January 2020 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for January 2020

January 1: Happy New Year! With the Moon in dreamy Pisces sentimental feelings run deep. Captivating memories and reflections resonate with meaning. Dreams of the future and psychic impressions can be equally enthralling. Lunar alignments with Pluto and Mars give the day an energetic boost. Just thinking about the possibilities isn’t enough. Action is required. At one time or another we’ve all rued not listening to inner guidance. Follow through on hunches and intuitive senses. Pursue your passions. Pick up the phone and visit with friends. Go fishing, dancing or hiking. Have your horoscope looked at and get ready for 2020! Today is a fabulous first step into the New Year, ideal for setting precedents and making heartfelt resolutions. 
Moon in Pisces v/c 9:14PM-11:00PM Moon enters Aries.

January 2: Mental Mercury overtakes jolly Jupiter and the Lunar South Node, all in gritty Capricorn. In fact five of the ten major planets are ensconced in the ambitious Sign of the Goat. The Sun, Saturn and Pluto round out the group. As many of us head back to work and school, minds are filled with optimism. Wisdom handed down through the ages is accessible and relevant. Apply it liberally during the busy, challenging and sometimes stressful afternoon hours. After testing Jupiter and Mercury, the waxing Aries Moon reaches the tense First Quarter phase late tonight. Many folks feel stretched thin, tempted to do more than is possible. Scale back your aspirations and keep the focus on the essentials, one task at a time.
Moon in Aries, Last Quarter Moon in Aries 11:45PM, Mercury conjunct Jupiter.

January 3: Fearsome Mars, the mighty God of War, enters fiery Sagittarius during the early morning hours. Political debates are likely to grow more strident during the coming weeks. On a happier, more cheerful note the Aries Moon and loving Venus form a supportive sextile later in the morning. Friendships and alliances blossom under the uplifting energies. This is a good period of the day for meetings, interviews and shopping forays. A chance encounter could bring unexpected blessings. Worries and practical concerns slowly increase during the afternoon. Lunar squares to Saturn and Pluto could be harbingers of serious differences between partners or delays during the evening commute. Do unto others as you’d have them do to you and keep your cool. 
Moon in Aries v/c 8:18PM-12:00AM, Mars enters Sagittarius.

January 4: Today gets off to a snail’s start under the void of course Aries Moon. Catch up on rest or tend to overdue chores this morning, your choice. Shortly before noon the waxing Moon enters Taurus, the sign of her exaltation. Getting comfortable becomes a priority. The catch is rebellious Uranus sits retrograde in early Taurus, waiting for the Moon. Be ingenious in the quest for pleasures. This could be a fun time to experiment with different, out of the ordinary things.  Go places you’ve never been before. Treat your tastebuds to an unfamiliar cuisines. Meet new folks. Try on a new fashion statement. Technology can also be usefully employed. As night deepens an upbeat tempo sees many impromptu meetings, witty discussions and thankful celebrations. Don your party hat and have fun!
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-11:15AM Moon enters Taurus.

January 5: In one of the better “touchy feely” days of the month the Taurus Moon forms a series of comforting and emotionally satisfying aspects. The sensually pleasing celestial run begins shortly after midnight. A cozy place to sleep can be a beautiful thing. By daybreak lunar trines to the Moon’s South Node and communications wizard Mercury give folks plenty to ponder. Talk of profound things, the nature of existence and life’s hard lessons, is likely. Recent and wished for travel adventures are also topics of interest. Afternoon activities are widely enjoyable. Accord between the earthy Moon and Capricorn Sun keeps people emotionally stable and grounded. The evening’s lunar sextile with Neptune triggers more lyrical reveries. A confession could be made but important details may be overlooked or forgotten. In the end, it’s what is in our heart that matters most.
Moon in Taurus.

January 6: Early risers awaken with stoic determination. Intentions are clear, and set in stone. However, a few minutes before sunrise the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. Focus is lacking much of today. Initiative and energy may depart before the workday has officially begun. Adjust your plans accordingly. Keep your mind on projects already under way. Put off important decisions, purchases and commitments. The  Sun’s pending sextile to Neptune also presents challenges. Well-intentioned promises compete with the temptation to procrastinate. Charitable impulses and fantasy levels increase. This is all the more reason to avoid taking on unnecessary financial and emotional risks. On the other hand, creative work can be remarkably good. The Moon reaches Gemini tonight but a testing angle to Mars warrants proceeding with caution. Pay attention!
Moon in Taurus v/c 7:08AM-9:11PM Moon enters Gemini.

January 7: We gain almost an hour of precious daylight during the month of January, but it comes incrementally, by a minute or so each day. The waxing Gemini Moon conveys hints of the rising Full Moon Fever. Other than a very early morning lunar opposition to Mars, a potential source of restlessness, there are no exact aspects today. Much will be said in haste but don’t expect a quick follow-through. The coming Full Moon, exact this Friday, is also a Lunar Eclipse. Ventures begun the week of an eclipse rarely go as planned. Be ready to make adjustments as new information is likely to come to light before or just after the Moon is full. An imminent lunar square to Neptune suggests that even tonight, thinking is probably more wishful than realistic. 
Moon in Gemini, Sun sextile Neptune.

January 8: The dreamscape is rich and varies as both the Gemini Moon and mental Mercury align with transcendental Neptune. Messages may indeed come from the spirit world but alcohol and drugs muddle the transmission lines. Dawn breaks with the potentially illuminating sextile between Mercury and Neptune. Follow up on a dream or hunch. The workday hours unfold while the nearly full Gemini Moon settles into an endearing trine to Venus. Team spirit is alive and thriving. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain from being friendly. By nightfall the Moon is void of course. Kick back and relax overworked minds, senses and nerves. Whatever techniques you use to destress, put them to good use. 
Moon in Gemini v/c 5:16PM-12:00AM.

January 9: The nearly full Moon reaches her own sign of Cancer during the wee hours of the morning. A lunar sextile to Uranus launches the new day with the sense of eager anticipation. A premonition could point the way to a new paradigm. Follow the dictates of your imagination. Many folks experience a greater feeling of purposeful living this morning. Bear in mind, the Full Moon’s impact is clearly being felt. Emotions tend to be exaggerated. Expectations continue to be grand throughout the day. The x-factor is tomorrow’s lunar eclipse. Sensitive souls may intuit that key facts are missing or an unexpected complication is about to arise. Nevertheless, with the Moon’s evening opposition to Jupiter, we all soldier on with hopes high. Weather permitting, the Moonrise should be spectacular.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-3:43AM Moon enters Cancer.

January 10: This afternoon’s Full Wolf Moon in Cancer is eclipsed. Shadowed Luna opposes Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. The immense gravity of the arrayed planets adds to the heightened emotional tenor of the day. This is a time of unlimited transformative potential. Eclipses offer special opportunities for spiritual attunement. Increase the odds of a meaningful insight or experience by turning your attention inwards around midday. Slow your breathing to achieve a meditative state. Secrets are often brought to light during eclipse season. Be prepared for important news to break. Loyalties may feel strained but there is work to be done. Figure out where your interests and talents are best used, roll up your shirt sleeves and set to it. With Uranus resuming forward motion tonight, big surprises and changes are imminent.
Full Eclipsed Wolf Moon in Cancer 2:21PM, Moon in Cancer v/c 6:58PM-12:00AM, Sun Conjunct Mercury, Uranus Direct.

January 11: In the wake of yesterday’s Full Moon drama, nerves continue to feel ragged. By sunrise the Moon moves into regal Leo. However, before emotional confidence and composure can increase, a testing lunar square with Uranus throws morning plans into chaotic disarray. Adjust and carry on as best you can. Some battles are not worth the effort or expense. After noon a lunar trine to fiery Mars redirects potent energies into more constructive channels. Efforts feel rewarded. Competitions, whether physical or intellectual, feature good sportsmanship. Although it may not be apparent, sensitive souls could well intuit something big is about to unfold. Choose what you say carefully and abide by the age old wisdom, actions speak more loudly than words.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-7:16AM Moon enters Leo.

January 12: A rare conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is exact today. Saturn is the ancient planet of wisdom, karma, death and other endings. Pluto, mythology’s Lord of the Underworld, is also associated with death and an array of transformational processes. Close by are mental Mercury and, essential to life, the Sun. With Jupiter also in Capricorn we are experiencing an astrological event that has not occurred since 1284! The rare Cosmic circumstances may marshall widespread movements supporting a healthy environment, universal equality and perhaps most importantly, peace. It may also underscore the vastly different realities of the rich and powerful versus working classes. As with all astrological omens, we decide how to use the energy. It’s up to each one of us. With so much celestial energy to channel, those who help and serve others do so magnificently. 
Moon in Leo, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mercury conjunct Pluto, Saturn conjunct Pluto.

January 13: The working week begins with the Capricorn Sun, Saturn and Pluto in a tight conjunction. The potent stellium is motivating, lending a messianic zeal to some folks and a win at all costs mentality to others. If you are charged with a task or pursuing a goal, energy is plentiful. Progress is likely to be impressive but be sure to take periodic breaks. Work may feel like a pressure cooker. Obsessions can be consuming. Strenuous efforts could take a toll on personal health as well as friendships. The Moon enters industrious Virgo during the mid-morning, adding to the day’s fertile possibilities. Venus also arrives in sensitive Pisces shortly after midday. The Moon’s aspects to both Uranus and Jupiter help ease stresses during the afternoon hours. Tonight’s testing lunar square with Mars warrants slowing down and knowing when to take a break.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:42AM-9:06AM Moon enters Virgo, Sun conjunct Pluto, Sun conjunct Saturn, Venus enters Pisces. 

January 14: An opposition between the waning Virgo Moon and Neptune fuels charitable and creative impulses as well as empathy during the first half of the day. For inspiration, tune in to your Muses this morning. Favorable lunar angles to Pluto, Saturn and the Sun build and sustain momentum for the remainder of the day. With potent planetary forces in play, an excellent opportunity to tackle gnarly issues and the most demanding work arises. Efforts are steady. Concentration is exceptional. Research is thorough and likely to yield important, relevant information, if applied. The immensity of the challenge at hand may be overlooked as total immersion allows many folks to lose themselves in their duties. Some notable gains may not be fully understood or appreciated for several days. 
Moon in Virgo.

January 15: The early morning hours support intellectual curiosity as well as strategic planning. Senses are on high alert. However, the perfection-seeking Virgo Moon is soon void of course. Plans may be put on hold as other needs arise. An inattentive driver could snarl traffic during the commute. By late morning the waning Moon is in Libra, refreshing the day with sharper focus and intentions. Many folks instinctively check to clarify where partners are, physically, mentally and emotionally. With loving Venus forming a nifty sextile with Uranus, friendly social vibes help carry the day. These favorable stars support planned meetings as well as networking. Flirtations, inventions, new flavors, tunes and eye-opening experiences delight us in special, eye-opening ways.
Moon in Virgo v/c 7:12AM-10:43AM Moon enters Libra, Venus sextile Uranus.

January 16: Word may arrive from a long lost pal this morning. A communications snafu could also be resolved but the full impact of a clarification may not be known for a few more days. Mental Mercury transitions from worldly Capricorn into cool-headed Aquarius during the early afternoon. Here the Winged Messenger is at odds with unpredictable Uranus. Consider wild and crazy ideas but also give yourself permission to press the pause button as indecision is likely to persist into the weekend. The Libra Moon likes nothing better than peace, love and understanding but testing lunar angles with Jupiter and Pluto offer scant hope of complete satisfaction. Stay on the middle road, going neither too high or too low. Cooperate whenever possible and avoid “my way or the highway” extremism. 
Moon in Libra, Mercury enters Aquarius.

January 17: Ready yourself for a challenging but potentially fruitful day. With the Capricorn Sun close by Saturn and Pluto, the testing early morning Last Quarter Libra Moon prompts a serious assessment of priorities, tactics and partners. Some folks overcome doubts and seem steadfast in their resolve but the Moon then goes void of course. Rock solid intentions may slowly become less compelling. The Moon’s early afternoon arrival in Scorpio does little to re-establish order. Lunar challenges to mental Mercury and quirky Uranus dominate the afternoon. These destabilizing aspects throw agreements and plans up in the air. Let unresolved matters be. Leave them behind as weekend fun beckons. In a timely respite from the day’s stresses the Moon conveniently trines fair Venus after nightfall. Higher love comes calling. Be flexible in your thinking and nurture ties of the heart.
Last Quarter Moon in Libra 7:58AM, Moon in Libra v/c 7:58AM-1:20PM Moon enters Scorpio.

January 18: The majority of minds are naturally predisposed to see differences. In doing so the distance between people looms larger. More soulful, unifying connections happen through the heart. During the wee hours of the morning mental Mercury is at odds with Uranus, so minds are sure to be restless. Nerves are also easily irritated. The waning Scorpio Moon searches out meaningful experiences, the deeper and more intimate, the better. Harmonizing lunar aspects with Jupiter and Neptune help break down the barriers judgment creates. These daytime trends can give birth to surprising partnerships. Political and religious contrasts may seem inconsequential. As the day progresses feelings of empathy and compassion grow. Emotions are especially tender this evening, a good one for watching the sunset, searching out the first visible stars or having dinner by candlelight. 
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury square Uranus.

January 19: This morning’s lunar sextile to pragmatic Saturn rouses many souls into “instant on” mode. Priorities are clear. Get organized. Sort through papers and clutter, repurpose some items, recycle and eliminate others. As the day progresses, practical matters remain front and center. The Scorpio Moon and Capricorn Sun make a steadying late afternoon sextile, stirring up numerous memories while mundane tasks are tackled and completed. The wise words of parents, gurus and other mentors may come to mind. As this is the last full day of the Sun’s passage through Capricorn, it’s an opportune time to give them thanks. Shortly after nightfall the Moon arrives in free-spirited Sagittarius. Emotional heaviness lifts as the darkness gathers.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 4:22PM-5:41PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

January 20: Mixed influences during the early hours of the morning see the Sagittarius Moon sextile to Mercury while testing Venus. The Moon is also nearing a conjunction with Mars so prepare for impassioned, long-winded discourses peppered with plenty of spicy humor. Avoid making commitments until you fully understand the nature of the request or obligation. Details matter. During the late morning the Sun arrives in forward-thinking Aquarius. The transition typically ushers in the coldest weather of winter but in this age of climate change, surprises are the only certainty. A pending solar square to Uranus underscores both the volatility and challenges in predicting the weather or the future. Late tonight the Moon forms a square to Neptune. Those who jumped in prematurely earlier today may begin to wish they hadn’t.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun enters Aquarius.

January 21: This is one of those days when the astrological calendar shows no exact planetary alignments. Don’t think that the planets have the day off. Powerful aspecs remain in effect. Saturn and Pluto are close enough to fuel a relentless pursuit of ambitions. Thoughtful souls examine tactics and goals with an eagle’s eye. Abuses of authority continue to be exposed. The Aquarius Sun is merely two days away from testing Uranus in Taurus. This square aspect can be a threat to the status quo. Many folks feel nervous, knowing something big is about to happen. The square has been known to trigger unexpected, out of the blue changes. Put your spiritual muscles to work. Use meditation, prayer, yoga, sweat lodges and related practices to help stay centered. Uranus events almost always bring change for the better. With the Sagittarius Moon supporting positive thinking, look for hidden blessings. 
Moon in Sagittarius.

January 22: Mixed trends build safety and stability in some instances and create chaotic turmoil in others. The Capricorn Moon helps make visionary ideas and solutions available during the early morning hours. Pay close attention to your first waking thoughts. Your own past experience or knowledge derived from an ancient tradition may prove relevant to the day’s challenges. The Sun’s square to unpredictable Uranus opens up almost limitless possibilities for both reversals and breathtaking breakthroughs. Regardless, it’s best to move forward cautiously. Tonight’s social climate is wonderful. The Moon joins jolly Jupiter and both stars harmonize with Venus and Neptune. This is a powerful “happy camper” setup. Magic is in the air. Celebrate good fortune, woo a loved one and fully enjoy your life. 
Moon in Capricorn.

January 23: If you experience a restless night, chalk it up to the Sun’s square with Uranus. The volatile configuration is a twice yearly exercise in stretching limits, sometimes to the breaking point. Don’t worry, in the end we usually evolve into closer alignment with our true self. Dawn breaks with excellent omens. Venus’ early morning sextile with Jupiter replaces worries and stress with optimism, kindness and generosity.  Commuters note the difference. Even at this late stage of the lunar cycle the waning Capricorn Moon points the way to on the job excellence. If putting in extra hours becomes necessary, the evening is amazingly productive. Don’t labor too late as the Moon begins a substantial void of course period well before midnight. 
Moon in Capricorn v/c 9:08PM-12:00AM, Sun square Uranus, Venus sextile Jupiter.

January 24: The pre-dawn hours feel sluggish under a void of course Capricorn Moon. Once the Moon reaches Aquarius a refocusing occurs but there are complications. The Moon is New during the late afternoon. Both the Moon and Sun are at odds with Uranus. Usually a New Moon is the proper time to set intentions and begin projects. These ventures can be expected to reach a culmination point at the next Full Moon, in about two weeks time. However, in this case the influence of Uranus adds the strong likelihood that events are not likely to play out as planned. Talk over proposals with friends and allies with the understanding that objectives may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Adaptability will be key to success in the coming weeks.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-8:20AM Moon enters Aquarius, New Moon in Aquarius 4:42PM.

January 25: Fans of Chinese astrology celebrate the Year of the Rat today. Adventurous souls have their sights set on far reaching enterprises as mental Mercury forms an uplifting sextile with Mars. The Aquarius Moon reinforces the same alignment during the early afternoon hours. This first part of the day feels both dynamic and decisive. Put your vitality to use running errands, networking, sharing your vision of the future and building support for your ideas. This is also a favorable time for personal decision-making. Things shift to a less energized mood by mid-afternoon. The Moon has begun a lengthy void of course period, one that lasts until tomorrow evening. Use the less focused energies for relaxing with pals or attending to hobbies and other amusements. Today’s seed ideas have the potential to become tomorrow’s reality.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 2:06PM-12:00AM, Mercury sextile Mars.

January 26: The recently new Moon in Aquarius chugs along void of course until evening. The laid back atmosphere is perfect for a restful, relaxing day. Dreams of the future as well as actual events can appear to play out in languid slow motion. Restive cabin fever is another real possibility. Slow moving Sunday drivers are easily distracted. Relax and go with the flow, even if the pace is glacial. Super sensitive Venus in Pisces is at odds with outspoken Mars in Sagittarius. Be careful not to bruise a loved one’s feelings. A major mood upswing occurs this evening with the Moon’s entry into Pisces. New hopes arise. As intuition sharpens great ideas and glimpses of things to come beckon. Late night conversations with friends bring comforting news.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-6:44PM Moon enters Pisces, Venus square Mars.

January 27: The waxing Moon, Venus and Neptune are all in mystical Pisces, opening wide the spiritual pathways of the heart. Poets, high priestesses, artists, nature lovers and idealistic dreamers enjoy the special, rarified celestial ambience. Vibrant imaginations, empathy and unconditional compassion blossom in this climate. The Divine Feminine is alive and well. Pay heed to the Goddesses in your life. Transformative leaps of consciousness are quite likely. Sensitivity is so great that it’s wise for some souls to select their companions carefully. This evening’s lunar sextile with Jupiter encourages the sharing of stories and laughs. It also suggests that practical gains may also result from today’s heightened awareness. Be sociable and dream on!
Moon in Pisces, Venus conjunct Neptune.

January 28: Nighttime dreams can cause vague dissatisfaction or deep unease. The Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune and testing Mars. Breathe. Relax. Be sure to consume only healthy foods and drink. Slow down and be careful if you’re on the road overnight, when Mars’ pre-dawn square to Neptune is in full effect. There are risks posed by inclement weather, black ice, fog, flooding and other natural forces. An hour before sunrise a lunar conjunction with Venus turns the tide, ushering in a gentler period. Helpful lunar alignments with Saturn and Pluto put the daytime hours on a steady, productive track. The aspects are excellent for business negotiations and discussions with higher ups. The fruitful hours extend into evening when the Moon goes void of course. Plan to rest and relax tonight. Few things surpass the value of a good night’s sleep.
Moon in Pisces v/c 8:08PM-12:00AM, Mars square Neptune.

January 29: Pisces Moon time evokes deep-seated feelings and memories. Don’t be surprised if your dreams involve departed friends and relatives or otherworldly experiences. By sunrise the Moon is in Aries, clearing the air of emotional baggage and directing attention to the challenges of the here and now. A lack of planetary aspects tests commitment levels and leaves some folks jumping from one incomplete task to another. On the other hand the relatively open skies also provide space for doing right by partners and honoring professional commitments. Relationships with friends and members of the opposite sex thrive after dark. It’s also a good time to build new ties.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-6:51AM Moon enters Aries.

January 30: The waxing Aries Moon is often challenge-oriented. Once an activity becomes familiar restlessness and impatience can easily set in. Pace yourself. A late morning lunar square with Jupiter increases good intentions. The likelihood of overreaching also escalates. Be alert to those who tend to promise more than they deliver. However great the temptation, don’t be the one to make that same kind of mistake. Luckily the Moon’s next aspect is an energizing trine to sign ruler and celestial spark plug, Mars. Passions as well as endurance levels surge as the afternoon progresses. Much energy is channeled into enthusiastic discussions and debates. If you’re not interested in spirited talk, hold your tongue, listen and be entertained. It’s a good opportunity to learn.
Moon in Aries.

January 31: The early part of the morning finds the Aries Moon at odds with Pluto and Saturn. Personal initiative could be hindered by rules and regulations or costs. The entrenched powers that be may in fact feel threatened by risk-taking pioneers. Fortunately the Moon is also in a fine sextile with mental Mercury, keeping the channels of communication open and flowing. Know which way the wind is blowing. Take the pulse of co-workers and authority figures. Negotiations through the late morning can be productive but the Moon is void of course well before noon. The pace falters as attention and commitment levels waver. Let unresolved issues be. There will be time next week to reach solutions. The afternoon hours feel flat but evening sees the Moon enter comfort-loving Taurus. A spontaneous invitation could follow. Be brave and dare to try something new.
Moon in Aries v/c 10:10AM-7:28PM Moon enters Taurus.