January 2017 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for January 2017

January 1: Happy New Year! The very first alignment of 2017 is a steamy yet tricky early morning conjunction of fiery Mars and nebulous Neptune. In Pisces, the surreptitious mystery planet holds the advantage over the impulsive red firebrand. Nevertheless, strict self-control is advised. Late night revelers must exercise good judgment. Consume food and drink with awareness. Designated drivers, you are needed! New Year’s resolutions may reflect great hopes and fabulous expectations or they may be quite delusional. As is often the case, the challenge lies in making intentions real. By sunrise the day is a cornucopia of good vibes, ideal for cooking up impromptu get togethers and relaxing with pals. As midnight nears and the outgoing Aquarius Moon approaches loving Venus, a romantic mood sweeps in.
Moon in Aquarius, Mars conjunct Neptune.

January 2: Before daybreak the Moon slips into Pisces. Feelings become more sensitive, imaginative and inwardly attuned. A lunar sextile to retrograde Mercury makes some early morning observations surprisingly astute. Long ago memories could flood the senses. A forgotten face may come to mind or a friend could resurface. As the day progresses flights of fancy become increasingly effortless while hearts melt with greater empathy. Be careful not to let unrealistic thinking or false hopes put you in a vulnerable situation. Altruism and compassion need to be balanced with a measure of pragmatism. If tonight you need an escape from day to day reality, a film or concert will do just fine.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 2:59AM-4:57AM Moon enters Pisces.

January 3: Venus joins the Moon, Mars and Neptune in watery Pisces during the early morning hours. The presence of four planets in the mystery sign is likely to launch a tidal wave of dreams, deja vu and other psychic experiences throughout the day. An afternoon sextile between Venus and retrograde Mercury may cause some folks to think wistfully of lost loves. Others may have an unplanned reunion. Hearts are tender. Choose words that reflect the delicacy of the moment. This evening brings lowered energy and ominous worries as a lunar square to dour Saturn holds sway. Do your best to remain positive. A delay or setback could be a blessing in disguise.
Moon in Pisces, Venus enters Pisces, Mercury sextile Venus.

January 4: Mental Mercury backslides into Sagittarius this morning. The sign change may trigger some second thoughts and buyer’s remorse. Some recent decisions could also be reversed. A lunar square to the winged messenger can add to confusion and also make the search for appropriate words a struggle. By noon the waxing Moon is in Aries, sounding a fresh call to take action. Give plans due consideration before embarking on a new venture. Action is fine, provided the results are desired. With Mercury resuming forward motion this coming Sunday, minds and goals remain fluid for the next few days.
Moon in Pisces v/c 11:14AM-11:20AM Moon enters Aries.

January 5: The impulsive Aries Moon reaches the first quarter phase, testing the ambitious Capricorn Sun, during the mid-afternoon. Because the Sun is close to Pluto emotional sensitivities and stress levels may spike unless precautions are taken. In the heat of any given moment, treat everyone kindly, especially those who disagree with you. Proceed with shared needs and common ground in mind. Compromise if it is necessary and appropriate. Tonight sees the Moon set off the Uranus/Jupiter opposition. Give others space to express their opinions as well as their own unique quirks and talents. Take off on an unusual flight of imagination or explore a compelling curiosity but be ready to reverse course in an instant.
Moon in Aries, First Quarter Moon in Aries 2:47PM.

January 6: Clarify incoming and outgoing messages. The examination process will be illuminating and worthwhile. History may also be revised as the Aries Moon forms an early afternoon trine with Mercury, now hovering stationary at the final degree of outspoken Sagittarius. Other things may also become clear. A political scandal or religious crusade could be making headlines. By dusk moods are mellower. The Moon is in Taurus where she harmonizes with Venus, an excellent omen for both an evening of enjoyable socializing and weekend fun. Tonight the Capricorn Sun is nearing its annual conjunction with Pluto. Put your head together with a partner’s and fixate on worthy goals and win-win solutions.
Moon in Aries v/c 1:41PM-3:18PM Moon enters Taurus.

January 7: The early morning Sun/Pluto conjunction may produce aftershocks today. The potent pairing, in earthy Capricorn, can signify a personal revelation and renewal. Whatever insight and motivation you gain, respect it. Throughout the daylight hours the Taurus Moon is a grounding presence, also fostering mystical experiences and artistically expressive activities. Imaginative types will find inspiration at every turn. Tonight’s lunar trines to the Sun and Pluto may facilitate a mending of fences between former foes and deepening ties between long time pals. The Moon begins a lengthy void of course sojourn well before midnight so don’t be surprised if the party ends early. Make a beeline for home, get comfy and relax.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:23PM-12:00AM, Sun conjunct Pluto.

January 8: Mental Mercury resumes forward motion during the darkness of the early morning. Now in late Sagittarius, the sign of politics, religion and philosophy, the pesky Winged Messenger will almost certainly cause a great many folks to rethink recent choices and events. Because the Taurus Moon is also void of course, this is not an advantageous time to make either commitments or large expenditures. Relaxing and going with the flow is recommended, at least until evening when the Moon enters talkative Gemini. There’s catching up to do and nighttime conversations tend to go on and on.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-5:06PM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury Direct.

January 9: There are challenges throughout this day. Indecision can become nerve-wracking as hearts and minds may seem to be continually at odds. The fickle Gemini Moon tests three planets in changeable Pisces. The early morning sees a lunar square to Venus. Social impulses are strong and needs are great but feeling truly satisfied is made doubtful by a subsequent testing angle with nebulous Neptune. Getting to work on time could also be an issue as inclement weather may cause delays during the commute. The midday period is lively and productive but evening sees new stresses emerge. Drive carefully and watch your temper. Be alert to clever ideas and other blessings late tonight.
Moon in Gemini.

January 10: The staid Capricorn Sun forms a late morning square to rebellious Uranus today, unleashing chaotic forces that may force an unexpected change of plans. Be ready to adapt to evolutionary thinking and emerging realities. Because the waxing Gemini Moon is nearly full, emotions are quick to boil over. The Moon is also forming oppositions with Saturn and Mercury, making cool, rational thinking all the more precious. However, where there is clarity of intention, even amidst chaos, there is a path to success. Patience and persistence are required and with Mars moving into a sextile with tenacious Pluto, plenty of reserve energy is available. Unwind from the day’s stresses in the comfort of your home tonight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 4:38PM-5:49PM Moon enters Cancer, Sun square Uranus.

January 11: The nearly full Cancer Moon contributes to an emotionally charged atmosphere. Lunar alignments with Venus and Neptune can make the morning hours feel like a love-filled magical mystery tour. Enjoy warm social ties and take note of any creative sparks. The Moon and Capricorn Sun are also testing Jupiter and Uranus, a restless Grand Cross configuration leading many folks to question standard narratives as well as outdated rules and customs. As the Moon opposes Pluto tonight passions and divisions can grow heated. Be gentle and kind in your judgments. Look to the purity of the rising Moon for comfort and inspiration. Give others leeway if you can but like the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, stay true to your wiser, better nature and core values.
Moon in Cancer, Mars sextile Pluto, Sun square Jupiter.

January 12: The early morning’s full “wolf” Moon energy is especially strong, keeping restless packs and human souls awake through the night. The opposing Sun and Moon are part of a high energy grand cross configuration. Pluto is also in the mix, conjunct the Sun in pragmatic Capricorn. These stars demand action, but care must be taken that trust is not broken. Power grabs and other abuses will be met with indignant outcries and stiff resistance. By sunrise the Moon is void of course. The resulting mellow period lasts into the evening when the Moon arrives in Leo. Use the daytime hours to gather your thoughts and digest recent events. Put off new projects and important decisions. Brainstorming sessions can be useful for planning purposes. A soothing late afternoon Venus/Neptune conjunction stirs hearts and imaginations. Perhaps there’s a new way to say “I love you?”
Full “Wolf” Moon in Cancer 6:34AM, Moon in Cancer v/c 6:34AM-7:08PM Moon enters Leo, Mercury enters Capricorn, Venus conjunct Neptune.

January 13: Having completed a retrograde this past Sunday, mental Mercury is now back in practical Capricorn. If you’ve been wrestling with a weighty decision over the past few weeks the coming days are favorable for making up your mind. All the same, today’s planetary activity level is low. There are no exact aspects to motivate us but the Leo Moon instills a readiness for fun. The lack of celestial action does open up some interesting possibilities. Young people may emerge as guiding lights. If a youngster isn’t handy, evoke your inner child, reclaim your innocence and play! Life can be a dance, or a party, if we let it.
Moon in Leo.

January 14: For early risers the morning hours are fabulously busy. Breakfast clubs, sporting contests, even routine household chores and errands are lively, fast-paced affairs. It’s a great time to network as the Leo Moon, Uranus and Saturn from a brilliant fire sign grand trine. By late morning the playful Moon is void of course. Any sense of urgency is lost as motivation dwindles. Relax. A hobby or other creative pursuit may provide a great deal of fun and satisfaction. To be safe observe the usual void of course Moon rules; hold off on buying big ticket items and making major decisions. It isn’t until late tonight that the Moon enters Virgo and focused concentration returns. Certain midnight ideas and discussions are positively brilliant.
Moon in Leo v/c 10:17AM-10:52PM Moon enters Virgo.

January 15: With the Moon settled in Virgo, self-improvement is an overriding concern. That could mean polishing a skill or talent, upgrading one’s diet or lifestyle, or tackling chores around the house. Under Virgo’s auspices, perfection is always something to pursue. However, as the afternoon unfolds the Moon engages mystical Neptune in an opposition and resolve may bend. A lazy diversion could come calling. And why not? This is the weekend! A movie matinee, concert or visit to an art gallery is a pleasant way to pass the time. Romantic interests may be kindled tonight as a lunar opposition to Venus could prove to be a head and heart turner. An experience of unconditional love graces the lives of a select few.
Moon in Virgo.

January 16: The Virgo Moon gives quite a jolt of energy via an afternoon opposition with fiery Mars. There’s no letup for ambitious souls, or fastidious ones. Like all challenging aspects, this one needs to be handled with care. Impatience, hot tempers and criticism have the potential to mar an otherwise peaceful day. Keep a civil tone and make sure advice is constructive rather than mere fault-finding. A misstep is subject to almost “instant karma” as the Moon’s very next aspect is a square to Saturn. Speed traps and other road obstacles warrant slowing down in the interest of safety. Nightfall brings soothing vibrations and the opportunity to cultivate inner peace as well as amicable social ties. If you’re feeling diligent, get organized for tomorrow and the week ahead.
Moon in Virgo.

January 17: After a night of deep winter stillness the Moon enters Libra shortly before dawn. A lunar square to mental Mercury can test diplomatic skills. Look for ways to be helpful. If you’re not sure how to best be of service, imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes and then proceed. If imagining still leaves you uncertain, ask. Rest assured, thoughtful concern is very much appreciated. Astrological alignments during the next several days reaffirm the principle, he who serves best profits most. Those looking to get ahead at the expense of others are in for a rude awakening.
Moon in Virgo v/c 1:009AM-6:16AM Moon enters Libra.

January 18: Stay conscious of partners today. Diligently cultivate harmonious ties. A little “co-dependence” may be in order, one hand washing the other. With the Moon in Libra another good option is making the world a more beautiful place. Most importantly, be on good behavior, particularly during the stressful late afternoon and evening hours. If exasperation grows, it may be best to hold your tongue. The Moon, close by outspoken Jupiter, is also tangling with Pluto and Uranus. Things said or done in the heat of a moment may be regrettable. Decorum, tact and diplomacy are essential to sustaining healthy relationships. A late night truth session may clear the air, but if undertaken, utmost sensitivity and respect are advisable. Truth is always subjective. One may win an argument but sacrifice a friendship.
Moon in Libra.

January 19: The planets are most busy during the wee hours of the morning and at nightfall. In between there is a mellower void of course Libra Moon period. The day’s opening hours feature a testing pre-dawn square between Mars and Saturn. The aspect can leave some folks feeling blocked, anxious, irritable and plagued by restlessness. Before daybreak a calm descends. Concentration is changeable, moods variable. Roll with changes. Engage in small talk and keep tabs on friends. As dusk deepens motivation returns. The Moon enters Scorpio and the Sun arrives in Aquarius, the two “lights” forming a taxing last quarter Moon. A social event could feel like an uncomfortable obligation. If so, beg off. It’s fine to respect your own privacy needs.
Moon in Libra v/c 3:55AM-5:09PM Moon enters Scorpio, Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 5:13PM, Mars square Saturn, Sun enters Aquarius.

January 20: Today brings redemption, and not just because it’s Friday. Early morning aspects between the Scorpio Moon and mental Mercury, as well as a healing sextile between Venus and Pluto set the day off on very positive footing. Moods are confident, warm and cordial. Affection and trust are telltales blowing staunchly in the wind. The upbeat mood continues with a fine early afternoon lunar sextile to Neptune. Spiritual and artistic endeavors are favored. A little magic appears in quite ordinary, everyday circumstances. Empathy and compassion are strong. Tonight’s social scene may be somewhat quiet and reserved but the sharing of intimate stories and secrets makes lasting impressions on hearts and minds.
Moon in Scorpio, Venus sextile Pluto.

January 21: Intellects are sharp and emotional intelligence is astute. Through much of the day the insightful Scorpio Moon encourages meaningful encounters through trines to Venus and Mars in Pisces. The nifty alignments shore up wavering hearts in the morning and instill tenacity for living and loving well. Follow the guiding light of your instinctive yearnings. If a partner is along for the ride, the journey is all the more fun. The Moon begins a void of course period during the evening and as a result nighttime activities may gradually lose some spark. Perceptions remain sharp. The final few hours of the day are good for quiet conversations and personal introspection.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 8:24PM-12:00AM.

January 22: Shortly before dawn’s light penetrates night’s darkness the waning Moon enters Sagittarius. The refreshing sign change brings new hopes to early birds. It also sets the stage for an agreeable day. As the Moon reaches a late morning sextile with the Aquarius Sun many folks are moved to connect with friends and families. Impromptu brunches, lunches and other gatherings unfold under congenial skies. Opinions are freely expressed but respect the thinking and choices of those you disagree with. Life is a school for learning and while others may travel a different path, it doesn’t mean they are lost or on the wrong path. Live and let live. An unclear and lazy atmosphere holds sway late tonight. Relax, let go and give sleep a chance to renew your body and spirit.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-5:45AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

January 23: Look for the good in each person and situation. Be a spiritual detective. There are gifts and blessings, some obvious and some hidden, in everything. Because mental Mercury is forming a sextile to mystical Neptune we are invited to communicate with our better angels. Have your psychic antennae up. Guiding light may come via a hunch, a message from Mother Nature, a whisper, or an excited shout. Creative ideas may in fact be revolutionary, especially tonight when the Sagittarius Moon forms a trine to Uranus. The social possibilities are special, too. Don’t be shy. Soak up information and bounce ideas off of social media friends and forward looking buddies.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury sextile Neptune.

January 24: Daybreak finds the Sagittarius Moon close by Saturn and in a contentious square to Mars. Few are in the mood to suffer fools gladly but before launching into a tirade, take a few deep breaths. Consider what you are trying to accomplish and how to best connect with others. Treat them as you would yourself be treated. With poised self-control gradual progress can be made. After noon the waning Moon spends several hours traveling void of course, giving folks a second chance to cool down and reconsider strategies. Evening brings renewed energy as the Moon enters industrious Capricorn. Respect your elders and the values of the past. As the American hero Benjamin Franklin, a Sun sign Capricorn noted, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:33PM-5:43PM Moon enters Capricorn.

January 25: Even though the lunar cycle is nearing another close, the Capricorn Moon insists that work be done. An inspirational early afternoon sextile to Neptune motivates artists, dreamers and empire builders alike. The creative possibilities are excellent. By evening the Moon is conjunct mental Mercury. Because the winged messenger completed a recent retrograde earlier this month, an unresolved issue from December could resurface, or a long ago acquaintance come calling. Concentrate on advancing your career and other important concerns. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn off course by unrelated issues and debates. True friends and allies pitch in, offer good advice and bring projects closer to fruition.
Moon in Capricorn.

January 26: In most cases the last day of a lunar cycle is rather quiet and ho hum. Today may be the exception to the rule. While it is always best to avoid starting anything just before a new Moon, a series of raucous alignments at least keeps things interesting. Fueled by an early morning lunar conjunction with super intense Pluto and testing squares with eccentric Uranus and blowhard Jupiter, opinions are passionate. Pride is great. The lively but volatile spell lasts through the mid-afternoon. Don’t get into a spat. Smile. Agree to disagree. See the humor in a situation. Everyone benefits if differences are discussed respectfully. Moods lighten as the Capricorn Moon makes a late afternoon sextile to Venus. Earlier tensions vanish. Tonight is a good time to think about the things you hope to accomplish in the next two weeks. Rest from the pressures of the day and dream of the future.
Moon in Capricorn.

January 27: The Moon slips into Aquarius during the early morning hours. Two important changes are in the cosmic works. A new lunar cycle begins this evening and fiery Mars is poised at the last degree of the Zodiac, not yet ready to enter the first sign, Aries. These are good reasons to proceed with extra care this morning. There may be a few things to dispense with. Be sure to clear the decks to make ready for a fresh start. Another factor to consider is Venus’ midday square with Saturn, a harbinger of a possible separation or divorce. Financial pressures can delay or scuttle a project. The affirming new Moon energy slowly builds over the course of the day. This evening is the time to set intentions and contact people who you hope will be a part of your future.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 2:18AM-3:37AM Moon enters Aquarius, Venus square Saturn.

January 28: Minutes after midnight Mars barrels into Aries. The red planet is sure to raise energy levels but also stir up a ruckus or two. Watch your speed. Today’s Moon is in Aquarius, the open-minded, tolerant sign of friendship and community. A lunar sextile to Uranus invigorates and fortifies ties between people of many different backgrounds. The atmosphere is superb for spur of the moment meetings, jaunts with friends and consciousness raising activities. Mental agility is also sparked. Some unrehearsed speeches are likely to be very entertaining and uncannily prescient. Cheerful moods grace the nighttime hours, too. Enjoy festive pals and appreciate life long blessings and achievements under excellent lunar alignments to Jupiter and Saturn.
Moon in Aquarius, Mars enters Aries.

January 29: It’s a lazy morning, just right for getting lost in a book or dreaming about the future. The Moon is void of course in Aquarius so kick back for a spell and avoid any heavy lifting or serious discussions until noontime. That’s when the Moon sets up residence in Pisces. Ordinarily, this lunar placement is an invitation to tap into creative and visionary streams of perception. Making possibilities more interesting and compelling, mental Mercury is conjunct Pluto. Awareness can be extraordinary. Put on your detective cap. It’s natural to give people and situations a second, closer look. Seek truth. Knowledge is power. What’s revealed may be unsettling but it may also be liberating.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:52AM-11:10AM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury conjunct Pluto.

January 30: Shaking off sleep takes a little extra something early this morning. The Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune and being awake can seem dreamlike. Things flow slowly and quietly during business hours. It’s a good opportunity to organize information and make back up files. Look out for early warning signs of a heated debate over principles and policies. For now it’s best to watch, listen and learn. Motivation finally returns during the evening as the Moon engages Pluto and Mercury. An ingenious solution to an impasse or other tense situation could suddenly appear. Seasoned hands and those savvy in worldly affairs offer sound advice. Don’t be too proud to look up a partner or friend and ask for pointers.
Moon in Pisces.

January 31: It’s been noted that necessity is the mother of invention and, with the Pisces Moon testing Saturn, necessity is calling loud and clear. Despite some doubts the time has come to answer the call of duty. Those who get down to work excel. A noon hour conjunction of the Moon and Venus dominates much of the morning. Rather than the expected grind, the hours prove enjoyable due to exceptionally warm camaraderie and helpfulness. The afternoon is another story. A void of course Moon period slows progress to a crawl and a tough square between Mercury and Uranus tends to scatter thoughts and stress nerves. Be especially cautious during the evening commute. Cultivate patience with others and life’s vagaries, and above all, be kind.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:36PM-4:47PM Moon enters Aries, Mercury square Uranus.