Good News Headlines 6/2/15

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Ireland Votes to Legalize Gay Marriage

by Liz Pleasant, Yes! Magazine

Ireland makes history by legalizing gay marriage—reminding people that change is possible…  Read more



Monsanto GMOs Defeated by Oregon Organic Farmers as Federal Judge Upholds Seed Ban

by Steve Rosenfeld, Alternate

Community activists win at key stage in court…  Read more



Green City Offers Clean Alternative to Tar Sands Boom

by Paul Brown, Climate News Network

Canada has been dubbed an international disgrace for its climate change policies, but now one of its major cities is aiming to be the greenest in the world by 2020…  Read more



Is the Ground Shifting under Abortion? Polls, Court Rulings Seem to Say So.

by Brad Knickerbocker, Christian Science Monitor

Gallup finds increasing support for the pro-choice view on abortion as liberals now match conservatives on social issues for the first time since 1999…  Read more



Hampton Creek: Bird Flu Weapon and Chicken's BFF

by Abigail Stevenson, CNBC

According to the New York Times, major food companies such as General Mills are turning to Hampton Creek for its powdered egg substitute to address the egg shortage…  Read more


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