Good News Headlines 9/22/15

AP Photo/LM Otero
Ahmed Mohamed, 14, gestures as he arrives to his family's home in Irving, Texas, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015.


Professor Invites Teen Arrested For Clock To MIT


A Texas teen that was arrested for bringing his science project to school has been invited to tour the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus…  Read more



Hooray! The United States Is Doing Great Things To Reduce Food Waste

by Steph Newman,

we're over the moon to hear that Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut now have laws that prevent growers, supermarkets and restaurants from sending huge amounts of food waste to landfill…  Read more



Target Workers Vote To Form First Union In Company’s History

by Heather Dockray, Good Magazine

While slightly less than a dozen workers will be members of the union, it’s a remarkable achievement for the group…  Read more



Obama To Nominate First Openly Gay Military Service Secretary

by Laura Wagner, NPR

The nomination is the latest in a series of policy changes and appointments the Obama administration has made that advance the rights of LGBT people in the government…  Read more



In Historic Settlement, US To Pay $1 Billion To Native Tribes

from Reader Supported News

If approved in federal district court, the settlement ends a 25 year legal battle over the U.S. government’s failure to fully fund contracts with Native American tribes to support their own services, including law enforcement, forest management, housing and education…  Read more


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