Good News Headlines 8/6/19

Seesaw Mexico Border
© Christian Chavez/AP


A Border Wall Seesaw Has Been Built So Children In The U.S. And Mexico Can Play Together

by Chantal Da Silva, Newsweek

This week, children in the U.S. and Mexico had the chance to play together— despite the barriers that exist between them—after two California professors built a set of seesaws through a border fence… Read More



Irish Teenager Wins Google Science Award For Removing Microplastics From Oceans

by Jordan Davidson, EcoWatch

After nearly a thousand tests, his device successfully removed about 88 percent of the microplastics from water samples, according to The Irish Times… Read More



Plastic-Bottle Sales Banned At San Francisco Airport

from The Associated Press/TruthDig

The new rule will apply to airport restaurants, cafes and vending machines. Travelers who need plain water will have to buy refillable aluminum or glass bottles if they don’t bring their own… Read More



Plastic Bag Purchases Drop 90% At Major England Retailers After Bag Fee Is Introduced

by Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch

At least that's what the UK government has found. Since it introduced a five-pence fee for plastic shopping bags in 2015, plastic bag sales at England's seven biggest retailers have fallen 90 percent, NPR reported… Read More



Researchers Discover Proteins That Could Soon Restore Damaged Hearing And Irreversible Deafness

from Good News Network

In order for mammals to hear, sound vibrations travel through a hollow, snail shell-looking structure called the cochlea… Read More



A Super-Thin Slice Of Wood Can Be Used To Turn Saltwater Drinkable

by Leah Crane, New Scientist

Filtering the salt from seawater can take a lot of energy or specialised engineering. A thin membrane made of porous wood may be able to fix that… Read More



Doctors Can Now Prescribe Visits To The Museum

by Calvin Hughes, Civilized 

A group of doctors is turning to culture instead of pills to help patients… Read More



Wind Is Outpacing Coal As A Power Source In Texas For The First Time

by Ryan Prior, CNN

The numbers cap an enormous rise in wind power in the nation's top energy-producing state over the past decades… Read More


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