Good News Headlines 9/17/19

Wheelchair Gardening


Wheelchair Friendly Gardening Is Finally Here Thanks To This New Product

from Mystical Raven

Terry Garrett is the mastermind behind the company that designs a tabletop garden specifically for people in wheelchairs… Read More



Meat And Plastic Sales Are Slowly Dropping, Survey Finds

 by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

As environmental awareness spreads, shoppers are making different choices… Read More



This Is What 350 Schools Are Now Teaching In A Massive New Mental Health Trial In The UK

from Good News Network

Thousands of children and teens are being taught wellness techniques aimed at providing the students with better coping skills and self-awareness of their mental health… Read More



This School’s Science Project Is 3D-printing Prosthetic Hands For People In Need

by Jessica Klein, Fast Company

A few years ago, the then-principal of West Leyden High School outside Chicago, Will Wagner, had a chance encounter on a plane that would change his school’s curriculum… Read More



Scientists Have Found A Way To Use The Cold Of Night To Generate Electricity

by Emily Price, Yahoo! News

Using an inexpensive thermoelectric device, they’re able to harness the cold of space without an active heat input… Read More



Filipino Villagers Swap Trash For Rice In Fight Against Plastics

from Reuters

The Southeast Asian nation is among the world’s top marine plastic polluters, studies show, with laws on solid waste poorly enforced and no regulations on packaging manufacturing… Read More



EPA Promises An End To Animal Testing

by Teresa Bergen, Inhabitat

Many people are disturbed by the pain and cruelty of animal testing, leading to bipartisan efforts to decrease its use… Read More



California Lawmakers Advance Bill To Redefine And Protect Gig Economy Workers

by Colin Dwyer, NPR

Lawmakers in California have advanced a bill aimed at ensuring minimum wage, workers' compensation and other benefits for contract workers in the gig economy… Read More


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