town hall, libraries and parks — will have menstrual products in both male and female bathrooms — as not all people who have a period identify as female… Read More


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