Good News Headlines 6/14/16


Norway Becomes World’s First Country To Ban Deforestation

by Katie Pohlman, EcoWatch

The Norwegian Parliament pledged that the government’s public procurement policy will be deforestation-free. Any product that contributes to deforestation will not be used in the Scandinavian country… Read More



Egg Farmers Say They’ll Stop Grinding Up Millions Of Chicks Alive

by Hilary Hanson, The Huffington Post

Since baby males aren’t useful to the industry, they usually meet a horrific death. Most egg farmers in the United States will stop grinding male baby chickens to death over the next four years… Read More



A New Bilingual Play At The Huntington Puts American Sign Language Center Stage

by Andrea Shea, WBUR

The Huntington Theatre Company in Boston is forging new territory with a world premiere titled, “I Was Most Alive with You.” Every show is bilingual, with hearing and deaf actors performing in two languages: English and American Sign LanguageRead More



World’s First Off-Grid ReGen Village Will Be Completely Self-Sufficient Producing Its Own Power And Food

by Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch

A visionary real estate development company is piloting its first 100 homes across 15,500-square-meters in the planned city of Almere in The Netherlands with construction set for this summer… Read More



Californians With Terminal Illness Now Have The Right To Die On Their Own Terms

by Mollie Reilly, The Huffington Post

The law was inspired by Brittany Maynard, who moved to Oregon to end her own life… Read More



12 Ways To Get Rid Of Aggressive Weeds Without Resorting To Roundup

by Zoe Blarowski, Care2

You don’t have to resort to chemical herbicides in order to get rid of invasive weeds. Safer options exist that will work just as effectively… Read More



Community Wins As Nestle Drops Water Extraction Plans

by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams

After facing community resistance, bottled beverage giant Nestlé Waters North America this week ditched its plans to extract water from a Monroe County, Pennsylvania spring… Read More



Miami-Dade Is Banning Styrofoam In Parks

by Tim Elfrink, Miami New Times

The Miami-Dade County Commission agreed to ban Styrofoam from all county parks beginning next summer… Read More



Bionic Leaf Can Fuel Energy Revolution

by Tim Radford, Climate News Network

Renewable energy experts and microbiologists have teamed up to create a super-efficient artificial leaf that uses photosynthesis to produce carbon-neutral liquid fuels… Read More


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