Good News Headlines 7/21/15


Bernie Sanders Takes His Populism To The Red States And Draws Huge Crowd

by Zaid Jilani, AlterNet

Sanders' speech in Phoenix on Saturday night brought together an estimated eleven to twelve thousand people – one of the largest political rallies in the city's history…  Read more



Prison Sentencing Reform: Bipartisan Efforts Make Headway In Congress

by Francine Kiefer, Christian Science Monitor

President Obama has been calling on Congress to move on reforms, and surprisingly, lawmakers are in step with the president. It even looks like Congress will move ahead of him, with hopes high in both chambers and in both parties that reform legislation will pass by the end of the year…  Read more



US Wins Math Olympiad For First Time In 21 Years. Is Math Education Improving?

by Meredith Hamilton, Christian Science Monitor

Hailed as the “hardest ever” competition by The Guardian, the final score reflects the exhaustive preparatory work done by coaches and students alike. Team USA, led by Carnegie Mellon professor Po-Shen Loh, took the crown for the first time since 1994…  Read more



400 Million Animal Lives Were Saved This Past Year Due To Americans Eating Less Meat!

by Lynn Griffith, The Raw Food World

Approximately 93 percent of people still eat meat, however, meat consumption has been on a steady decline in the Unites States since 2007…  Read more



Orca Baby Boom: Enough To Save The Endangered Whales?

by Kelsey Warner, Christian Science Monitor

Four newborn orcas have been spotted off the coast of Washington and British Columbia, including one apparently midwifed by other orcas…  Read more



Tanya Jisa Paired Her Love Of Fresh Food With A Desire To Help Women Ex-convicts

Benevolence Farm, nestled in pastoral lands west of Durham, N.C., will serve as a transitional living program for just released female ex-convicts…  Read more



American Doctor Agrees With British National Health Service Reporting That Non Hospital Birth Is Safer For Low Risk Mothers!

by Lynn Griffith, The Raw Food World

In 2014, Britain’s National Health Service made a public announcement urging women to consider using birth centers or having home births instead of hospital births for low risk pregnancy. The reason backing this decision was safety…  Read more



How “Big Data” Can Help Save The Environment

by Willie Shubert, Salon/Scientific American

Journalists, scientists & techies must work to translate data into the knowledge needed to address climate change…  Read more