Good News Headlines 8/25/15

©Stuart Ramson for UN Foundation


Africa Celebrates One Year Without A Single New Case of Polio

by Good News Network

Although it does not yet merit an official polio-free certification, the milestone reminds everyone at the United Nations and the Kick Polio Out of Africa Campaign of the important progress toward eradication…  Read more



A Town In Massachusetts Decided To Stop Arresting Drug Users. 2 Months Later, Here's How It's Going.

by Eric March, Upworthy

Back in June 2015, Gloucester, Massachusetts, police chief Leonard Campanello announced that his officers would no longer arrest drug users who approached them seeking help…  Read more



Rate Of Uninsured Hits New Low As More Americans Get Health Coverage

by Linda Hernandez, Good News Network

In a study released last month by the Journal of the American Medical Association, more than a half million adults reported “significant” improvements in affordable health insurance, access to doctors and medications since the last two annual open enrollment sessions…  Read more



How The Social Mission Of Ben & Jerry’s Survived Being Gobbled Up

by David Gelles, The New York Times

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield founded their gourmet ice creamery in 1978 and were pushing the boundaries of conventional business from the beginning…  Read more



This School Gets Kids To Read—By Giving Them A Bike

by Heather Dockray, Good Magazine

Instead of forcing kids to read quietly in a corner, Scott Ertl stationed a bunch of donated bikes in a classroom, and had his students cycle while they read…  Read more



Teenage Girl Turns Plastic Trash Into Million-Dollar Biofuel

by Terry Turner, Good News Network

An Egyptian teenager has discovered an inexpensive way to turn plastic trash into fuel — and it could be worth tens of millions of dollars a year…  Read more