January 2019 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for January 2019

January 1: Happy New Year! The first aspect of 2019 is the Scorpio Moon’s late morning sextile to Pluto. The restorative alignment gives steely determination to resolutions and other commitments. For bleary-eyed revelers it may prove to be the “hair of the dog.” Afternoon get-togethers flourish under the Moon’s conjunction with loving Venus, a fabulous alignment for successful social events. The evening hours grow quiet under a void of course Moon. As midnight nears the Sun is reaching its annual conjunction with the Lord of Karma, Saturn. A profound reckoning is under way. Think long and hard about priorities, debts and obligations. Respect worthy traditions and laws, as well as unspoken rules of fair play and decency. Heartfelt, essential commitments and achievements can feel incredibly rewarding.  
Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:26PM-12:00AM.

January 2: The post midnight conjunction of the Capricorn Sun and Saturn sets a serious tone. This is the time to make an enduring vow, fulfill an obligation or, if you feel a karmic lesson has been learned, terminate an agreement. The waning Moon is in Sagittarius, helping to ease worries and directing attention towards a more promising future. If you’re actively planning a trip or business move, keep in mind that this coming Saturday’s Capricorn New Moon is also a solar eclipse. Plans made the week before an eclipse rarely go as originally envisioned. High hopes are in order today but hold your heart and mind open to other possibilities.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-3:56AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Sun conjunct Saturn.

January 3: The Sagittarius Moon’s early morning conjunction with Jupiter casts a cheery glow. For night owls, things go well. However, just after sunrise the Moon is at odds with Neptune. Gullibility and unrealistic hopes put plans at risk. Weather conditions and general confusion may hamper absentminded morning commuters. Escapist tendencies can also be tempting. The unflappable Moon wins out. Even-tempered moods carry the day. Mental Mercury’s pending trine with Uranus reinforces positivity, a sense of anticipation as well as acceptance of untried but potentially brilliant ideas and methods. Do your best to embrace the promise of the future. Technology can be a lifesaver.
Moon in Sagittarius.

January 4: The year’s first Friday has minds functioning at extraordinary levels. The waning Sagittarius Moon is conjunct Mercury and both stars are in an excellent groove with visionary Uranus. The Sun is also in harmony with Neptune, an agent of supernatural grace, intuitive knowing and unconditional love. There is an abundance of faith. Meetings, planning sessions and even casual get togethers are infused with a sense of enormous possibility. It’s fine to dream and plan, but because this is the end of the lunar cycle, do not launch plans just yet. There are many practical details that need to be worked out. Take time to get things right. Tomorrow night’s New Moon marks the beginning of a fresh activity cycle.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:41PM-1:55PM Moon enters Capricorn, Sun sextile Neptune, Mercury enters Capricorn.

January 5: Tune in. Along with today’s Capricorn New Moon comes a partial solar eclipse. The tight alignment of the Earth, her Moon and the Sun has fascinating potential. Self-awareness and psychic sensitivity are heightened, aided by a supportive aspect with magical Neptune. It’s a wonderful time to ponder and/or meditate. A realization could cause a profound shift in life purpose or point the way towards new goals. Because Saturn, the Lord of Karma and transformative Pluto are also close to the united Sun and Moon, intentions can be set with great seriousness of purpose. On the world stage, a leader under threat may fall. If you haven’t yet made New Year’s resolutions or have been waiting for the Cosmos’ green light to get started with a project, the lunar tide is now with you. Begin anew.
New Moon in Capricorn 6:28PM.

January 6: Rest and do what you can to restore your physical and emotional bodies. An early morning conjunction of the Capricorn Moon and Pluto is also a fine omen for workspace upgrades. You cannot be too practical or efficient, but don’t become rigid in your thinking or limited in your vision. To help maintain perspective, take a break from demanding exercises and check out your surroundings. Uranus, the planet of epiphanies, surprises and revolutions resumes forward motion this afternoon. Poised in late Aries, all actions, and especially impulsive ones, have consequences. The Moon’s nighttime square to the eccentric planet of awakenings can lead to risky behavior. As always, love is the answer. Be kind and considerate of others and both tensions and risks will diminish.
Moon in Capricorn, Uranus Direct.

January 7: Just before daybreak loving Venus arrives in lighthearted Sagittarius. Partnership ties that have recently been strained will quite naturally feel freer and more affectionate. Adding to the amiable tone of the day is the Moon’s arrival in egalitarian Aquarius. Moods are friendly and tolerant, making people easier to get along with. A late morning lunar sextile to Mars has a pleasantly energizing effect. Independent operators as well as team players are ready and willing to cooperate. Visions of the future can be shared and agreed upon. Meetings are thus productive. The afternoon hours are relatively mellow as the recently new and now waxing Moon gradually but steadily provides momentum.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 1:20AM-1:46AM Moon enters Aquarius, Venus enters Sagittarius.

January 8: The most intense planetary activity occurs before the Sun rises. The Aquarius Moon forms an enticing sextile to Jupiter, inflating hopes and filling some heads with big ideas. Avoid overstepping your bounds this morning. It may be tough to keep a promise or follow up on a bold statement. A primary cause for concern is a square between mental Mercury and Mars. Friction between these planets raises certain probable risk factors. Impatience can lead to unexpected complications. A failure to plan adequately or lack of defined goals may set the stage for a fiasco. Time could be squandered, an opportunity lost. If you wake up feeling stressed, practice relaxation techniques. Fortunately, the bulk of the workday is peaceful. 
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury square Mars.

January 9: The buoyant first half of the day plays out under a waxing Aquarius Moon. Exact just minutes before noon, a lunar sextile with Uranus helps warm the bonds of friendship. This is a wonderful morning for planning and brainstorming sessions with co-workers, partners and pals. Chance social encounters can be informative and amusing. Some meetings positively scintillate as original ideas and strokes of genius are likely. A void of course Moon period dominates the early afternoon hours. If possible, take a longer than usual lunch break. By mid-afternoon the Moon has settled into dreamy Pisces. Imaginations stir and hearts grow empathic, resonating with fellow mystics, artful adventurers and uncompromising pleasure-seekers. Love is the glue that binds all.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 11:53AM-2:44PM Moon enters Pisces.

January 10: Moods fluctuate without warning as the Moon journeys through Pisces. An early morning inspiration shows real potential. One key to a productive day is staying disciplined and on track. Temptations and distractions are likely to arise under mixed signals from the cosmos. The Moon is at odds with Jupiter while at the same time conjunct mysterious Neptune. Daydreaming and other escapes may waylay even seasoned hands. Fortunately, a late afternoon’s lunar sextile to sober Saturn provides much-needed focus and determination. As Thomas Edison famously said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” An imminent conjunction of the Capricorn Sun with Pluto favors those who put in a solid, daylong effort. Roll up your shirtsleeves and dive in.
Moon in Pisces.

January 11: The first part of the morning is stunningly fruitful. The Sun is conjunct Pluto while the Pisces Moon sextiles the two conjoined stars. Harmony between the lights is always a good omen. In this case, causes and work are pursued with almost missionary zeal. Solutions come quickly and easily. However, motivation soon fades as the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. What had seemed so promising and compelling during the early morning could later bog down due to a lack of energy and/or enthusiasm. Doubts may replace certainty. Don’t make revisions just yet. Stick with the original plans and for the rest of the day busy yourself with mundane tasks. Or, turn your attention to something different. A hobby or creative project may see wonderful progress. Put off major decisions and new commitments. Plan to do exactly what you please tonight.
Moon in Pisces v/c 9:25AM-12:00AM, Sun conjunct Pluto.

January 12: The growing light of the waxing Aries Moon is a refreshing, invigorating breeze. The increasing Moon sparks an ongoing trine aspect between Venus and Mars. As a result, relationships are lively. Partners enjoy an easy rapport. With the Moon close by the Red Planet, go after what you want. Personal desires are more than likely to be satisfied, with the blessing of supportive friends. For some, the good vibes favor romance. Evening events are lively but choose your words with care. Timing could become an issue. Play it safe, don’t be late or impolite. The later the hour gets, the more the day’s luster fades. Retire before midnight and be sure to get adequate rest.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-3:18AM Moon enters Aries.

January 13: A day of mixed omens presents rare opportunities and important decisions, as well as pressing responsibilities. Right from the start, today feels conflicted. The impulsive Aries Moon, egged on to act by optimistic Jupiter is also constrained by dour Saturn. Saturn is exactly conjunct mental Mercury this morning. Cautious minds have numerous reasons to hesitate. Those who make a move may constantly be looking over their shoulder, fearing criticism or a setback. Adding to the uncertainties, Jupiter is at odds with Neptune. Their early afternoon square boosts imaginations and generous inclinations. Wishful thinking may eventually lead to a dream come true. Conversely, naively following a poser or charlatan also has risks. Tensions continue well into the night as the Moon tests Pluto and the Sun. Find the balance point between bravery and common sense pragmatism.
Moon in Aries, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Jupiter square Neptune.

January 14: The stressful First Quarter Moon in Aires occurs during the wee small hours of the morning, setting many souls to tossing and turning in their sleep. Fortunately, Neptune the planet of dreams, is in a fine sextile with Mercury. Even insomniacs may be privy to inspirational ideas and visions. A late morning lunar conjunction with Uranus can be explosive or enlightening and pleasantly surprising. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances. Drive defensively. Be careful around machinery and sharp objects. A midday lull coincides with a short void of course Moon period. By mid-afternoon the Moon is in Taurus. The latter part of the day is comparatively mellow and steams steadily along. Viva la difference!
Moon in Aries, Last Quarter Moon in Aries 1:45AM, Moon in Aries v/c 10:56AM-1:31PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury sextile Neptune.

January 15: The earthy Taurus Moon forms a series of friendly angles with Saturn, Neptune and Mercury. This is a fine day for making proverbial hay and enjoying life’s various pleasures. The midday lunar trine to Saturn is great for taking care of business as well as longterm planning and decision-making. Thinking is clear and solidly based on evidence and experience. Facts speak loudly. Creative imagination is a strong suit during the late afternoon. Follow the longings of your heart. Higher power may be drawing you onward and upward. Tonight’s lunar trine with Mercury facilitates speaking one’s heart. Partners benefit from intimate conversations. Needs become clear while minds occupy the same wavelength.
Moon in Taurus.

January 16: The waxing Taurus Moon makes a wondrous early afternoon trine with the Capricorn Sun. Much feels right in the world this morning but bear in mind, this is eclipse season. A lunar eclipse accompanies next week’s full Moon. The eclipse also happens to be a supermoon, making the impact especially intense. Plans made just before an eclipse rarely play out in accordance with those plans. Enjoy the agreeable, undeniable certainties and simple pleasures of today but keep your options open. Without a doubt, some plans will fall by the wayside before long. After the trine the afternoon meanders slowly along while the Moon travels void of course. Tonight sees the Moon enter Gemini, which can bring a great many ideas and questions to mind. 
Moon in Taurus v/c 1:34PM-8:00PM Moon enters Gemini.

January 17: Hearts and minds make acrobatic leaps and contortions throughout the day. The Moon is in Gemini and nearing the full phase. A T-square configuration includes the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. Heartstrings play loud and clear. Feelings are intense, at times abundantly joyful and at others, maudlin. There is plenty to talk about. A lunar opposition to Venus gets the ball rolling in earnest. This mid-afternoon alignment dominates the first half of the day. Be attentive to those around you. Emotional needs are spirited. A lunar sextile to Mars brings warmth as well as irrepressible cheer. Conversations are flirtatious as well as enthusiastic. The going is trickier tonight. Don’t make promises you cannot keep, or believe the unbelievable. High hopes are fine but keep your feet on the ground.
Moon in Gemini.

January 18: Today has several incarnations. The morning hours see high-spirited, joyful moods dominate. The vivacious Gemini Moon is complimented by Venus’ trine to Mars. Social life is pure fun. Mercury’s mid-afternoon conjunction with Pluto can have dark overtones. Some minds are profoundly insightful but thoughts can also get ensnared by jealousy, imagined slights and other emotionally unstable reactions. Things don’t get any easier as the Capricorn Sun forms an explosive square to Uranus tonight. Plans can change in an instant. Frustrations may lead to outbursts. Deal with one change at a time. Luckily, a lunar sextile to Uranus provides levity and irreverence, a salve for stressed out psyches. Being able to step back and have a laugh, even at oneself, is a marvelous pressure relief valve. Lighten up as best you can.
Moon in Gemini v/c 8:32PM-10:44PM Moon enters Cancer, Venus trine Mars, Mercury conjunct Pluto, Sun square Uranus.

January 19: There’s no place as comfortable as home when the Moon visits Cancer. Settle into household chores and duties. If you venture out, familiar places have the strongest appeal. Nostalgic memories may occur throughout the day. Things get active and interesting tonight when the Moon tests Mars and Saturn while harmonizing with Neptune. Folks who almost never seem to be satisfied feel their wants the most. Relating to the cares and needs of partners helps ease discontent. My wise and esteemed teacher, Isabel Hickey, used to advise those seeking healing or guidance to help those less fortunate than themselves. That advice rings true this evening. More relaxing vibes arrive before midnight. A concert or late movie can bring much pleasure and peace.
Moon in Cancer.

January 20: This is a powerful day. The Sun enters Aquarius during the early morning hours while the nearly Full Moon chugs along through her own sign of Cancer. Venus is at odds with Neptune, setting the stage for tonight’s Supermoon lunar eclipse. While the Sun ushers in the deepest, coldest days of winter, the Moon faces an arduous journey. Testing aspects include lunar oppositions to Pluto and Mercury as well as a square to Uranus. Moods and events are volatile. Emotional strength is required. Detachment and mindfulness are invaluable. The world may seem to go haywire at any time. Take a deep breath. Venus’ late night square to Neptune opens hearts and imaginations. Spirit protectors are at hand, offering guidance and protection. Stay away from the excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol if you want to tune in to the Full Moon energy later tonight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 8:50PM-10:54PM Moon enters Leo, Sun enters Aquarius, Venus square Neptune.

January 21: Minutes after midnight the Leo Moon is Full. This is a complex, powerful Supermoon, when the Moon is closest to earth in its orbit. The Moon’s gravitational impact on tides as well as emotions is maximized. Expect shocking revelations, sudden endings and changing realities under this potent influence. Just before Sunrise Mars makes a perfect square with Saturn, further increasing the likelihood that issues are coming to a head and will soon be resolved. After each ending there’s a new beginning. The allure of meeting new people and unlimited travel is enhanced by tonight’s joyful Grand Trine between the Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure.
Moon in Leo, Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 12:16AM, Mars square Saturn.

January 22: After the intensity of the days leading up to yesterday’s eclipse, this morning brings welcome relief. Venus and Jupiter unite in Sagittarius. This brilliant pairing is an omen of happiness, good news, health and prosperity, in short, all good things. What a bright way to begin a day! The Moon continues to make her way through playful Leo, fostering creativity and sincere self-expression. The young at heart burst with enthusiasm. A lunar trine to Uranus steers attention towards friends and co-workers, supports networking, particularly where eyes are turned to the future. Teamwork promises to be fun. This evening’s void of course Moon period is the signal to slow down, relax and get some well-earned and needed rest.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:19PM-10:22PM Moon enters Virgo, Venus conjunct Jupiter.

January 23: Big changes are under way while mental Mercury tests Uranus early this morning. Mental epiphanies can lead to changes in plans. New concerns could be unveiled. Interruptions, accidents and delays may impact travelers as well as technology-driven enterprises. The Virgo Moon’s evening trine to Saturn helps restore order for much of the day. However night owls are advised to use caution. The Moon is also testing Neptune and Jupiter as the hour grows late. Take the dangers of alcohol, drugs, and inclement weather seriously. Strive for clarity and understanding with partners. Mercury’s position at the last degree of Capricorn clouds the thinking of some folks with memories of long ago events. Stay in the here and now and be an attentive listener.
Moon in Virgo, Mercury square Uranus.

January 24: During the wee hours of the morning Mercury enters Aquarius. The winged messenger’s sign changes often take some getting used to. Concentration can waver until Mercury is acclimated. The promise and passion of early morning is fueled by the emotion-ruling Virgo Moon’s trine to Pluto. Many folks awaken feeling industrious and compelled, as though they are on an important mission. Gut hunches tend to be correct. Goals can seem clear, to a point. This is one of those quirky days when the Moon travels void of course from mid-morning until late at night. Once the Moon goes void of course motivation lags. Clarity and certainty may be lost. Relax and creatively roll with the day’s many mood swings and side trips. Night owls find their minds return to more customary sharpness as midnight nears.
Moon in Virgo v/c 8:50AM-11:02PM Moon enters Libra, Mercury enters Aquarius.

January 25: Today’s brightness is unmistakeable. The Libra Moon and Aquarius Sun, engaged in a mutually beneficial trine angle, set the cheerful tone early this morning. Inner peace is reflected in sympathetic relationships. A general sense of goodwill towards others flows throughout the morning hours. During the early afternoon fiery Mars makes a trine with Jupiter. The energizing aspect is intellectually stimulating, a great conversation starter and high octane fuel for competitive sorts as well as free thinkers. Plan a grand adventure. Play cheerleader. Ideological discussions are quick to grow passionate. A late night lunar square with Saturn ushers in a more reality-based, subdued atmosphere. Sticklers for detail are on the loose. You don’t have to be perfect but be on good behavior as midnight draws near.
Moon in Libra, Mars trine Jupiter.

January 26: During the first half of the day the Libra Moon compliments Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius. Their harmonizing aspects foster expansive outlooks, generosity and optimism. Morning activities, errands, brunches and other meetups are pleasant affairs. However, there are likely to be bones of contention. At various times today the Moon is also at odds with Mars, Pluto and Uranus. Not everyone is a happy camper. Some couples become unraveled. Jealousy and control issues may surface during the late morning, when the Moon is square Pluto. Keep drama to a minimum. Don’t overreact. One mistake doesn’t undo all the things a partner has done right. Be forgiving. Remember the positives and proceed as though no harm was intended.
Moon in Libra.

January 27: During the early morning hours the waning Moon arrives in Scorpio. The emotional tenor of the day takes a turn. Interior spaces of the subconscious are richly textured. Folks may struggle to understand and explain complex feelings. The Moon is at odds with both mental Mercury and the Sun, both conjunct in Aquarius. Take extra time to fathom the depths when dealing with personal issues and situations. Mixed messages are as likely to be sent as received. With determination, some things may be resolved. However, the late afternoon’s Last Quarter Moon can intensify both inner and outer conflicts. Personal freedom is championed by the more aloof Sun but the testing Moon craves intimacy, drama and meaningful engagements. Try to balance the insistent needs for privacy as well as personal space.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:21-2:31AM Moon enters Scorpio, Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 4:10PM.

January 28: Emotional undercurrents continue to be magnetic as the Moon sojourns through Scorpio. Early morning reveries are infused with spiritual understanding. Practical concerns may benefit from deepened sensitivity and knowing. Each test, obstacle or delay is an opportunity for learning, made possible if one is not consumed by runaway passions. Channel emotional intensity into productive activities. Two headed are better than one so get together with a partner and empower each other. Obsess over the majestic potential only cooperation can bring. With the right attitude and intention, everyone can end today with something to crow about. The Moon goes void of course this evening, the signal to leave workplace cares behind. Detach, let your thoughts wander and be rejuvenated.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:38-12:00AM.

January 29: The early hours move as quickly as molasses in January. The culprit is the void of course Moon in Scorpio. Feelings can easily get stuck. Energy and spirit may be scant. Things brighten by mid-morning with the Moon’s entry into Sagittarius. Hearts and minds lighten up, a far better place to be for shrugging off old patterns. Mental Mercury overtakes the Aquarius Sun late in the day. Thinking can be enlightened, but also stubborn. Remain receptive to differing perspectives. We can all learn and grow while listening respectfully to other, alternative points of view.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-9:33AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Sun conjunct Mercury.

January 30: Three planets in Sagittarius, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter, combine to make this an especially cheerful day. The Moon initiates the good vibrations with predawn sextiles to the Sun and Mercury. Things are looking up! Dazzling news arrives. A reunion or travel plan could be in the making. A winning idea could come to mind. Midday does bring some uncertainties. Double-check meeting places and appointment times. Keep valuable items in sight. Make sure communications are understood by all involved parties. Evening sees the Moon form a conjunction with Jupiter. This is a fabulous omen, easily seen in the night sky, and it won’t take much impetus to start a celebration. Live large and enjoy life.
Moon in Sagittarius.

January 31: Today’s outgoing Sagittarius Moon fires up enthusiasm with harmonizing angles to Mars, Venus and Uranus. Laughs come easily. Spirits hit new crests again and again. An intriguing mid-morning sextile between pragmatic Saturn and mystical Neptune invites us to work towards realizing our dreams. Professional as well as creative output may be extraordinarily inspired. The joining of faith and practicality holds infinite potential. During the noon hour the Moon is conjunct Venus. Lunchtime gatherings are spellbinding. An apparently charmed friendship or romance may blossom. The joyride continues throughout the afternoon. A thrilling lunar trine to inventive Uranus follows during the early evening. Warm camaraderie fortifies hearts. Intuitive flashes are accurate. Quieter trends take over as dusk deepens. Relax tonight and ruminate on the day’s stirring events.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 5:33PM-7:47PM, Moon enters Capricorn, Saturn sextile Neptune.