Good News Headlines 8/14/18


Man Who’s Turned A Desert Into A Forest By Planting A Tree Every Day For 40 Years

by Jane Wharton, Metro

In 1979, a teenager became so concerned with soil erosion that he planted a few trees. Over the next four decades, Jadav Payeng continued to plant and now he has single-handedly created a forest bigger than New York’s Central Park… Read More



Fewer People Are Returning To Prison, As Rate Drops By 23% In U.S. – Here’s Why

from Good News Network

An exciting new body of research shows that while America is becoming safer, with historically low crime rates—it is also becoming more progressive in its criminal justice system, with more than two-thirds of states having reduced both crime and imprisonment in the past decade… Read More



How Flashing Lights And Pink Noise Might Banish Alzheimer’s, Improve Memory And More

by Helen Thomson, Nature

Neuroscientists are getting excited about non-invasive procedures to tune the brain’s natural oscillations… Read More



This Guy Has Fed Dogs Of The City’s Homeless For 5 Years; Now He Has Even Bigger Plans

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

It all started when Crowell used to walk to work in San Francisco, California. A self-professed animal lover, he was heartbroken by the number of dogs he would see struggling alongside their homeless human counterparts on the streets… Read More



These Eco-Friendly Shoes Are Made With Recycled Plastic Bottles

by Barbara Schneider-Levy, Footwear News

Each pair of vegan shoes sold diverts approximately 17 plastic bottles from landfills and into a pair of barefoot shoes… Read More



New York City Grants Prisoners Free Phone Calls

by Komala Ramachandra, Human Rights Watch

The New York City Council voted this week to provide free telephone calls for anyone held in the city’s correctional facilities. The move will save New York City inmates and their families an estimated US$8 million a year… Read More



France Bans Smartphone Use In Schools

by Makena Kelly, The Verge

Many French students will have their social media scrolling forcibly ended during school hours this upcoming year, after French lawmakers voted to ban smartphone use in schools… Read More



5,500 UK Churches Switch To Renewable Energy

from The Guardian

Church of England places of worship, along with Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Quaker and Salvation Army congregations, have made the switch to 100% renewable electricity, and faith leaders are urging more to follow suit… Read More



Egyptian Students Design Car That Runs On Air

from Reuters

The undergraduate students, who built the vehicle as part of their graduation project from Helwan University just outside Cairo, are rolling out a prototype one-person vehicle that runs on compressed oxygen… Read More


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