Good News Headlines 6/18/19

Circus Roncalli, Flickr CC


This German Circus Replaced Animals With Cruelty-Free Holograms And It Looks Amazing

by Tod Perry, Good Magazine

Circuses are notorious for mistreating their animals, so 26 countries have got with the times by either introducing or implementing bans on them… Read More



American Medical Association Is Warming Up To Single Payer After Decades-Long Opposition

by Amanda Michelle Gomez, ThinkProgress

The nation’s largest physician group nearly eliminated its decades-long opposition to single payer and agreed to study public option… Read More



Scotland Added 22 Million New Trees Last Year, Carrying The UK Goal On Its Green Shoulders

from Good News Network

The new trees amount to roughly 11,200 hectares (43 square miles) of new forestry added in 2018 alone, which comfortably surpasses their current goal of adding at least 10,000 hectares every year… Read More



Researchers Have Discovered How To Make Concrete From Recycled Glass—By Turning It Back Into Sand

by Daniel Hammond, SWNS/Fox News

A team from Australia were able to turn the waste into a replacement for industrial flooring—which opens the door for new uses for old glass. They discovered ground glass can be used to make polymer concrete, a material used for roads and car parks… Read More



Canada’s “Free Willy” Bill Bans Keeping Orcas And Dolphins In Captivity

by Christopher Brito, CBS News

The bill, which is expected to become law, took several years to pass in the House of Commons after it was initially introduced in 2015. It would penalize anyone who keeps a cetacean in captivity, breeds or impregnates a cetacean, or anyone who possesses or seeks to obtain reproductive materials of cetaceans… Read More



Scientists Develop Ingenious Way To Convert Blood Into Universal Donor Type

by Sarah Sloat, Inverse

In Nature Microbiology, a new paper presents a viable way to convert type A blood into O blood using enzymes that from the gut bacterium Flavonifractor plautii… Read More



Colgate Has A New Recyclable Toothpaste Tube

 by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

The tube has been five years in the making and was just recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers. It will hit store shelves by 2020 under the Tom's of Maine brand… Read More


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