Good News Headlines 6/11/19

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Forget GDP—New Zealand Is Prioritizing Gross National Well-Being

by Sigal Samuel, Vox

We usually think of a country’s wealth or capital in terms of its financial bottom line: its gross domestic product. But New Zealand challenged the world to assess it in terms of a very different commodity, as the country released the first-ever “well-being budget” on May 30… Read More



How Collective Giving Is Transforming Philanthropy

by Nithin Coca, Shareable

A new wave is remaking philanthropy and giving across the United States and abroad, starting at the grassroots level. Community-led shared gifting, giving circles or, as they are referred to academically, collective giving, is growing rapidly… Read More



How 186 Seniors Building An Exhibit On Social Isolation Also Built A Community

by Casey O’Brien, Shareable

By recruiting local seniors to design the exhibit, the museum fostered conversations and prompted participants to forge bonds that helped reduce the very social isolation they were working to illustrate… Read More



Michael Bloomberg Will Donate $500 Million To Help Close All Remaining U.S. Coal Plants

by Nick Visser, HuffPost

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will donate $500 million to fund a new initiative to shut down every remaining coal-fired power plant in America by 2030, a high-powered effort to counter the pro-fossil fuel agenda emanating from the White House, his foundation said Thursday… Read More



Biofuel, Beeswax Wraps And Recyclable Coffee Cups: United Debuts ‘Eco-Friendly Flight’

by Dawn Gilbertson, USA Today

United Airlines hasn’t served complimentary meals in economy for years, but passengers on Flight 310 from Chicago to Los Angeles on Wednesday were treated to a choice of a Thai summer salad with mango and rice noodles, a quinoa and kale superfood wrap or an artisanal cheese plate… Read More



Here Are 5 Wildly Popular Programs That Prove Americans Already Love Socialism

by Alex Henderson, AlterNet

The “socialism” that Sanders and AOC champion is really a revival of New Deal/Great Society liberalism, and while both of them are left-of-center by U.S. standards, neither would be embraced by actual Marxist-Leninists or Maoists — in fact, communist websites have attacked them for not being true leftists… Read More



As First US State Approves Human Composting, ‘The Green Reaper’ Has Your Guide To Eco-Friendly Burials

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

When you’re looking at Elizabeth Fournier’s funeral home from the street, it looks like any ordinary farmhouse nestled into the hills of Boring, Oregon… Read More



Robocall Ruling By FCC Will Let Phone Companies Block Unwanted Calls By Default

by Mike Snider, USA Today

Some landline and cellular providers currently offer call blocking tools, but phone subscribers must opt-in to use them. The FCC’s rule lets service providers block calls as a default… Read More


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