How Much Power Do You Want?

Grateful for my steady success using holistic medicine over the past three decades to meet my healthcare needs, I’ve earnestly pondered the nature of health and healing during that time. How do we heal? Why do we sometimes not heal? Can we wipe out cancer from within without genetic manipulation? Like a mental Rubik’s Cube, I’ve been twisting and turning these questions and more over in my mind for the past thirty years trying to find just the right combination of answers to make it all fall into place.

Obviously, everyone wants to be healthy as much as possible; being sick can be painful, no fun at all, and even potentially fatal. Yet if I take a moment to catalog all the cuts, pimples, and bruises on my body right now, not to mention any of the more complex known and unknown malfunctions that might be lurking beneath the skin — imagine all the energy I’d expend if I had to devote attention to healing each and every wound myself? But I don’t, because my body is marvelously intelligent and equipped to heal itself of most injuries and illnesses without me even being aware that repair is taking place.

In fact, according to energy medicine pioneer Barbara Brennan’s article in this issue, “The body is a self-healing organism, so it’s really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself.” Barbara first mainstreamed the term “human energy field” in the early 80s, and with it, the framework for understanding advanced capabilities in human self-healing. But just how far does that healing power extend?

Perhaps our healing success has more to do with our own beliefs than anything. The first step is to acknowledge that we are all born healers; this title is not reserved just for doctors or practitioners. You are the inner healer who guides your body successfully through a bout with the flu or the mending of a broken bone, regardless of whether it’s set or not. You are that healer, already in possession of great healing skills and knowledge, just waiting for you to open your medicine chest and learn about your tools. My granddaughter is only three and apparently she already believes that healing happens in the doctor’s office because that’s what she pretends in her playacting; she sees this reinforced in books and on TV. Fortunately I’m there to remind her about her own sunshine energy that heals her boo-boos from the inside out. Look honey…you have chakras! Healthcare was meant to be simple, affordable and within our own reach. For emergency and trauma care we have doctors. Start by claiming your healer title and then act on it.

I recently attended a talk on “Awakening Inner Happiness and Freedom” by motivational speaker Sister Shivani, of the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual organization. Teaching meditation (free of charge) as a way of experiencing peace of mind and a positive approach to life, the Brahma Kumaris is the largest women-led spiritual organization in the world. The Boston BK center has hosted the Experience Meditation Room at the Natural Living Expo in Marlboro for many years, offering the public an exquisite spiritual respite during an exceptionally busy event.

During her talk, Sister Shivani shared an anecdote about Dadi Janki, the 102-year-old spiritual and administrative global head of the Brahma Kumaris. When asked how she maintains her inner power, the elder simply replied, “Don’t waste it.” Each of us is a perfect reservoir of untapped power that we simply fail to use. The most important use of that power is quieting the mind. When the mind is still, emotions are calm, insight occurs and a plan of action can take place. Mental disturbances from thoughts and emotions only deplete your power. You are unable to act effectively when your energy is spent churning inside.

A question during the talk was asked about how to handle the mental disturbance Donald Trump’s presidency creates for millions of people around the world. The answer was the same: Donald Trump is not disturbing you, but your upset thoughts about him disturb your own peace. Once you have identified why you are upset — maybe you don’t like his policies — then you can take action rather than just churning. Donald Trump is waking up the world so we can learn how to use our will power to create a future we want to live in. When you decide to use your will power to be focused within, you are balanced, you are powerful — you and millions of other people — so powerful that global change can occur. As writer Ursula Le Guin once noted: “We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable — but then, so did the divine right of kings.”

I left the talk that day inspired and invigorated because I can do this. I can flip my switch “On” instead of wasting my power and leaving it off. I can be my own healer, I can experience peace of mind, I can be effective in changing in the world. “Don’t waste it.” Three little words I heard that day made a lasting impression. It’s up to you: how much power do you want?

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher of Spirit of Change Magazine.

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