Good News Headlines 6/13/17


Hawaii Becomes First U.S. State To Adopt Goals In Paris Climate Accord

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

The announcement came just days after President Trump announced that the United States would be pulling out of the treaty… Read More



Reclaiming Coal Country: From Abandoned Mines To Organic Farms

from Great Big Story

Instead of removing mountaintops, Chris Farley helps bring the land back to life, transforming former coal mines into farms… Read More



Chicagoan, 98, Donates Walgreens Shares He Bought Decades Ago — Now Worth $2 Million

by Lisa Schencker, Chicago Tribune

Nearly 70 years ago, a young Russ Gremel decided to buy about $1,000 worth of stock in a Chicago-based pharmacy chain… Read More



The Number Of Electric Vehicles Grew 60% Last Year

by Sami Grover, Treehugger

In 2016 alone, the world saw a 60 percent increase in the number of plug-in cars on the roads—rising to an impressive 2 million… Read More



This Dustbin Man Built A Huge Public Library From Books Other People Had Thrown Away

by Adam Boult, The Telegraph

For 20 years, Columbian rubbish-collector Jose Alberto Gutierrez has been holding to the books he finds while on his rounds in Bogota… Read More



Record Number Of Black, Asian And Ethnic Minority MPs Elected To UK Parliament

by Ben Kentish, Independent

New members of House of Commons include four black women and Britain's first ever female Sikh MP… Read More


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