Good News Headlines 5/31/16


This $1 Cup Could Prevent Millions Of Babies From Starving

by Eleanor Goldberg, The Huffington Post

A baby born with a cleft palate in an underserved country could very well starve to death just because she has problems sucking. But that baby, along with 7.6 million preterm infants in Africa and Asia, could be saved once a simple $1 cup hits the market later this year… Read More



Boston Teacher Praised For Personal Classroom Approach

by Dina Rudick, Boston Globe

His easygoing and supportive relationship with students has helped place Frank Harris, 59, among five finalists for a national award that honors everyday heroes in the classroom, given annually to educators who show deep dedication and compassion for students… Read More



New York Senate Votes To Stop Taxing Women For Having Periods

by Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet

44 states still impose a sales tax on feminine hygiene products… Read More



Baby Boom Brings World’s Rarest Cats Back From Edge Of Extinction

by Terry Turner, Good News Network

At least 16 Amur leopard cubs have been spotted in a Russian nature preserve this spring — evidence of a strong recovery for a species that numbered only 30 left in the wild less than ten years ago… Read More



$1m Prize For Heroic Burundi Woman Who Saved 30,000 Children From War

by Sophie Morlin-Yron, CNN

During the brutal Burundi civil war which claimed 300,000 lives, Marguerite Barankitse risked her own to rescue around 30,000 children from persecution… Read More



Make Less Than $48,000? You’re About To Be Eligible For Overtime Pay

by Carter Maness, Good Magazine

The concept of overtime for salaried workers in our always-on work culture is a minefield faced by millions of Americans every day, and one that President Obama just helped clear after years of negotiation… Read More



App Lets Rejected ‘Ugly’ Food Go To Charities Instead Of Dumpsters

by Elyse Wanshel, The Huffington Post

Food Cowboy connects for-profit food distributors who have truckloads of rejected fresh food — which typically ends up in the trash — with charities and food banks that desperately need that grub… Read More



Faith Groups Create Emergency Hotline For Immigrants To Call During A Deportation Raid

by Jack Jenkins, Think Progress

Nineteen faith groups in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are setting up an emergency hotline to help undocumented immigrants who need help during a deportation raid, hoping to shed light on the federal government’s renewed effort to forcibly remove people from the country… Read More


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