Good News Headlines 8/28/18


Ghost Fishing Nets Make Up 46% Of Ocean Plastic – Good Thing The UN Is Finally Taking Action!

from One Green Planet

World Animal Protection has successfully lobbied the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) to start tagging fishing nets and help prevent ghost nets, or ghost gear, that is lost or abandoned at sea… Read More



Harvard Square Cafe Will Provide Jobs, Training To Homeless Youth In Cambridge

by Robert Sondak, Spare Change News

 Breaktime is a cafe that has a mission beyond serving coffee and scones; the plan is to provide job training and stable employment for Cambridge’s economically insecure youth… Read More



China, World’s Biggest Polluter, Hits Carbon Goals—12 Years Early

by Matt K. Smith, Daily Beast

In a year when climate change is moving from abstract theory to grimly tangible reality, a faint dot of hope may be on the horizon… Read More



Kroger To Phase Out Plastic Bags At All Stores

from The Associated Press

The nation’s largest grocery chain has begun to phase out the use of plastic bags as more Americans grow uncomfortable with their impact on the environment… Read More



Puppy And Kitten Sales At Pet Shops Set To Be Banned

from BBC News

Pet shops and dealers in England will be banned from selling puppies and kittens under government plans… Read More



We May Soon Have Backpacks That Can Generate Clean Water From The Air—Even In Arid Deserts

from Good News Network

A professor of mechanical engineering is leading a research team to develop a lightweight, battery-powered pack that can harvest water from the air—as many as 10 gallons per hour— even in arid locations… Read More



The Teenagers Getting Plastic Bags Banned In Bali

by Jacopo Prisco, CNN

Indonesia is the second largest plastic polluter in the world after China — its plastic waste accounts for a whopping 10 per cent of marine plastic pollution… Read More



Commonwealth Could Be National Leader In Renewables

from Spare Change News

The Massachusetts House and Senate have passed energy bills that dictate the percentage of renewable energy in which the Commonwealth will invest by raising the Renewable Portfolio Standard… Read More


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