Good News Headlines 8/15/17

Image via Studio Roosegaarde


Smog-Eating Bikes Are About To Take On Beijing

by James Gaines, Good Magazine

If one design firm can pull it off, cyclists in Beijing may soon double as mobile air filters. Holland’s Studio Roosegaarde has developed anti-smog bicycles and the first prototype is expected to hit the Asian city’s congested streets as soon as the end of this year… Read More



Cambridge Bans Retail Sales Of Commercially Bred Pets

from EcoWatch

The ordinance, passed by the Cambridge City Council, prohibits the commercial sale of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians in pet stores. Fish are not included in the ordinance but could be added at a later date… Read More



Teen Community Organizers Hold Stadium Owners Accountable

by Oscar Perry Abello, Next City

Thanks to a bunch of teenagers, TD Garden, home of the NBA’s Boston Celtics and the NHL’s Boston Bruins, recently paid $1.65 million to help build a recreational facility in Boston’s Jackson Square neighborhood… Read More



Maine Man Helps Competitor Across Finish Line At Beach To Beacon 10K

by Ryan McLaughlin, Bangor Daily News

At Saturday’s TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10K road race in Cape Elizabeth, it was a selfless act by a talented, humble Maine road runner that made almost everything else irrelevant… Read More



Dance Company Includes People In Wheelchairs And Busts A Beautiful Move

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

These choreographers are on a mission to prove that anyone can dance – no matter their abilities. The nonprofit called Infinite Flow hosts classes, dances, and inclusive programs for kids and adults alike—and touts itself as the first professional wheelchair ballroom dance company in the world… Read More



Florida Beachgoers, Firefighters Team To Rescue 3 Beached Manatees

from NBC Miami

A large crowd of spectators gathered as nearly a dozen good Samaritans – both men and women of all ages – assisted firefighters by pushing the beached manatees, inches at a time, back into the Gulf of Mexico… Read More



Graffiti Artists Are Turning Swastikas Into Adorable Animals

by Amar Toor, The Verge

Ibo Omari’s war against swastikas began earlier this year, when a man walked into his Berlin graffiti store and asked for a few cans of spray paint. The man had been playing with his son at a nearby playground and noticed a huge Nazi flag painted on an adjacent wall. The father wanted to paint over the flag himself, but Omari wouldn't let him… Read More



These Tobacco Filters Grow Into Plants When Littered

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

While smoking rates are on the decline in some countries, there will always be those who’ll never quit the harmful habit—and cigarette butts will likely remain an eyesore, littering the world. That’s why this company is trying to minimize the negative effects of smoking by selling biodegradable filter tips that plant seeds, instead of creating litter… Read More



This Mom Has Donated 5,000 Pints Of Breast Milk To Help Feed Premature Babies

from Sunny Skyz

The 29-year-old mom from Beaverton, Oregon, spends an incredible 10 hours a day pumping around 1.75 gallons of milk – ten times the average woman… Read More


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