Good News Headlines 9/10/19

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This Woman Took 97 Rescue Dogs Into Her Bahamas Home To Protect Them From Hurricane Dorian

by Hannah Natanson, The Washington Post

Phillips took steps to make the inside of her home more pleasant for the animals, putting on music “in all directions of the house” and blasting air conditioning… Read More



Carbon Dioxide Reactor Developed At Rice University Turns The Greenhouse Gas Into Fuel

by AJ Dellinger, Mic

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most common greenhouse gases found on our planet, in large part because of human consumption… Read More



This Biodegradable T-shirt Is Made From Trees And Algae

by Dawn Hammon, Inhabitat

The Vollebak Plant and Algae T-Shirt is an example of clothing that is produced with a vision for the end of the product life cycle when the shirt can be thrown in a landfill where it will biodegrade within a few months… Read More



New Research Links Five Simple Lifestyle Choices To A 60% Reduced Risk Of Developing Alzheimer’s

by Jennifer Zolper, Good News Network

Everyone knows that a healthy lifestyle involves eating fruits and vegetables and getting lots of exercise—but new research says that it might have a much more dramatic impact on our cognitive health than we previously thought… Read More



A Little Boy Spends His Birthday Savings On Victims Of Hurricane Dorian

by Christian Cotroneo, Mother Nature Network

Jermaine Bell was going to Disney World. No matter how long it took, or how much birthday money he would have to save, the 6-year-old South Carolina boy would spend his special day in “The Happiest Place On Earth”… Read More



California Becomes The First State In The Nation To Outlaw Fur Trapping

by Gabrielle Canon, USA Today

The state’s newly-approved Assembly Bill 273 prohibits the trapping of any fur-bearing mammal or non-game mammal for purposes of recreation or commerce in fur… Read More



Peanut Allergy Sufferers ‘May Have New Protection Against Severe Reactions’

by Nina Massey, Yahoo News

People with peanut allergies may have a new way to protect themselves from severe allergic reactions, new research suggests. A tiny dose of peanut protein under the tongue can offer safe and substantial protection against the allergy, scientists say… Read More



Once Homeless, Violinist Now Dedicated To Changing Teens’ Lives Through Music

by Lynn Jolicoeur and Lisa Mullins, WBUR

France is a professional violinist. But he was homeless for about six months and slept behind the aquarium in Boston… Read More


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