Good News Headlines 6/7/16


Massachusetts House Approves Transgender Rights Bill

from WCVB

A bill that would bar discrimination against transgender people in public accommodations and allow them to use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with the gender they identify with won overwhelming approval in the Democratic-controlled Massachusetts House on Wednesday… Read More



Young Girl Gets An American Girl Doll With A Prosthetic Leg

by Jordan Davidson, The Mighty

The Bennett family is going viral after mom, Courtney Fletcher Bennett, posted a video of her 10-year-old daughter, Emma, getting a seriously cool present… Read More



Rescuers Arrange Rare Reunion Between 2-day-old Sea Otter Pup And Mother

by Ben Hooper, UPI

Marine rescuers in California shared video of a rare reunion between a stranded sea otter pup and its mother, who was found over half a mile away… Read More



L.A. Will Convert Motel Units To 500 Apartments For Homeless Vets

by Gale Holland, LA Times

The city of Los Angeles has approved a deal for nonprofit and private developers to convert “nuisance" motels into 500 permanent supportive apartments for homeless veterans… Read More



Small-Town Doctor Is Running From L.A. To D.C. For Uninsured Kids

by Jesse Hirsch, Good Magazine

Levi Rizk isn’t much for the spotlight—he just likes to run. This quiet humility belies a greater purpose, though—Rizk is about to run all the way from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., for a cause… Read More



The New York Assembly Just Passed The Nation’s Most Ambitious Climate Bill

by Natasha Geiling, Think Progress

The New York State Assembly has passed the most ambitious climate bill in the country, one that would require the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from major sources to zero by 2050… Read More



Senate Passes Resolution Supporting Equal Pay For Women’s Soccer Players

by Daniel J. Flynn, Breitbart

The resolution, sponsored by Washington Democrat Patty Murray, cites Title IX, a study showing women making 59 cents for every dollar earned by men in 1963, the high ratings the women’s soccer team enjoyed en route to a 2015 World Cup victory, and a mishmash of other factoids, laws, and platitudes in advancing the measure’s argument… Read More


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