Good News Headlines 6/4/19

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New Filipino Law Requires Every Student To Plant 10 Trees If They Want To Graduate

by Trevor Nace, Forbes

Proponents of the law see this as an opportunity for the Filipino youth to help tackle climate change and build a greener environment for their generation… Read More



Artists Use Hundreds Of Miles Of Colored Yarn To Create Breathtaking Installations Of ‘Outer Space’

from Good News Network​

The series of string-sculptures was created by a pair of Polish artists who have mastered the art of using hundreds of miles of colored threads to create 3D art installations… Read More



Treasure8 Aims To “Evolve” The Food System By Repurposing Food Waste

by Maddie Seibert, FoodTank

Based on Treasure Island in San Francisco, Treasure8 begins with leftover or ugly fruits and vegetables from farmers’ fields and unwanted produce from food processing facilities… Read More



Sci-fi Origami Rose Could Be A Revolutionary Water Purifier

by Colm Gorey, Silicon Republic

The design is a new approach to solar steaming for water production, whereby energy harnessed from sunlight separates salt and other impurities in water through evaporation… Read More



Mo Salah Has Singlehandedly Reduced Islamophobia In Liverpool

by Tim Marcin, Vice News

Mohamed Salah is fantastic on the football pitch — but he might be doing even more off it… Read More



Program Will Pay Minnesota Homeowners To Make Their Lawns Into Bee-Friendly Habitats

by Esme Murphy, WCCO

The one-year funding won’t be ready to distribute until next year, but its goal is to help revive the state’s declining bee population… Read More



Prescription: More Broccoli, Fewer Carbs. How Some Doctors Are Looking To Food To Treat Illness

by Karen Weintraub, WBUR

Although nutritionists still quibble about the details, for the most part, they do know what’s best for us and what’s not. Vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and some whole grains are healthy… Read More



Why You Should Make A ‘Bliss Station’

by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

The goal of a bliss station is to create time and space in which to be creative. There are three simple steps… Read More


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