Good News Headlines 9/3/19

Patty Nieberg Palestinian Toddler Plays Beach Tel Aviv
© Patty Nieberg
A Palestinian toddler plays on the beach in Tel Aviv for the first time.


For These Palestinian Kids, A First-ever Day At The Beach Means The Whole World

by Patty Nieberg  and Shachar Peled, Haaretz

Sometimes it involves defying the Israeli authorities, but taking children from the West Bank village of Beit Ummar for a day of fun in the waves of the Mediterranean has its own rewards… Read More



More Than 40% Of Millennials Have Changed Their Diets Because It’s Better For The Environment

from Good News Network

Millennials reported making 17 tweaks or changes to their diet per year, with the top changes found to be eating healthier foods (46%), avoiding sugar/carbs (41%) and focusing more on plant-based foods (36%)… Read More



Incarcerated Women Help Recover Rare Northwest Butterfly Species

by Jenn Chavez, OPB

Women incarcerated there make up the team of butterfly technicians and lab assistants powering the conservation work… Read More



‘We All Have Baggage’: Teacher’s Viral Class Activity Inspires Kindness

by Genevieve Shaw Brown, GMA

When Karen Loewe posted a photo to her Facebook page with an account of what took place in her classroom on “one of the most impactful days she ever had” in her 22 years of teaching, she never expected it to reach so many people… Read More



Seoul’s Over-65s Disco ‘Like Medicine’ For Seniors

by Olivia Lang and Julie Yoonnyung Lee, BBC

A daytime disco for over-65s in the Korean capital Seoul is giving seniors a new lease of life… Read More



Wildlife Committee Votes To Protect Giraffes As Endangered Species For The First Time

by Bradford Betz, Fox News

National representatives at an international wildlife conference in Geneva voted Thursday to protect giraffes as an endangered species for the first time, drawing praise from conservationists and protests from some sub-Saharan African countries… Read More



How A Hospice In Wales Is Memorializing Children With Birdsong

by Mary Jo DiLonardo, Mother Nature Network

Tŷ Hafan is a pediatric palliative care facility in Wales that helps child patients and their families make the most of the time they have left together… Read More



Group Known As ‘The Black String Triage Ensemble’ Performs Music At Crime Scenes Around Milwaukee

from ABC7

It's not a symphony playing in a big hall but the sounds are just sweet. Their purpose is to help comfort those devastated by tragedy… Read More


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