Good News Headlines 9/18/18


The $3 Billion Plan To Turn Hoover Dam Into A Giant Battery

by Ivan Penn, The New York Times

Hoover Dam is the focus of a distinctly 21st-century challenge: turning the dam into a vast reservoir of excess electricity, fed by the solar farms and wind turbines that represent the power sources of the future… Read More



A Half-Marathon Has Banned Plastic Water Bottles In Favour Of Seaweed Balls Author

by Harriet Williamson, Metro

The Harrow half marathon in London has decided to do something about the over-use of plastics, banning single use bottles and cups entirely… Read More



‘There’s Good Here’: In Indianapolis, A Bike Shop Tries To Fix More Than Spokes And Brakes

by Jeremy Hobson, Julia Corcoran and Jack Mitchell, WBUR

In a neighborhood on the northwest side of Indianapolis, people are taking matters of making the city safer into their own hands, with an unusual idea: a bike shop… Read More



An All-Women Mariachi Band Is Born In Boston

by Amelia Mason, WBUR

Like so many music scenes, the mariachi world is dominated by men. All-women mariachi bands have emerged as a kind of antidote, and can be found in cities like Los Angeles and New York… Read More



Nonprofit Sleep In Heavenly Peace Offers Beds For Texas Kids

by Emily Burleson, Idaho Statesman

According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, about 1 in 5 kids lives below the federal poverty line, although the sheer number of kids in poverty decreased by almost 3 million from 2010 to 2016. It's not clear how many of those kids have beds, however… Read More



Before He Dies, Architect Designs Living Space With Everything You Need In A Green Oasis Of Stunning Beauty

from Good News Network

While this exotic building may seem like a castle that is fit for a king, it was actually built as “an oasis for humanity and nature in a sea of rational houses.”… Read More



Decades After Being Passed Over For A Nobel, Jocelyn Bell Burnell Gets Her Due

by Katherine J. Wu,

Honored with a Special Breakthrough Prize, the astrophysicist says she’ll use the winnings to fund scholarships to support today’s outsiders in the field… Read More


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