Good News Headlines 8/4/15

©WNV/Ashoka Jegroo
The NYC Light Brigade and dozens of supporters gathered near the arch in Washington Square Park and held up Sandra Bland’s name.


Across The US, Activists Shine Light On Sandra Bland's Mysterious Death

by Ashoka Jegroo, Common Dreams

In cities across the United States on July 29, the name of Sandra Bland, a woman whose mysterious death in police custody recently made headlines, could be seen bringing light to dark city nights…  Read more



Major Airlines Ban Big-Game Trophy Transport After Cecil The Lion Killing

by Tomas Monzon, UPI

Delta, United and American Airlines banned on Monday the transport of lion, rhinoceros, leopard, elephant and buffalo remains… Read more



The Movement To Stop Food From Being Wasted Is Booming

by Ari LeVaux, AlterNet

Many, if not most, of the newer efforts to end food waste are just as mission-driven as a food bank, but are sustained by sales of recovered produce, and products made from it, rather than grants and donations…  Read more



In Victory for Animals and Their Defenders, Judge Strikes Down Idaho 'Ag-Gag' Law

by Jon Queally, Common Dreams

Banning the filming of factory farm operations is an unconstitutional violation of both free speech and equal protection clauses, says federal judge…  Read more



Ban On Junk Food In Massachusetts Schools Is Working

by Peter Balonon-Rosen, WBUR

Massachusetts schools are offering healthier “extra” foods since the state’s 2012 adoption of strict standards, a new study finds…  Read more



More Than 100 Vermont Farms Open To The Public This Week

NECN/Associated Press

Visitors will learn more about where food comes from and get a chance to build relationships with local farmers…  Read more