Good News Headlines 6/9/15


Airline Now Requires Pilots And Crew To Practice Yoga

by Leigh Weingus, Huffington Post

For 78 new pilots and 300 new cabin crew members hired by Air India, there’s yoga…  Read more



A Fossil Fuel Free World Is Possible

Democracy Now!

Is a 100% renewable energy future possible? According to Stanford professor Mark Jacobson, the answer is yes. Jacobson has developed plans for all 50 states to transform their power infrastructure to rely on wind, water and solar power…  Read more



Swiss Supermarkets Stop Sales Of Glyphosate Over Health Concerns

by Sustainable Pulse

Switzerland’s largest retail company, Migros, will begin removing the toxic products this week from their shelves…  Read more



Landmark Study Finds Previously Unknown Link Between The Brain And Immune System

by Carolyn Gregoire, Huffington Post

"They’ll have to change the textbooks,” Dr. Kevin Lee, chairman of the University of Virginia’s neuroscience department,  said in a press release Monday…  Read more



How This Library Paid One Dollar To Install Its Solar Panels

by Mary Hansen, Yes! Magazine

Solar Holler helps nonprofits install solar panels for less than the price of a cup of coffee…  Read more



What We Can Learn From 6 Kids Who Are Masters Of Their Anger

from Upworthy

The elementary school kids in this video by Wavecrest Films are unexpectedly articulate about their emotions…  Read more



It Looks Like An Ordinary Sculpture, Until It Starts To Move; Then It’s Mind-Bending

by Anthony Howe, Wimp

While these sculptures may appear simplistic at first, it is mesmerizing to discover what makes them so special…  Read more


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