Good News Headlines 7/7/15


Forget About Cologne And Perfume…The Most Attractive Scent To The Opposite Sex Is You

by April McCarthy, Prevent Disease

Researchers in Germany have found that humans respond strongly to a specific fragrance–in ways that could ignite a woman’s sex drive…  Read more



South Carolina Senate Votes To Remove Flag From Statehouse Grounds

by Jeffrey Collins, Reader Supported News

The vote clears the way for a historic measure that could remove the banner more than five decades after it was first flown above the Statehouse to protest integration…  Read more



“The Largest Environmental Settlement In History”: BP Agrees To Pay $18.7 Billion In Damages For Gulf Oil Spill

by Lindsay Abrams, Salon

At long last, BP has reached an agreement to pay for the environmental damages caused by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion and the oil giant is shelling out big-time…  Read more



One of the Most Incredible Weeks for the Progressive Movement in Ages

by Robert Kuttner, Alternet

What an extraordinary week in the political and spiritual life of this nation. It was a week in which liberals could feel good about ourselves and the haters of the right were thrown seriously off balance…  Read more



Overtime: Finally, A Break For The Middle Class

by Robert Reich, The Huffington Post

The U.S. Department of Labor just proposed raising the overtime threshold from $23,600 a year to $50,400. This is a big deal. Some 5 million workers will get a raise…  Read more



Add Nature, Art And Religion To Life's Best Anti-Inflammatories

by University of California – Berkeley, Science Daily

Taking in such spine-tingling wonders as the Grand Canyon, Sistine Chapel ceiling or Schubert's 'Ave Maria' may give a boost to the body's defense system…  Read more


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