Good News Headlines 7/28/15


No More Hidden Sugar: FDA Proposes New Label Rule

by Allison Aubrey, NPR

The Food and Drug Administration wants to make it easier for Americans to track how much added sugars we're getting in the foods and beverages we choose…  Read more



This Trait Can Predict If A 5-Year-Old Will Grow Up To Be A Successful Adult

by Carolyn Gregoire, The Huffington Post

Watching a young child playing with others can reveal a great deal about who they are — and who they'll be in 20 years. That's the conclusion of an eye-opening new study from Pennsylvania State University…  Read more



The Rapid Success Of Fight For $15: 'This Is A Trend That Cannot Be Stopped'

by Steven Greenhouse, Guardian UK/Reader Supported News

When fast-food workers started protesting just two years ago for a $15 minimum wage, they were mocked. This week, they secured their biggest victory yet…  Read more



The Equality Act Is A Visionary Piece Of Legislation — And Way Overdue

by Louise Melling, The Huffington Post

Something extraordinary happened Thursday to advance fairness and equality in the United States. Members of Congress introduced legislation to amend the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964…  Read more



How Solar Power Can Be Affordable And Accessible For All

by Mark Ruffalo, Huffington Post/Alternet

For a long time, everybody thought of solar panels as something only rich people could afford. But when you think about it, the fuel — sunlight — is free…  Read more



Tired Of Waiting For Feds, California Bill Addresses Illegal Farmworkers Issue

by Gabrielle Saulsbery, Modern Farmer

In the absence of federal legislation, California Assemblyman Luis Anejo introduced a new bill that would allow farmworkers living in California illegally to get work permits…  Read more



Africa Celebrates Renowned Scientist Ameenah Gurib-Fakim As Mauritius’ First Female President

by Abdoulaye Bah, Global Voices

The nomination of eminent scientist Ameenah Gurib-Fakim was unanimously confirmed by the Mauritian National Assembly on 5 June…  Read more



The Galapagos Airport Is Now Powered Entirely By Green Energy

by Rafi Schwartz, Good Magazine

The small archipelago province has a new claim to fame: Home to the world’s first, one hundred percent green-energy airport…  Read more



Obama Unveils Ivory Rules To Protect Elephants

by Kevin Freking, AP/Huffington Post

Poachers killed 100,000 elephants between 2010 and 2012, and Obama's rule seeks to crackdown on the illegal trade of ivory…  Read more