Good News Headlines 6/30/15


Bernie Sanders Rally In Denver Draws One Of Biggest Crowds In Election Cycle

by Sarah Lazare, Common Dreams

At least 5,500 Coloradans crammed into a Denver gymnasium, an adjacent atrium, and lacrosse field Saturday night to hear presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders speak…  Read more



A Battle Won In The War Against Racial Discrimination

by Dennis Parker, Common Dreams

In the midst of the seemingly relentless reminders of the ways that racial discrimination continues to plague our nation, Thursday's decision of the Supreme Court in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project, Inc. provides a much-needed cause for celebration…  Read more



The Hidden Good News The Supreme Court Delivered To Environmentalists Today

by Ian Millhiser, Think Progress

In a week that’s been chock full of good news for liberal Supreme Court watchers, the justices also offered a ray of hope to environmentalists who were bracing for a loss before the justices leave town…  Read more


Power To The People: Solar For Everyone

by Bill McKibben, Reader Supported News

The numbers reveal a sudden new truth — that innovative, energy-saving and energy-producing technology is now cheap enough for everyday use…  Read more



How A White Supremacist Became A Civil Rights Activist

The story of a KKK leader’s transformation shows us that we need not live forever with the kind of violence we saw in Charleston last week…  Read more



Instead Of Cashing His Bonus, This College President Gave It To Local Families And Students

by Robbie Couch, Upworthy

In fact, President Ono has never accepted his annual bonus at the University of Cincinnati…  Read more



Lego Switching To Sustainable Materials; Plans New Research Center In Denmark

by Jim Kinney, MassLive

Lego, the Danish toymaker with North American headquarters in Enfield, Connecticut, wants to make its bricks and other toys from sustainable materials by 2030…  Read more


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