Ideas For Living With An Open Heart


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Your task is not to seek love; your task is to break down all of the barriers you built to block it. – Rumi

The heart’s natural state is open. That’s how we are born. However, after we have experienced pain, abandonment, disappointment, and fear, our hearts can often shut down and we come to experience life with a guarded, closed heart. So how do we reverse experiences of pain and difficulty and reopen our hearts?

Like with all muscles, we need to flex them, practice, and train them. We can do this in many ways. Here’s a list of ideas to begin to open your heart and face the world with love instead of fear.

  1. Show compassion for others when you witness them in difficult situations. Visualize a positive outcome for them. Your non-verbal communication is just as effective as conscious verbal words since we are all energetic beings connected to each other.
  2. When you see someone in need, help them immediately instead of hoping that the next person coming by will come to their aid.
  3. Heal your own past hurts with talk therapy or energy healing. You can also meditate on these hurts to explore and regress back to those points yourself, and then release them.
  4. Adopt a perspective in life from a higher vibration. Express blessings and love for others. Say a blessing in your mind to everyone you pass on the street for a day.
  5. Get into a yoga practice. Yoga has many heart-opening poses.
  6. If you are drawn to do so, join and participate in a group that is committed to working through emotions, sadness, depression, and pain. Coming from this place of experience you are then free to help others do the same.
  7. Get out into nature to connect and commune. Relax and open up in a place away from the noise and busyness of your everyday experience.
  8. Do heart-opening meditations and guided imagery. Use recorded heart-opening meditations you can easily find online.
  9. Be like a shimmering Buddha, transforming those in your presence with unconditional love. Be pure of opinion and high on acceptance of others. Avoid judging.
  10. Welcome everything that comes at you. Know there is a higher reason for everything you observe, witness, and have the opportunity to bless, while discerning what is and is not yours to take on.
  11. Let go of your defenses and your ego-self that wants to be right. When you hear someone say something you disagree with, consciously release your need to be right. It’s okay to let someone else “win.”
  12. Give a random gift of love. When someone is depressed, sad or hurt, open your heart to them with your love and compassion to better understand them. Acknowledge to them, in your mind, “I know you are hurting. You are loved.” This subliminal message of compassion will be received, even if not consciously acknowledged.
  13. While listening to others speak, send an “I love you” message in your mind.
  14. Realize you are eternal, and this life in physical form is only a temporary one. Walk about in this place with an open heart and freedom from fear of your own mortality.

The laws of karma dictate you get what you give. In other words, what is happening to you now is the likely result of your actions in the past. And more importantly, actions you are taking now determine what you will experience in the future. Our heart knows this truth. When we love with an open heart, love is returned many-fold.

As the love pours forth from your being, filling up your surroundings and the people in your life, the more you receive from the universe. It is a never-ending cycle that never runs out! Go ahead…access it now, and then broadcast it far and wide.

Excerpted with permission from How to Live a Magnificent Life: Becoming the Living Expression of Higher Consciousness by Andrew Lutts ©2018 Andrew Lutts.

Andrew Lutts is a metaphysician, truth student, and student of A Course in Miracles. He has published articles in The Sedona Journal of Emergence and Connecting Link. He is author of two books on manifestation and higher dimensional living. Learn more and download a free chapter at He can be reached at

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