July 2015 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for July 2015

July 1: July arrives with gloriously good omens. First up is a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. The glad pairing in passionate Leo sets hearts to beating a little faster, generates abundant happiness and instills confidence. In another welcome development, the Cancer Sun's trine to otherworldly Neptune stimulates imaginations and acts of kindness but don't get carried away. Stay grounded in the present during the early afternoon hours when the waxing Moon tests fiery Mars. Take off your rose-colored glasses and watch your speed. The grand finale of today's celestial fireworks is the power-packed Full Moon in Capricorn at 10:20PM. Try to balance familial demands and personal needs with ongoing professional obligations. It's a delicate act, requiring compromises be made. Meet partners half way. Empathy, understanding and generosity of spirit are uplifting, healing balms.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-5:11AM Moon enters Capricorn, Full "Buck" Moon in Capricorn 10:20PM, Venus conjunct Jupiter, Sun trine Neptune.

July 2: Early morning apprehensions diminish as the morning Sun climbs the eastern sky. Minds are sharp and inventive with the broadening light. Thanks to a sextile between mental Mercury and Uranus, tongue in cheek humor, double entendres, and precocious insights pepper many conversations. Quick decisions and fast travel are also facilitated. Trust in your ability to improvise as well as relate to different types and odd situations. Expect happy coincidences, too. A late afternoon square between the Capricorn Moon and Uranus may test the patience of some folks. Plans will most likely change. If something you were counting on does fall through, let it be. Other good options are coming. Be prepared to chart a new course through unfamiliar territory.
Moon in Capricorn, Mercury sextile Uranus.

July 3: Resolutely facing responsibilities is the early morning mood but then the Capricorn Moon goes on a short void of course run. Momentum is slowly regained as the Moon arrives in community oriented Aquarius before the start of work day business hours. Nimble-footed Mercury forms an agreeable sextile to Jupiter this evening. Harmony between the two planets of travel and knowledge is an auspicious bridge leading into the weekend. Minds are flexible, open and inclined to see good in the world. Communication channels are clear. Those fortunate enough to be on the way to holiday destinations gratefully feel the wind at their backs.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 6:38AM-8:21AM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury sextile Jupiter.

July 4: Happy 4th of July! As it was on the day in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed, the Moon is visiting Aquarius. The Sign of the Waterbearer is visionary, one of egalitarian society and social justice. The Moon's position is confirmation that the emerging American popularism in national politics is here to stay. Expect the siren songs of racial, sexual, and economic equality to be major themes during the upcoming election cycle. In addition to influencing campaign stump speeches, the stars have many folks in touch with their hopes and dreams. Every wish is a seed planted. Sharing yours with loved ones is good gardening and an important step towards realizing cherished goals. Enjoy the evening fireworks under the lovely conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.
Moon in Aquarius.

July 5: The early going feels labored as the Aquarius Moon tests Saturn and then goes void of course for a couple of hours. The quiet period is a good chance to rest and rebound after yesterday's holiday hoopla. Catch up on needed sleep or quietly tend to routine chores. Late morning sees the Moon slip into Pisces, arousing sentimental feelings and also strengthening privacy urges. Nightfall brings a surprising uptick in energy levels. Creative impulses quicken and desires become more compelling. Artists are inspired. Romantic sorts engage in passionate flirting. More spiritually oriented individuals, immersed in yoga, mindful meditation and other practices, find an unusually deep sense of connection with the Universe.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 8:31AM-10:23AM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury sextile Venus.

July 6: The day begins swimmingly. A trine aspect between the Pisces Moon and Cancer Sun facilitates all sorts of activities. Emotional composure is notable, as is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. And adapt we must as the Sun opposes Pluto just before midday. Both the strengths and weaknesses of partnerships are exposed. Keep the focus on common goals and shared interests. This approach can bring out the best in everyone, and make them want to contribute. An overly demanding or bullying approach will surely lead to hard feelings and increase the risk of a painful separation. The stakes are high. Be nice.
Moon in Pisces, Sun opposite Pluto.

July 7: Decisions require careful attention this morning. The Pisces Moon, no stranger to duality and fickle emotions, is at odds with Mercury in Gemini, the famously indecisive sign. Distractions are likely to come often and be numerous. Luckily, a lunar trine with Saturn is also in the works. The stabilizing angle helps keep priorities straight and schedules on time. Still, many of us will welcome the short, midday void of course Moon period as a chance to catch our collective breath and enjoy a break. Shortly after noon the Moon arrives in Aries and it's again time to rev engines, gear up and bravely face challenges.
Moon in Pisces v/c 10:36AM-12:37PM Moon enters Aries.

July 8: Contradictory trends can make this day feel quite challenging. The major planetary alignment is a beautiful trine between Mars and Neptune. The duo urges us to act for the highest good and make dreams come true. The much faster-moving Aries Moon charts a more difficult course, testing Mars during the wee hours, Pluto at midday and still later, the Sun and Uranus. Sleep may be fitful. A lack of rest can make "fight or flight" instincts tough to overcome. Mental Mercury's mid-afternoon arrival in Cancer may soothe some hearts but it can also cloud good judgment. Keep an even keel. Stay calm. Concentrate on desired results and see others as part of the solution to problems. Harnessed and used wisely, today's powerful energies can be immensely productive.
Moon in Aries, Last Quarter Moon in Aries 4:24PM, Mercury enters Cancer, Mars trine Neptune.

July 9: The morning hours are heartwarming. Energy levels are vibrant while loving feelings, appreciation and respect for others abound. The Aries Moon is in harmony with Jupiter and Venus, the two primary stars of good fortune. It's a great time to count your blessings or liberally spread wealth and encouragement. Late morning brings a six hour void of course Moon window that lasts well into the afternoon. Momentum shifts to a slower, less ambitious yet pleasant pace. Go with the flow. A new series of engagements begins during the late afternoon. The Moon has arrived in earthy Taurus, where she compliments mental Mercury. Discussions are fruitful, especially regarding financial and other security matters. Invest your time, energy and funds wisely this evening.
Moon in Aries v/c 9:47AM-3:49PM Moon enters Taurus.

July 10: Dreams, hunches, prophecies and predictions carry special meaning this morning. Pay attention. Mother Nature is speaking. Hopes, whether for the upcoming weekend or some grander, more elusive scheme, feel tantalizingly close at hand. The Taurus Moon moves through a series of productive alignments throughout the day. Efforts at work or on the domestic front are facilitated. Even intractable problems may finally be solved this afternoon. Tonight's mood is eminently calm and comfortable, like a favorite easy chair or well worn blouse. Relax and enjoy physical pleasures, the companionship of loyal friends, the taste of delicious food, and the soothing notes of beautiful melodies.
Moon in Taurus.

July 11: Today's biggest challenge may lie in choosing what to do. This morning the list of possibilities can seem endless. The Taurus Moon occupies a testing angle with both Jupiter and Venus. Some folks must learn the hard way! There certainly can be too much of a good thing. With both Jupiter and Venus in luxury loving Leo, the urge to splurge, to taste everything life has to offer, is huge. The same alignments incline many folks to simply go out and enjoy life, without going over budget. Responsibly managing funds gets a late afternoon push via a lunar opposition to dour Saturn. Those who have broken the bank could be hit with a case of buyer's remorse. Stick to the middle path, neither too high nor too low, as we enter into a less stable period tonight.
Moon in Taurus v/c 5:52PM-8:16PM Moon enters Gemini.

July 12: Unstable forces are in play as the Cancer Sun makes one of two annual squares with unpredictable and sometimes erratic Uranus today. Strong-willed individuality butts up against the greater will of the Cosmos. The Gemini Moon's midday square with Neptune adds to the confusion and uncertainty. An increased incidence of accidents, earthquakes, revolutions and old-fashioned bad behavior is likely to be noted. Take steps to avoid unnecessary risks and danger. Move and speak slowly and deliberately. Drive cautiously. Use care around machinery. Treat others with kindness. A little extra TLC can make a world of difference.
Moon in Gemini, Sun square Uranus.

July 13: Moods are decidedly upbeat and eager at the start of the work week. An effervescent Gemini Moon oversees bountiful good news, surprisingly broad-minded views as well as promising opportunities. Positive thinking prevails! Mental Mercury occupies a fabulous trine position with Neptune, the planet of imagination and compassion. This is a fine day for planning sessions and other visionary endeavors. An upswell in optimism continues until almost midnight, when the Moon makes a final sextile to loving Venus before going void of course. Venus' blessings make the evening hours memorably entertaining, socially charming and intimately romantic. Shout your approval, praise and adoration from the rooftops or whisper it sweetly into a loved one's ear.
Moon in Gemini v/c 11:31PM-12:00AM, Mercury sextile Neptune.

July 14: Last night's square between Venus and Saturn tested some partnerships. It also spotlighted financial concerns and disagreements about managing funds. More hopeful feelings emerge with the dawn. By then the Moon is in her own sign of Cancer and approaching a trine aspect with Neptune. Forgive, forget and move on. Concentrate on nurturing yourself and loved ones. Use today's relatively quiet energies to put your house in order and complete as many projects as possible. On the job progress is greatly enhanced by teamwork. Invite others to pitch in, without being bossy. We are once again at the end of the lunar cycle. Dynamic trends are beginning to build overhead. It's good to clear the decks and get ready for the busy weeks ahead.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-2:14AM Moon enters Cancer, Venus square Saturn.

July 15: Today's New Moon in Cancer is a powerful motivator. The Sun and Moon are joined by Mars and Mercury in the Sign of the Crab. The four planets oppose Pluto and square Uranus. While the urge to start something and get moving is strong, in the coming weeks forward progress will require the careful handling of partners as well as numerous planning changes. With today's alignments it isn't possible to anticipate every detail or detour, but don't let that stop you. Line up support and get solid backing for your plans. Allies are far more receptive to respectful requests than intimidating threats. Ask for suggestions. Identify mutual needs. This will make others want to help. Together, great things are attainable.
Moon in Cancer, New Moon in Cancer 9:24PM, Mars opposite Pluto, Mercury opposite Pluto.

July 16: The Cancer Moon points everyone in the right direction early today via a trine with Saturn. Priorities are clear and the road to success seems wide open. But then a mid-morning void of course Moon period weakens resolve. Initiative goes missing. Even after the Moon enters Leo it is difficult to regain grit and determination. The planets are spinning but making no new aspects during the rest of the day. Relax, ask your inner child out for a play date. Reclaim lost innocence and dust off your creative chops. Improvise. Splash your world with as much color and joy as you can imagine.
Moon in Cancer v/c 7:24AM-10:15AM Moon enters Leo, Mercury conjunct Mars.

July 17: The work week comes to a pleasant but rather quiet close. The Leo Moon makes no major aspects, which is typically an indicator of calm seas, gentle winds and smooth sailing. None-the-less, midday could see a subtle power struggle or clash of leadership styles. Stay alert and avoid stepping on anyone's toes. Recreational inclinations and interests increase later in the day. Memories of fun times or an old love could be the catalyst to going out and being more socially active tonight when interesting and colorful night owls flock together. Join the party and be entertained!
Moon Leo.

July 18: The stars keep us busy today. Many folks feel motivated to exercise or go to sporting events, beach outings, amusement parks and other leisure destinations. Lunar conjunctions with Jupiter and Venus foster a party-like atmosphere, replete with bubbly good feelings, optimism and happiness. Plan to take a brief rest in the late afternoon but have your party clothes ready for this evening. Shortly before sunset Venus enters Virgo and is eclipsed by the Moon, inciting diners to make celebratory toasts amidst a climate of general merrymaking. Later, a testing square between mental Mercury and Uranus could trigger surprises. A fender bender, sudden disagreement or change of plans are among the many possibilities. Take a deep breath, slow down and relax your mind if things seem to be getting out of hand.
Moon in Leo v/c 5:41PM-8:47PM Moon enters Virgo, Venus enters Virgo, Mercury square Uranus.

July 19: Venus, newly arrived in Virgo, is slowing and turns retrograde within the week. There will be many reunions, some quite unanticipated, during the rest of the summer. The Moon is also in Virgo, putting a focus on creating order in a chaotic world. The quiet morning hours feel just right for perusing the latest headlines, catching up on reading, bill paying and correspondence and tackling other chores. Those interested in health and well-being will find this a good time to research nutritional concerns. Magic is afoot after noon. The Moon engages Neptune and later tonight Pluto, two planets strongly connected to spiritual awareness and transformational processes. Get out in Nature and see which way the wind is blowing. Fresh air, bird songs, ocean waves, trees and flowers are powerful good medicine.
Moon in Virgo.

July 20: Getting back into work mode is made easy by the Virgo Moon's energizing early morning sextile with fiery Mars. Familiar chores and routines are more comfortably appealing with the Red Planet camped out in the nostalgia-loving sign of Cancer. Productivity and on the job camaraderie benefit, as well. This is also a good day to talk about past events, family and home related matters. The Sun, now in the late degrees of Cancer, is moving into an important trine aspect with Saturn. If you want to refinance your home, have other assets to protect or partnerships in need of mending, set to it.
Moon in Virgo.

July 21: The day's significant planetary activity is over and done with during the early morning hours. Early risers find themselves incredibly productive, especially those working with level-headed, well-organized cohorts who share a "take care of business" approach. By midmorning the Moon is in Libra where she fosters awareness of others and continuing cooperation. However, due to the lack of lunar aspects, much of the day feels energetically flat. The Sun is at the final degree of Cancer so changes are imminent. Trines between the Cancer Sun and Mercury to serious Saturn in Scorpio help folks stay on track and honor their commitments. Some expectations may even be exceeded. Take advantage of friendships and other social connections. Work with others. Partners have valuable input to contribute.
Moon in Virgo v/c 6:06AM-9:23AM Moon enters Libra, Sun trine Saturn.

July 22: An early afternoon lunar square with Pluto raises alarms. The Moon is in Libra, where decorum and good manners are a way of life. Pluto is in pragmatic Capricorn, an "ends justifies the means" placement. If one has to have a cause, or even an obsession, be sure it's a healthy one. Those whose only thoughts are about "getting it done" are surely going to offend friends and associates. There are many good things to be said about being "nice." As fate would have it, mental Mercury makes a fine trine to Saturn today, elevating sensibilities to include a highly refined sense of justice and fair play. The Sun journeys into royal Leo late tonight and we find ourselves in the fiery heart of the summer season.
Moon in Libra, Mercury trine Saturn, Sun enters Leo.

July 23: Mental Mercury makes a triumphant entry into Leo and promptly joins forces with the Sun. For many folks, a celebratory atmosphere is noted. There are also those lacking in perspective and thinking only of themselves. The Libra Moon, aided by Jupiter, counters self-centeredness with a more inclusive civility, grace and appreciation for everyone. Don't hog the stage. Share the spotlight. Partners will long remember generosity and take less kindly to self-important grandstanding. Mid-afternoon sees the Moon begin a relaxed void of course period. Put off decisions until later tonight when Luna enters Scorpio. Here, Earth's satellite makes nice with Venus, which in turn opens hearts and promotes happiness. Second guessing can be stressful as midnight and the First Quarter Moon phase near. Stick to basic points and stay on good terms with loved ones.
Moon in Libra v/c 2:12PM-10:07PM Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury enters Leo, Sun conjunct Mercury.

July 24: Deeply felt emotions reach out to include empathy for those suffering or in need. At a time when planetary changes are happening on an almost daily basis, increasing the sense of fragility and impermanence in the world, extra compassion is indeed welcome. The waxing Scorpio Moon is in trine to mystical Neptune this afternoon. Dreams and daytime reveries can seem enchanting. Escapist temptations may also entice. A quick visit to a park, scenic vista or store filled with beautiful things can provide rejuvenating inspiration. Venus has stationed and will retrograde tomorrow morning. Imitation is said to be the finest form of flattery. Follow the Goddess planet's example. Pause and let a loved one know how much you care.
Moon in Scorpio, First Quarter Moon in Scorpio 12:04AM.

July 25: A jolting pre-dawn square between Mars and Uranus elevates risk factors. Guard against impatience. Watch your temper. Slow down on the highway. Keep an eye out for detours. Use caution while using any other machinery. Venus begins her six week retrograde this morning. Her direction shift could precipitate a new direction for some couples. Long forgotten lovers and friends may resurface in coming weeks. There are sure to be a great many summertime reunions. The Scorpio Moon is powerfully allied with Mars this afternoon, facilitating tactical decisions and building strong ties between allies. It's more difficult to make up one's mind late tonight. Consider different points of view but don't make a choice that isn't right for you. It's better to put off a commitment, given the uncertain astrological indicators.
Moon in Scorpio, Venus retrograde, Mars square Uranus.

July 26: Constant change continues. This morning Uranus turns retrograde and slowly backtracks until late December. The short term impact could include a new round of earthquake activity and volcanic eruptions. More government collapses and volatile financial markets will also make news. More happily, the Sagittarius Moon is a source of good cheer in many lives. The morning hours could also require choosing between several attractive social options. Don't try to cram too much into one day. Plan on maintaining a comfortable schedule. After noon most paths seems to be following an upwards trajectory. Lunar harmony with the Sun and Mercury helps make events lively and thoroughly enjoyable. Be alert to water and fog hazards if you're traveling late tonight.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:14AM-8:24AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Uranus retrograde.

July 27: Today's momentum seems to be a continuation of yesterday's strong flow. Events unfold quickly. Intuition is sharp. An afternoon premonition may prove eerily prescient in time. The fast pace is pleasantly agreeable. Team spirit is strong and social networking can seem effortless. The waxing Sagittarius Moon forms a potent nighttime trine with Uranus, facilitating evolutionary leaps of awareness, inviting one and all to try new things, experiment with different solutions and put cutting edge technology to use. The trine is equally supportive of group efforts, especially those that serve a community, idealistic cause or spiritual purpose. Last, but not least, are the simple joys of friendship. Tonight is a fine one for getting together with favorite buds.
Moon in Sagittarius.

July 28: As the Moon nears the full phase the action and temperatures are heating up. Big ideas and high hopes spice up mental musings and lively conversations, at least until late morning when the Sagittarius Moon goes void of course for several hours. The less focused middle of the day period is more likely to hold idle boasts and impractical dreams. With the Moon's mid-afternoon entry into Capricorn the day gets a second wind. A lunar trine to Venus may boost the bottom line. It also puts cheerful smiles on many faces and could trigger newfound affection for a previously overlooked admirer. Enjoy a sensibly quiet evening.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:37AM-2:47PM Moon enters Capricorn.

July 29: Those early morning dreams and first impressions of the day reveal more than meets the eye. Read between the lines, look and listen for hidden messages and use your intuitive faculties rather than your mind. A hunch could help make your day a success. By lunch time the Moon is nearing Pluto, the dark planet of secrets and powerfully transformative emotions and experiences. Reactions can be extreme, and out of proportion to the reality at hand. Keep cool and calm. Rather than feel isolated in an internal drama, connect with others in meaningful ways. Teamwork can be refreshingly liberating, and intensely productive. The late night hours see rising stress levels. Know what you can and cannot control. Give others space to do their own thing.
Moon in Capricorn.

July 30: Morning tensions follow a restless night. During this first part of the day the Capricorn Moon tests both Uranus and Mars. Before sprouting wings and flying off the handle, count to ten. Think about what you are trying to accomplish and the best, most practical ways of reaching your goals. A friend or associate may make a very sensible suggestion. Listen carefully during lunchtime. The early afternoon is good for organizing plans and assets. Full Moon Fever is upon us. Even though the Moon is void of course for the latter part of the afternoon, emotions are running high, thoughts are racing and life too is moving quickly. Sleep is again less sound than usual tonight. The heightened energy and pale light of the Full Moon keep many folks up late.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 2:50PM-5:40PM Moon enters Aquarius.

July 31: In strange ways, yesterday informs our tomorrows. The past is connected to the present and the as yet unformed future. A Full "Blue" Moon in Aquarius, exact at 6:43AM EDT, spotlights hopes and prospects, as well as the allies who can help realize these dreams. Venus on the other hand, is retrograding back into royal Leo today. Pondering the mysteries of the heart's attractions, lessons learned about loving and losing, as well as good times and gifts shared with loved ones, arouses reverential appreciation and gratitude for those who have enriched our lives with grace, charm, and beauty. Memories trigger powerful responses on multiple levels, physical, mental and emotional. There's also plenty going on in the here and now. Tonight's sociable climate includes many scintillating encounters with lively and imaginative folks.
Moon in Aquarius, Full "Sturgeon" Moon in Aquarius 6:43AM, Venus enters Leo.