Good News Headlines 7/10/18

Photo by Emy Kane/Lonely Whale


This Boot Camp Trains Young People To Fight Plastic Pollution

by Shaima Shamdeen, Good Magazine

From 16-year-old Jamie Margolin leading to July 21’s Zero Hour youth climate marches in Washington, D.C., to the lawsuit Juliana v. United States filed on behalf of 21 youths suing the government for failing to address climate change — youth are leading the way on climate action… Read More



In Rare Good News For Coral, UN Agency Says Belize Barrier Reef No Longer In Danger

by Nick Visser, HuffPost

Nearly 1,400 species, including endangered manatees and hawksbill turtles, live in the region… Read More



Vast New Study Confirms Significant Health Benefits Of Nature

by Melissa Breyer, Treehugger

Global data involving more than 290 million people confirms what we've been saying for years: Time outdoors could save your life… Read More



At Age 67, Swimmer Honors Brothers With World Record Career

by Karen Given, WBUR

To really understand why Pat keeps swimming, we have to go back — not to the story of Pat’s son, Tom, but to her brothers, Johnny and Robbie… Read More



New York And Virginia Become The First States To Require Mental Health Education In Schools

by Sy Mukherjee, Fortune

For the first time, two U.S. states will require schools to provide mental health education in a bid to combat a rising tide of depression and psychological hurdles facing American youth… Read More



Sweden Hits Its 2030 Clean Energy Target This Year

by Matthew Phelan, Inverse

Sweden will claim 3,681 wind turbines by December 2018, putting it 12 years ahead of a country goal to add 18 terawatt-hours to its renewable energy output by 2030, according to a recent report from the Swedish Wind Energy Association… Read More



A Chemical Breakthrough Could Eat The Plastic Pollution Crisis

by Bonnie Christian, Wired

A new chemical process can liquify plastic. The next challenge? Creating a machine that can recycle the sludge on an industrial scale… Read More



Town’s Compassionate Approach Cuts Rates Of Overdose By More Than Half – State To Adopt It

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

For years, the city of Huntington, West Virginia experienced a steady climb in drug overdoses. When it finally came to a tee in 2014, the town launched a compassion-based outreach program that has cut the rate of overdoses by more than half in less than one year… Read More


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