Good News Headlines 7/3/18

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The ancient redwood forest of Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve has remained largely untouched for thousands of years.


730 Acres Of Old Growth Redwoods Preserved

from SF Gate

Hundreds of old growth redwoods will be preserved with the Save the Redwoods League’s acquisition of a 730-acre reserve north of Cazadero in Sonoma County… Read More



New ‘Promiscuous’ Enzyme Helps Turn Plant Waste Into Sustainable Products

from University of Portsmouth

A new family of enzymes has been discovered which paves the way to convert plant waste into sustainable and high-value products such as nylon, plastics, chemicals, and fuels… Read More



Ikea Wants You To Stop Throwing Away Your Ikea Furniture

by Jessica Hullinger, Fast Company

The items are then recycled or resold as-is, and the donor has a wallet full of Ikea money ready to spend on something new, so the cycle continues… Read More



In Major Privacy Win, Supreme Court Rules Police Need Warrant To Track Your Cellphone

by Nina Totenberg, NPR

The 5-4 decision imposes new limits on law enforcement’s ability to get at the increasing amount of data that private companies amass in the modern technological age… Read More



Thousands Gather In Boston To Protest Trump Immigration Policy

from WBUR

Saturday’s “Rally against Family Separation” began with a morning march from City Hall to Boston Common. The rally was timed with other protests nationwide and was also meant to oppose Trump’s ban on travelers from certain Muslim-majority nations… Read More



Massachusetts Legislature Reaches ‘Grand Bargain’ On $15 Minimum Wage, Sales Tax Holiday, Paid Leave

by Shira Schoenberg, Mass Live

The Legislature has reached an agreement on a deal to raise the minimum wage to $15, institute paid family and medical leave and create a permanent sales tax holiday, in an attempt to keep multiple proposed ballot questions off the November 2018 ballot… Read More



Anonymous Person Buys $1M Worth Of Remaining Toys At Toys “R” Us To Donate

by Christina Capatides, CBS News

America’s last remaining Toys “R” Us stores will close for good today, after a final Friday of clearance sales. One Toys “R” Us location in Raleigh, North Carolina, however, has shut its doors a little early — and for good reason — after an anonymous patron purchased $1 million worth of the store’s remaining toys to donate them to local children… Read More


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