Good News Headlines 7/23/19

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How Five Elder Women Are Creating An Intentional Community In An Expensive Housing Market

by Saki Bailey, Shareable

San Francisco Bay Area residents Mary McDonald, Barbara Reusch, Alisa Foster, Harriet Tubman Wright, and Ina Clausen were all concerned about where they would be living in 10 or 20 years, who would be helping to care for them as they aged, and how they could achieve their desire to age in an intentional community… Read More



Small Town Welcomes Displaced Family, Then Helps Them Rebuild A Chocolate Empire

by Yasmin Amer, WBUR

The Hadhad family was granted residency in Antigonish, in Nova Scotia where they found a welcoming and compassionate community that helped them settle and restart their chocolate empire… Read More



Michigan Parks Making Beaches, Trails Wheelchair Accessible

from WTHR

Volunteers and park rangers are working together to make beaches and trails more accessible to people with disabilities… Read More



Canada Just Made Landmark Legislation To Ban The Shark Fin Trade

by Marisa Spyker, Coastal Living

According to scientists, humans are responsible for the deaths of roughly 100 million sharks every year… Read More



Muslim Cleric Who Hid Christians During Attacks Honored In The US

by Bukola Adebayo, CNN

The US government is honoring an 83-year-old Muslim cleric who hid 262 Christians in his home and mosque during an attack in central Nigeria… Read More



California Goes Electric On School Buses

by Fermin Koop, ZME Science

The state of California is seen by many as the model to follow when it comes to climate action and clean energy. Now, it’s taken this a step even further by announcing it will replace more than 200 diesel school buses with new, all-electric school buses… Read More



Population Doubles For One Of New Zealand’s Rarest Birds, As 150 Chicks Hatch This Season

by Jennifer Zolper, Good News Network

The adorable orange-fronted parakeet is making an impressive comeback as New Zealand’s most endangered forest bird species—doubling its population with an epic hatch in 2019… Read More


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