Good News Headlines 7/31/18

(Vidhi Doshi, Joyce Lee/The Washington Post)
The Post visited schools in New Delhi, where the education minister is trying out a radical experiment to teach happiness.


India, Which Has Long Focused On Student Success, Now Offers ‘Happiness’ Classes

by Vidhi Doshi, The Washington Post

After the summer break, Delhi’s children returned to school this month and found a new class added to their schedules: happiness… Read More



Scientists Created Mutant Bacteria That Collect Solar Power On Cloudy Days

by Ilana Strauss, Treehugger

In a lab somewhere in British Columbia, a scientist examined the bacteria he’d been genetically engineering under a microscope. This wasn’t just any bacteria. It could hold the answers to humanity’s most pressing problems… Read More



This Genderless Barbershop Builds Community One Haircut At A Time

by Eva Recinos, Good Magazine

When Kim Goulbourne learned her barber would be leaving soon, she realized she needed to do something. And she needed to do it quickly… Read More



‘Giant Wind-And-Wave-Powered Pac Man’ To Gobble Up Great Pacific Garbage Patch

by Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch

The Ocean Cleanup is preparing to launch its highly anticipated cleanup system in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But the contraption’s final design looks slightly different from the original vision… Read More



6-Year-Old Boy Helps Save More Than 1,000 Dogs From Kill Shelters

by Caitlin O’Kane, CBS News

He’s only 6 years old, but Roman McConn has already helped save more than 1,000 dogs from kill shelters. He and his mom, Jennifer McConn, started the project in Texas when they lived there in 2016… Read More



City Installs Plaques That Allow Blind People To ‘See’ The Art Murals Decorating The Streets

from Good News Network

As a means of making art more inclusive and available to everyone, this city has just installed tactile plaques that allow blind people to “see” the many murals decorating the streets… Read More



New Zealand Grants Domestic Violence Victims Paid Leave

by Charlotte Graham-McLay, The New York Times

New Zealand will grant victims of domestic violence paid leave from work, in a move that activists say will give people the time to move out and seek shelter for themselves and their children without losing their jobs… Read More



Floating Park Built From Recycled Plastic Waste Debuts In The Netherlands

by Matt Hickman, Mother Nature Network

In a futuristic European port city that’s already unleashed trash-eating aquatic drones to clean up its harbor, you might wonder what could possibly come next in terms of innovative methods of clearing plastic waste from polluted waterways… Read More


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