Introducing The Food Rescue Locator

Photo from Food For Free's Facebook Page
Food For Free rescues fresh food—food that might otherwise go to waste—and distributes it within the Greater Boston emergency food system where it can reach those in need. (

While there are several large databases and directories for food bankscommunity dining roomsfood pantries and the like, there is no large database or directory for food rescue groups. That means, that if you have a small quantity of extra food that needs rescuing for donation, you are likely out of luck if you don’t have an existing connection. But that has all changed as Sustainable America has created a live, editable, Food Rescue Locator for use around the country!

Late in 2014, and Caleb Phillips of the Food Rescue Alliance started a project to put all the amazing food rescue groups on the map, literally.  While we’ve gathered detailed information from over 100 organizations in the lower 48 of the United States over the last 12 plus months, we have always intended to find a permanent organizational home for the Locator. And now we have with that with Sustainable America.

The Food Rescue Locator helps provide information to food donors and connects them with organizations in need. The Locator shows location, hours of operation, type of food recovered, contact information, and other information. 

The U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency is also hoping to integrate the data into their mapping efforts too. And the best part? The Locator is 100 percent free to those who submit for listing and those who use it to find food rescue groups and users can just type in your zip code to find organizations in their communities

If you have a food rescue organization that you want to add to the map, please click here for the form.

Jordan Figueiredo is a Solid Waste Specialist and Anti-Food Waste Activist from California. At his day job he works with Castro Valley Sanitary District helping business, schools, and the community to recycle, compost, and reduce waste. In his spare time he connects and ignites the movement to end food waste.

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