July 2016 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for July 2016

July 1: After a noticeably calm night the Moon enters chatty, ever-changeable Gemini during the early morning. Mental faculties and powers of observation grow sharper. Curiosity levels rise. An extremely helpful mid-afternoon sextile between Venus and Jupiter promotes general good will. The mood is effervescent. Everyone wants to be entertained, on the move or falling in love. With the approaching holiday weekend, expect many folks to be distracted, looking ahead and eager to get an early start on a weekend adventure or reveling. If you are out late tonight, stay alert. A tense lunar angle to Saturn cautions against traveling when overly tired.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-7:44AM Moon enters Gemini, Venus sextile Jupiter.

July 2: An event that occurred back in early June could be the source of continuing repercussions. On the other hand, today may just as easily serve as a measuring stick of how far things have progressed. The changeable Gemini Moon occupies one corner of a sometimes burdensome but also motivating Grand Cross. A noontime lunar square aspect to Jupiter underscores the liberating benefits of caring for, sharing with, inspiring, and helping others. Some discretion is advised. Too much generosity or extravagance is likely to go unappreciated. Consumption levels may be great. Tonight, spirits soar and eyes twinkle as gregarious friends gather. The stars point to freer and easier going, as well as spontaneous celebrations of everyone’s better qualities and unique quirks.
Moon in Gemini v/c 11:43PM-12:00AM.

July 3: An early morning trine between the Cancer Sun and mystical Neptune prompts many dreams and reveries, as well as heartfelt idealism and empathy. The natural world seems magical, alluring and a fertile source of creative inspiration. Long ago memories and well worn haunts can bring a sense of pure comfort. The Moon also enters Cancer during the morning. Emotional sensitivity increases. Feelings grow more protective. Loyalty and patriotism are spurred. Stay at home types will enjoy the low key local scene. Travelers are just as likely to thrill to the flag-waving pomp and circumstances associated with the Nation’s birthday celebrations. However, as this is the last day of the lunar cycle, it’s best to take it easy, wherever you are.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-9:20AM Moon enters Cancer.

July 4: Happy Birthday USA! And Happy New Moon in Cancer to us all! This New Moon, a time of beginnings on the anniversary of our country’s founding, is a signature moment of national rebirth. Powerful forces are in play. The nation stands ready to recommit to the lofty principles that in the past made the USA a guiding light to the rest of the world. There are challenges to face but for the moment, even the corrupting forces of wealth and power are transformed by the positive forces of light. For vacationers, the day starts off slowly and gradually gains momentum. Beginning with this morning’s New Moon, a succession of lunar aspects keeps the ball rolling and parade flags flying. The Moon’s conjunction with Venus caps the day off with much happiness and affection while fireworks dazzle overhead in the dark night sky.
Moon in Cancer, New Moon in Cancer 7:01AM.

July 5: Post-midnight angst is largely due to a lunar square with Uranus. Restlessness could open the floodgates to some inspiring dreams. Then, from the wee hours of the morning until just after noon, the Cancer Moon travels void of course. As a result, the first part of the day can lack get up and go. Fortunately, mental Mercury is in a trine with mystical, magical Neptune. Let your imagination run amok this morning. Be quick with compliments or a helping hand. The midday arrival of the Moon into Leo marks the start of a more enthusiastic and focused period. If important decisions are pending, the latter half of the day is the time to delve more deeply into possible courses of action.
Moon in Cancer v/c 2:29AM-12:28PM Moon enters Leo, Mercury trine Neptune.

July 6: Initially spurred on by the Leo Moon’s morning trine to dutiful Saturn, today is filled with clear intentions and purposeful actions. Set your priorities and get busy with important matters. A crowd-pleasing trine between Venus and Mars confers passion and affectionate warmth. A truce is called in the proverbial battle between the sexes and many partnerships thrive under heavenly influences. Hearts and minds are aligned. The tender Cancer Sun and mental Mercury join together late tonight. Don’t overreact or rush to judgment. Words can inspire greatly or sting grievously, so choose them with appropriate care.
Moon in Leo, Venus trine Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury.

July 7: A conjunction of the Cancer Sun and Mercury can easily diminish mental objectivity. The two stars are also at odds with Pluto, intensifying protective feelings and instinctive responses. Each fleeting thought may seem compelling. Adding a wild card to today’s events is a square between Venus and unpredictable Uranus. The course of a relationship could take an unexpected turn. Amidst the planetary fireworks, the Leo Moon sails void of course from morning until evening. Events, no matter how interesting, perplexing or shocking, could seem somehow distant. Critical analysis may have to wait until dusk, when the Moon enters Virgo. There is plenty to discuss and learn from, so keep your mind open to receive differing points of view and new information.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:06AM-6:41PM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury opposite Pluto, Venus square Uranus, Sun opposite Pluto.

July 8: Hopes are raised, optimism stirred and both messages and travelers are whisked along by an early morning sextile between Mercury and Jupiter. A freshening wind seems to fill all sails. After midday the morning’s exhilaration gradually transitions into a less confident mood. The Virgo Moon forms challenging angles with Saturn and Neptune. Delays and interminable complications test resolve. Confusion and irrational fears can easily impact judgment. A key item or fact may be lost or overlooked. Take precautions. Fall back on tried and true formulas. Proceed one step at a time and, as much as possible, deal with people you know and trust. Proven routines provide a healthy degree of assurance and needed safety on stormy seas.
Moon in Virgo, Mercury sextile Jupiter.

July 9: The waxing Virgo Moon follows a busy course. As a result, the entire day feels refreshingly engaging. An early morning lunar conjunction with Jupiter sets the cheerful tone. In response, travelers, adventurers, nature lovers and sports enthusiasts are eager to seek out, explore and face new challenges. Those who have chores to do find the hours pleasantly productive. The hours seem to fly by. Tonight’s stars are some of the summer’s best for partying, concert-going and romantic rendezvousing. Caring for others provides enormous satisfaction. The Moon’s sextile with loving Venus practically guarantees a good time will be had by all.
Moon in Virgo v/c 11:28PM-12:00AM.

July 10: The wee hours of the morning find the Cancer Sun in harmonious balance with Jupiter, the giant planet of all good things. The alignment keeps night owls alert and open-minded. Reading and study are facilitated. By daybreak the enjoyable weekend continues under the socially aware Libra Moon. Every one and every thing has its proper place. Mental Mercury is in a perfect trine with Mars, prompting efforts to reach a meeting of minds. Those who are ready and willing to engage in serious conversations find it easy to team up with partners. Despite the good vibes, a pending square between Mercury and Uranus suggests that nothing is certain. Cooperation may not be for everyone. It could be due to unforeseen or improbable developments, but today’s agreements are likely to be revised.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-4:32AM Moon enters Libra, Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury trine Mars.

July 11: Mental Mercury’s early morning square with Uranus sets the tone for a vexing day. Things may seem to be just out of reach or fingers may fumble. Timing can be off. The Libra Moon is at odds with controlling Pluto and reaches the First Quarter stage, testing the Cancer Sun, during the evening. Stress levels are elevated and decisions may also be tough to make without second-guessing, but there is ample energy available for moving beyond customary thoughts, emotional patterns, and tired workplace routines. Maximize your opportunities with creative thinking and effective networking. Compromise will definitely be necessary but alliances forged today possess great strength and promise to endure.
Moon in Libra, First Quarter Moon in Libra 8:52PM, Mercury square Uranus.

July 12: Shortly after midnight Venus slips into Leo, the sign where she glows resplendently. Expect matters of the heart to become more impassioned during the next few weeks. The Libra Moon faces rough going. An early morning opposition with Uranus can throw schedules off and spell trouble for computers, phones and other high tech devices. Make sure essential files are protected. Be ready to improvise your way through difficult circumstances throughout the morning as the Moon is also testing Mercury. Make every effort to communicate clearly. By noon the Moon is traveling void of course. After lunch, the quieter, less stressful atmosphere is worth noting. By late-afternoon the Moon enters Scorpio, making the latter part of the day a good time to ponder and digest recent events.
Moon in Libra v/c 11:01AM-4:52PM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus enters Leo.

July 13: The Moon sits in the intensely curious but equally private sign of Scorpio. Her sole alignment today is with Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, idealism and fantasy. Avoid getting caught up in inner space. Ingrained emotional prejudices can be isolating, robbing the day of its fluidity and magic. Instead, pay attention to hunches, subtle callings from Mother Nature and spirit messages. Impulses that build ties between people are especially helpful. Dreamers find ease and inspiration in ordinary, everyday circumstances. Loving encounters are refreshing. Mental Mercury transitions into Leo tonight, bringing new insights and fresh perspectives on today’s happenings.
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury enters Leo.

July 14: The waxing Scorpio Moon joins forces with energizing Mars today. The two stars are in harmony with Jupiter and the Cancer Sun. These auspicious alignments boost confidence and enthusiasm levels. For more than half of the day the stars also provide healing opportunities as well as the right circumstances for getting ahead in the world of commerce. Understanding life at deeper levels is facilitated. Motives and goals also become clearer. Sharpened awareness builds inner strength. Activity levels reach a peak by early evening. Then the Moon goes void of course and a more relaxed period follows. Leave daytime cares behind and practice the art of being mellow tonight.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 6:22PM-12:00AM.

July 15: Moods are chipper as the work day begins. The Moon is in upbeat, philosophical Sagittarius. A lunar trine to Mercury sharpens intellects and sets tongues in motion. There’s plenty to think and talk about, all in the spirit of good-natured fun. Mercury is in Leo, the sign of play and enjoyment. The Winged Messenger is traveling in tandem with Venus, also in Leo. The Moon’s early-afternoon trine to Venus is the perfect occasion for making social plans, exchanging pleasantries or professing undying love and adoration. Undoubtedly, there are those who will eat up all the praise and attention lavished on them. Tonight’s mood is more somber. As the Moon makes her approach to Saturn, less is more. Speak plainly and to the point.
Moon in Scorpio vc/ 12:00AM-5:14AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

July 16: All bets are off this morning as the Cancer Sun tangles with Uranus. Everything is subject to revision, plans, commitments and fickle hearts included. Rebellious types and cynics are feeling frisky. Irreverence does have its place but stay hyper-vigilant if you are traveling. Impatience or a momentary distraction can lead to a serious accident. Calmer influences take hold and dominate the second half of the day. The conjunction of Mercury and Venus boldly proclaims “peace and love” during the late afternoon and early evening hours. This joyful conjunction is also a good omen for party-goers. A late night trine between the Sun and Mars keeps celebrations going full tilt until midnight bells chime.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun square Uranus, Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun trine Mars.

July 17: Early risers and those restless souls caught between sleep and waking can find inspiration in an ESP experience or perhaps some form of esoteric symbolism. Take note of any intuitive flashes or gut feelings. By sunrise the Sagittarius Moon is orbiting void of course, dialing up a quiet Sunday. The mellow atmosphere is perfect for casual summertime fun and games. Everything proceeds in a relaxed, congenial manner. During the late afternoon the waxing Moon arrives in dutiful Capricorn. Expect a mood swing. Family ties may need tending. Preparations for the work week, an upcoming event or other commitment may naturally be of concern.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 4:57AM-3:33PM Moon enters Capricorn.

July 18: There are definite moments of Full Moon Fever today. The waxing Capricorn Moon is activating the seventy year long sextile between Pluto and Neptune. This alignment first appeared at the end of the Second World War and ushered in the “flower power” hippie generation of the 1960’s. Persistent progressive forces may be amply served by today’s lunar aspects. There are also strong creative possibilities. Spiritual and physical renewal is another good probability. Evening is when the greatest challenges arise. The Moon is conjunct Pluto. Getting ahead requires awareness of and an interest in working to benefit others. Pick a noble cause and give it your best effort.
Moon in Capricorn.

July 19: Mercury’s trine to Saturn provides reassurance in a world that often seems precarious. Stability is appreciated as this evening’s emotionally charged Full Moon in Capricorn holds sway. Ordinarily, this Full Moon spotlights the differences between what we have to do versus what we would prefer to be doing. This time around the opposing Sun and Moon are also testing Uranus, the planet of shocking surprises but equally important, egalitarian, progressive thinking and revolutionary movements. Expect challenges to the status quo. You could resolve to change your life. Success is likely as the Sun and Moon are also harmonizing with feisty Mars. Mellower trends arrive with nightfall. Enjoy a majestic Moonrise.
Full “Buck” Moon in Capricorn 6:56PM, Moon in Capricorn v/c 6:56PM-11:10PM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury trine Saturn.

July 20: Workplace relationships are on exceptionally sound footing. The Aquarius Moon enhances social consciousness and team spirit. We are all in this life together. Venus’ morning trine to Saturn supports loyal, longterm partnering. Deals struck today are fair, and have staying power. A lunar sextile with Saturn concludes the fruitful workday in businesslike fashion. Reward yourself for a job well done. A night out on the town can be good fun. Start by sharing dinner with a special someone, or make it a party. Lunar oppositions to Venus and Mercury make for warm hearts and a vibrant, celebratory atmosphere.
Moon in Aquarius, Venus trine Saturn.

July 21: The Sun sits at the final degree of Cancer, preparing to transition into summer’s hottest phase. While the Sun’s position is a reminder to reflect on what has been and find closure with the past, the Aquarius Moon directs attention to what tomorrow will bring. In fact, the Moon’s evening sextile to Uranus piques interest in an array of possible future realities. Thoughtful visionaries and inventors feel inspired and anxious to get to work. There’s a healthy social component to the sextile, too. Groups of people work together skillfully, especially for altruistic purposes bigger than any one individual. Tempers may flare tonight when the Moon is in a testing square with Mars. A disagreement over money or power could be the root cause of friction. Call a truce or timeout if needed, and then focus on getting some rest.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 9:56PM-12:00AM.

July 22: As if on cue, at sunrise here on the East Coast the Sun enters the fixed fire sign Leo and summer’s hottest weeks begin. Leo is also the sign associated with play, fun and life’s many joys. Not surprisingly, this is the time of year when people who can afford it go on vacation. In striking contrast, today the Moon is in the ultra-sensitive and oftentimes very private sign of Pisces. Here luna is aligned with Neptune and in a testing square with Saturn. Many folks will instinctively shy away from the spotlight’s glare, or avoid bright sunshine. Respect others’ privacy. Disappointments may weigh heavily this evening but caring and consoling words have a unique way of uplifting heavy hearts.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-4:35AM Moon enters Pisces, Sun enters Leo.

July 23: The Pisces Moon’s morning sextile with Pluto underscores the weekend’s rejuvenating potential. Quiet time alone, lost in contemplation suits some. Inner growth work is favored. Other souls look to have a transformative impact on the world around them. Mother Nature, gardening, a hobby or artistic pursuit are all appropriate choices. Social overtures come during the afternoon. An invitation could involve traveling to a distant locale. Don’t be a hermit. Dust off your dancing shoes, put on some party clothes and join in the celebration. A jamboree could last into the early morning hours.
Moon in Pisces.

July 24: Sweet dreams and spiritual planes are more accessible than usual while the Pisces Moon sails void of course throughput the early morning. Early risers may experience especially profound meditations. Most of the day however, unfolds under a more vibrant, ‘take charge of this world’ Aries Moon. Pugnacious behavior is well under control. A midday lunar trine to the overarching Leo Sun supports individual initiatives as well as bold leadership. There’s a pure joy in living and tackling challenges that sets hearts to beating faster. Make it your business to have some old-fashioned fun! As evening falls the Moon nears a trine to Saturn. Under the gathering dusk give some thought to goals and priorities, especially targeting the coming week.
Moon in Pisces v/c 3:06AM-8:33AM Moon enters Aries.

July 25: Slow down this morning. The Moon in impatient Aries is at odds with Pluto. Any attempt to boss or manipulate others will sound alarm bells and breed resistance. A resulting squabble could quickly escalate into something regrettable, so take it easy. Think twice before promoting an agenda. Make sure others are on board, or at least open to compromise. Some doors will be shut. Accept it. Things change during the noon hour. Starting with lunch the second half of the day is far more congenial. Meetings are friendlier and more fruitful. There’s more give and take. Be quick to share your thoughts but listen attentively when partners respond. Nighttime musings are on target. If you cannot act on an attractive idea now, file it away for future use.
Moon in Aries.

July 26: The day begins slowly, with little verve or initiative. The Aries Moon is running void of course until just before noon. It’s a good morning to catch up on paper work and return calls, or just touch base with pals. Take care of more serious business matters, purchases and contracts after noon, when the Moon is in Taurus. The Cosmos is sending mixed signals. This evening’s Last Quarter lunar phase could cause some folks to hesitate due to inadequate funds. The will to proceed may be lacking. An imminent trine between Mercury and Uranus can make things clearer, including the future. Be patient if you have to wait for more cautious souls to see things the way you do.
Moon in Aries v/c 2:18AM-11:37AM Moon enters Taurus, Last Quarter Moon in Taurus 7:00PM.

July 27: Today starts with a dream. It could be a vision of world peace, a sustainable future, an invention or acquiring great wealth that spurs action. Mental Mercury is in trine to Uranus, the planet of clairvoyance. Take note of bright ideas. So many breakthroughs begin with a simple hunch. Following up on what at first seems impossible or outlandish is how progress works. Later, the Taurus Moon is part of an earth sign Grand Trine, a fine omen for earning and enjoying material plane pleasures. Shopping and other indulgences appeal to some folks. In the world of commerce, business is good. Get together with loved ones for fun times tonight. Moods are indulgent and celebratory.
Moon in Taurus, Mercury trine Uranus.

July 28: There’s danger of making a series of morning missteps. With the Taurus Moon at odds with Mercury and Mars, hearts and minds can easily be in a state of disconnect. Actions taken are unlikely to have the desired effect. Don’t make assumptions. Involving others in planning and work is a good way to minimize potential trouble. From late morning until early afternoon the Moon is void of course. Use this time period to rest, gather strength and regroup. Once the Moon reaches Gemini the afternoon gains new life but trends remain tricky. Don’t take anyone or anything for granted. The Cosmos has surprises in store.
Moon in Taurus v/c 11:13AM-2:17PM Moon enters Gemini.

July 29: Strap yourself in for the ride. Today has its challenges. Confusion is likely during the morning as the Moon tests Saturn and Neptune. Doubts multiply and insecurities can feel overwhelming. Mental Mercury’s square with Mars adds other reasons for apprehension. Logic may not solve thorny problems. Words are sharp-edged and can easily be taken the wrong way. If you’re trying to attain something, a position or winning an argument for example, make sure you’re not trying too hard. In the end you may win the prize but lose something or someone of far greater value. To top off the day’s challenges, unpredictable Uranus embarks on a lengthy retrograde late this afternoon. The earth may shake, along with other surprising developments.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury square Mars, Uranus retrograde.

July 30: The day begins in a super relaxed mode. As of early morning the Gemini Moon is traveling void of course. Minds and moods are prone to wandering. Attention flits from one curiosity to another. If you have a taste for exploring, indulge your interests. Mental Mercury’s change of signs increases indecision. The Winged Messenger’s early-afternoon arrival in Virgo gradually brings renewed focus and greater powers of discernment. Judgment is tempered by good intentions this evening. By then the Moon is in loyal Cancer and a tribal or family gathering could be under way. Home and hearth, family and close friends, are magnetically drawn together tonight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 7:46AM-5:09PM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury enters Virgo.

July 31: Lazing on a Sunday morning could scarcely be more delightful. The Cancer Moon forms a beautiful trine aspect with nebulous Neptune, the planet of dreams, ideals and fantasies. Passing time relaxes its tight grip and life finds a more peaceful, magical rhythm. Be affectionate. Get lost in a good book or a lovely reverie. Ambitious souls feel the spell, too. Breakfast chefs create masterpieces. Nature lovers will certainly hear the call of wild places. Occultists can experience extra deep meditative states. Artists may notice one or more Muses inspiring their work. Follow your bliss. The charmed life loses luster by late afternoon. Partners can become irritable. A soft touch works better than a heavy hand. Love has a way of cutting through all resistance.
Moon in Cancer.