July 2017 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for July 2017

July 1: July starts with a slam bang cardinal T-square. The Libra Moon sets off the celestial fireworks via a bright-eyed sunrise conjunction with Jupiter. We’re delightedly off to the races but testing angles with Mars, Pluto and Mercury follow. While the Moon favors tact and good decorum, the other planets foster discord, impatience and competition. If you manage to keep your cool throughout the trying hours from late morning until night, celebrate a job well done. You have superior powers of observation, inner calm and composure. If flummoxed, flustered or angry, do your best to make sure your words and actions don’t add to tensions. Just before midnight the Moon sextiles Saturn, giving old souls, stalwart teachers and guardian spirits a measure of well-deserved satisfaction.
Moon in Libra.

July 2: The morning hours are anything but restful. First, Mars forms an explosive opposition to Pluto. Emotions can quickly become overheated under this ultra competitive powerhouse. Keep cool. Control your temper and be aware of aggressive tendencies. The Libra Moon is also at loggerheads with unpredictable Uranus. Plans may change due to unforeseen circumstances. The change may actually feel freeing but for some folks it can bring disappointment. The second half of the day mellows as the planets take the afternoon off. The waxing Moon does arrive in Scorpio after noon, intensifying emotions and offering timely insights into subconscious motives but also making some folks increasingly pensive.
Moon in Libra v/c 9:16AM-12:59PM Moon enters Scorpio, Mars opposite Pluto.

July 3: The Scorpio Moon, Cancer Sun and Neptune in Pisces grace this day with a virtuous water sign grand trine. The complimentary angles between the three stars bring out the best in people. Emotional strength and sensitivity, clarity and empathy are commendable. Many hearts willingly answer the call to help out less fortunate souls. Talented folks share their creative gifts while rapt audiences relish the show. Those on holiday gravitate towards beaches, ponds, lakes and rivers, to Mother Nature’s fluid beauty. With Venus poised at the last degree of Taurus there will be deeply felt connections as well as reunions tonight.
Moon in Scorpio.

July 4: Happy Birthday USA! Based on today’s stars, our nation’s path will defy prognosticators and continue to take unexpected turns. A testing T-square between Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Pluto brings out personal quirks and precipitates numerous changes of mind. Intuition can be off the mark. Schedule changes and the elevated risk of an accident are among other challenges. Events may be postponed or cancelled. Excitement builds, minds tend to race and nerves are on edge as the evening unfolds. Employ calming techniques. Take a few deep breaths if you feel stressed or impatient. Meditate, pray or use healing visualizations. Think positive! Venus arrives in Gemini at nightfall, helping to lighten moods and increasing the nighttime’s social potential.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 9:34pm-12:00AM, Venus enters Gemini, Mercury Square Uranus.

July 5: Neptune and Jupiter form competing angles to the Cancer Sun. The former’s trine stimulates imaginations and awakens latent spiritual inclinations. Jupiter’s square challenges go-getters to juggle countless tasks while people pleasing. Mercury also changes signs today, entering Leo this evening. The sign shift can lead to confusion or a misunderstanding. To make the most of the day, be generous of spirit. Open your heart and your tent. Welcome new faces, fresh ideas and new experiences. Partners and friends are an integral part of broadening one’s horizons. Think big, paint in bold strokes but use good judgment.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-1:08AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury enters Leo, Sun trine Neptune, Sun square Jupiter.

July 6: The waxing Moon is in buoyant Sagittarius. However, her early morning aspects with Neptune and Jupiter launch the day with an air of hopefulness mixed with regrets. Take heart. Accentuate the positives. A missed opportunity may indeed be lost but, with the Moon gradually nearing Saturn it’s a good time to challenge yourself. Commit more deeply to a cause, passion or person. Make sure your work and behavior is consistent with your beliefs. Today’s pathway forward requires diligence, patience and perseverance. An extra effort may have surprisingly good results.
Moon in Sagittarius.

July 7: The early morning hours are light and breezy. Moods are upbeat and outgoing as Mercury and Venus form a scintillating sextile. Words flow effortlessly, punctuated with numerous compliments, ego-boosting praise and kind remarks. Serendipitous events make time fly. After forming a late morning trine to Uranus, the Sagittarius Moon goes on a void of course midday vacation. For a few hours momentum stalls. What had earlier seemed crystal clear may now seem foggy. Use the quieter down time to contemplate, rest and regroup. The Cosmic Tide shifts shortly after the lunch hour. The nearly full Moon enters Capricorn. Energy levels rebound and life moves full speed ahead as the weekend nears.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 10:42AM-1:45PM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury sextile Venus.

July 8: The Capricorn Moon has a reputation for tightly controlling emotions. However, today is different. Feelings are volatile. The waxing Moon, on the brink of being full, is part of a dynamically charged T-square, close by Pluto, square to Jupiter and opposing the Cancer Sun and Mars. Old adages may not apply under the circumstances. Usual restraint can vanish in a flash, giving way to impassioned pleas, shocking remarks and defiant demands. Stiff upper lips and stoic hearts soften as evening nears. A lunar sextile to mysterious Neptune has a soothing effect. Chill out at dusk. Read or commune with nature. Watch the glorious Moonrise, or be on the lookout for fireflies, shooting stars and other summer magic. As the hour grows late Full Moon fever is at a peak. Moon in Capricorn.

July 9: Seven minutes after midnight the Capricorn Moon is exactly full. The Moon is paired with Pluto while the opposing Sun joins forces with feisty Mars. Sleep may be elusive. Night owls anxiously wing their way through the early morning hours. Moods remain restive for much of the day as the Moon makes a series of challenging alignments and the solar opposition to Pluto intensifies. The unbridled use of power and money at the expense of basic decency and fairness is highly objectionable. Tempers can flare up at any time. Athletes and sports enthusiasts may find the competitive atmosphere much to their liking but many folks will struggle with anger and other personal issues. For safety’s sake and peaceful relations it’s wise to slow down and pro-actively cooperate with partners.
Full “Buck” Moon in Capricorn 12:07AM, Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:12PM-12:00AM.

July 10: A relaxing of tensions after yesterday’s explosive full Moon finally begins. The Moon, now in egalitarian Aquarius, is in celebratory harmony with Venus. The goddess of love and beauty is visiting Gemini, where she assumes the role of vivacious, winsome charmer. The early afternoon trine between the two stars is an excellent omen for comfortable friendship, mutually beneficial teamwork and productive business meetings, as well as artistic expression. Talking about emotionally charged issues can be freeing. Keep searching for the right words. Work at being heard. Be an attentive listener. A lunar opposition to mental Mercury stokes the fires of creativity this evening. Bouncing ideas off lovers and pals adds to the fun.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-1:35AM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun opposite Pluto.

July 11: Eager early birds start today with lofty ideals, big ideas and high hopes. This morning there may be many more liberating thoughts floating through the ethers than can be acted on. With the Aquarius Moon and Jupiter spurring the action, gregarious friends and partners feed off each other’s enthusiasm. A spontaneous outing could also be in the works. The day settles into a slightly off kilter rhythm by late morning. Memories, vague worries and unresolved issues may impede progress. Persistence is needed and rewarded later in the day when the Moon makes a sextile to Saturn. Enduring ties bring much satisfaction tonight, also a good time for putting heads together with pals and making decisions.
Moon in Aquarius.

July 12: The early morning hours feature heightened intuitive awareness and deft improvisational skills. This is an auspicious time to envision the future. The waning Aquarius Moon is in harmony with inventive Uranus. Friendly ties and ease of movement are also supported. A mid-morning void of course Moon ushers in a quieter, less enthusiastic period but then, just minutes before noon, the Moon splashes down in Pisces. Emotional sensitivity and mood swings increase in intensity and number during the second half of the day. Listen to your heart to see what makes it sing. Do your best to follow secret longings and inner guidance.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 8:40AM-11:51AM Moon enters Pisces.

July 13: Today’s Moon, deep in the depths of mysterious Pisces, triggers a square between the two planets of love, Venus and Neptune. Needs are intense, likes and dislikes keenly felt. The search for love and affection can seem an endless quest, the object of desire forever just out of reach. Just when hearts seem on the verge of breaking, a higher love comes to the rescue. Take cues from mother nature, the arts, and spiritually realized beings. Avoid making risky moves this afternoon. Clearer, more empowering energies move in tonight. Make decisions then.
Moon in Pisces.

July 14: Early morning is a study in contrasts. Some things proceed smoothly, others are a struggle. The Pisces Moon is making nice with the Cancer Sun but also locked in a testing square with Saturn. For early birds, necessity remains the mother of invention. Choose the path of least resistance if and when you can. By mid-morning the day hums along at a madcap pace. A lunar trine with Mars fuels the rapid advance. Things change after lunch. A void of course Moon period induces a lazier, less motivated mood. Relax. Take a siesta or leave work early if you can. Don’t attempt any heavy lifting. Mercury’s late afternoon sextile to Jupiter keeps minds right and launches many folks on journeys to greener pastures.
Moon in Pisces v/c 1:00PM-7:52PM Moon enters Aries, Mercury sextile Jupiter.

July 15: Here’s a day tailored for active socializing. An energetic Aries Moon spends the daytime hours easing into an early evening sextile to Venus. Moods are upbeat and pleasantly ambitious. Taking on challenges feels good. The repartee amongst friends and lovers charms and entertains. Social ties grow stronger. Afternoon gatherings feel blessed. Happiness and pride continue to build into the night as the Moon opposes Jupiter. Enjoy a night out on the town but be leery of false promises and expectations that can’t possibly be met. An over-indulgence can be fun but, with the Moon opposing Jupiter, set limits for yourself.
Moon in Aries.

July 16: The morning hours move steadily along. Life feels as though it is safely under control but things take a turn towards the unpredictable during the early afternoon. First, the last quarter Moon in Aries generates considerable stress. The testing Sun/Moon angle is part of a much more complicated grand square. The powerful but challenging configuration requires poise, a positive attitude and oodles of self-control. If you feel pressured or hurried by others, slow down. Tonight, drive and operate machinery with care. Guard against impatience or getting ahead of yourself. Stay in the present moment. Do what you can to protect your independence while remaining conscious of partners’ needs.
Last Quarter Moon in Aries 3:26PM, Moon in Aries v/c 10:19PM-12:00AM.

July 17: Two challenging planetary squares dominate the heavens. The first, a mid-morning tilt between Venus and Neptune, inspires imaginations and can give rise to peak levels of empathy. It may also have sensitive hearts on the edge of breaking. Be ready to give more than you think you can. Love unconditionally but not unwisely. Don’t let your love, time or money go for naught. Later tonight Mars is exactly square Uranus. This explosive combination warrants extreme caution. The best of friends may argue. The elevated risk of an accident is best countered by a deliberate, measured approach to people and various projects. The Taurus Moon may be today’s calm silver lining. As Max Hermann wrote in Desiderata, “Go placidly amid the noise and haste…it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.”
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-1:04AM Moon enters Taurus, Venus square Neptune, Mars square Uranus.

July 18: The stalwart Taurus Moon helps give the day balance and healthy perspective. Her early morning trine to Pluto is a deal maker’s delight. Two heads are better than one under this aspect. Make agreements based on mutual trust, respect and needs. A noon hour discussion could turn contentious but good natures prevail as Venus happily forms a friendly late afternoon trine to generous Jupiter. Hearts are giving and so compromises are more easily made. Welcome news may also arrive from far away places. Good moods persist tonight. Harmony between the Moon and Cancer Sun fosters inner peace and contentment. Savor the pleasures of the season.
Moon in Taurus, Venus trine Jupiter.

July 19: The Moon slips into mercurial Gemini during the wee hours of the morning. Minds and senses become more alert. Close by the lunar north node, Mercury is in trine to Saturn. The alignment is a reminder that Rome wasn’t built in one day. Good things always take time to be made manifest. Perhaps it’s the effort we put into converting ideas into reality that increases the value of our accomplishments, but such is life. The trine may also be a timely reminder to repay a debt or to acknowledge the contribution of a coach, mentor or hero. Dream life can be notably informative tonight. Before going to bed set an intention; “I will remember my dreams.”
Moon in Taurus v/c 2:11AM-3:31AM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury trine Saturn.

July 20: It’s a busy day overhead. The Gemini Moon flits from one aspect to another, Mars changes signs and the Sun is at odds with Uranus. Be ready for anything. An early morning lunar conjunction with Venus starts the day with smiles. Soon after Mars enters Leo, stiffening wills and spines. Hold your head high today. Be proud, but not too proud. We’ve all heard the old adage, pride precedes a fall. Excessive stubbornness or egotism may be greatly humbled when the Moon opposes Saturn during the afternoon. Tonight’s Solar square with Uranus increases the odds of a major delay or unplanned course correction. Don’t bang your head against walls. Open a door or find some other option. With tonight’s Moon harmonizing with Mercury and Uranus, there is an easier way.
Moon in Gemini, Mars enters Leo, Sun square Uranus.

July 21: An hour or so before dawn the waning Moon settles into her own sign of Cancer. Here she awakens childhood memories. Like the vulnerable crab living in his shell, folks are more defensive. Act accordingly. There’s no need to step on toes. The Sun is also at the last degree of Cancer, reinforcing protective tendencies. Whether your summer has been racing by or moving at a snail’s pace, this is a good day to pause. Review where you’ve been and reevaluate the recent past. Tie up loose ends at home or at work. Clear the slate in time for some weekend fun.
Moon in Gemini v/c 1:40AM-4:09AM Moon enters Cancer.

July 22: The balsamic Cancer Moon is close to the end of its cycle. This lunar phase affords good insights into psychological patterns, if one is inclined to look. Revelations may begin soon after midnight, thanks to a lunar trine with Neptune. As dawn breaks more contentious energies are felt. Opinions are passionately held, and secrets closely guarded, but an early morning truth-telling session can be enlightening, and freeing. Reaching peak power, the Sun enters fiery Leo, his own sign, shortly before noon. Breathe in the life-giving energy and make your heart one with the Sun! Be ready to improvise tonight as plans could fall through.
Moon in Cancer, Sun enters Leo.

July 23: This morning’s ardent new Moon in Leo is super hot! Close by the Sun and Moon sits Mars, the fiery god of war. The red planet is also a spark plug, supplying the passion and raw energy for many endeavors. Misdirected, this energy can be a fuel source for endless frustrations, angry outbursts and in a worst case scenario, open hostilities. Nevertheless, this is the day to set intentions for the coming weeks. It’s also a good time to begin new projects and adventures, the more breathtaking in scope, the better. Some people are inclined to bravely go it alone but be ready to adjust goals and tactics as needed during the coming weeks.
Moon in Cancer v/c 2:05AM-4:34AM Moon enters Leo, New Moon in Leo 5:46AM.

July 24: Venus is at odds with Saturn this morning, a stern reminder that each important relationship or commitment carries responsibilities. Loyalty, equality, mutual understanding, trust and respect are essential. If a partnership is failing to meet your expectations, it could be at its end. Don’t hide your disappointment or fears. Speak up. Luckily, Mercury is in a noon hour trine with Uranus. Brilliant ideas are accessible. A frank discussion could dispel differences and lead to a reassuring new arrangement. Ties then may actually grow stronger as the afternoon progresses. Even if some key allegiances are strained to the point of collapse, an after work meet-up is delightful.
Moon in Leo, Venus opposite Saturn, Mercury trine Uranus.

July 25: As if on cue, in plenty of time for the start of the work day, the Moon enters industrious Virgo. The placement has advantages. Discriminating tastes are accentuated. Routine tasks are performed with a greater commitment to efficiency and quality. Mental Mercury also transitions from Leo into earthy Virgo this evening. Critical eyes and senses grow sharper but make sure suggestions and comments are constructive. Encouraging words better serve both speaker and listener. Whatever you do, today is fine time to improve your skill set.
Moon in Leo v/c 5:22AM-6:32AM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury enters Virgo.

July 26: The Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and squares both Saturn and Venus. A misunderstanding could be based on a previous rejection or unwarranted criticism. Although relatively short-lived, today’s mutable sign grand cross requires unwavering positivity and self-control. The celestial juggernaut has redeeming features. For one, a lunar trine to Pluto strongly hints that input from a trusted, pragmatic confidante can help ease a tense situation. Because the contending planets are all in mutable signs, a change of attitude may be all it takes to transform a standoff situation, which is all the more reason to seek advice. The sizzling Leo Sun is also conjunct Mars today. Tempers are quick to heat up. Work out differences before springing into action, or risk making matters more difficult.
Moon in Virgo, Sun conjunct Mars.

July 27: A void of course Virgo Moon makes sleeping late and giving yourself a little extra TLC more appealing. Getting going can feel like an uphill climb this morning. The quietly introspective, less motivated period lasts until just before noon, when the Moon enters Libra and the day’s more energized second half begins. Social skills are a wonderful asset after noon. Going out of your way on behalf of a partner won’t feel like any trouble at all as the Moon deftly aligns with Mars and the Sun. In fact, consideration and tact come quite naturally. A nice balance between self-awareness and awareness of others is struck. Tact and diplomacy can seem effortless. Join favorite playmates for an evening of fun!
Moon in Virgo v/c 2:31AM-11:36AM Moon enters Libra.

July 28: The waxing Moon continues her journey across Libra. In the sign of peace, love and beauty, Luna favors all things tasteful and pleasing. Do what you can to bring more harmony to the world. As evening approaches, a lunar conjunction with Jupiter lifts spirits and also leads some folks to more passionately express their opinions. There could be some heated finger pointing as the Moon activates Jupiter’s square with Pluto. There’s not much point in arguing with uncooperative types. Some will take an almost fiendish delight in being disagreeable but if an opening presents itself, and the give and take feels healthy, explore every angle and debate to your heart’s content.
Moon in Libra.

July 29: Most of today feels simply glorious. Summer is in full swing and the stars bestow a festive atmosphere. The Moon is in sociable Libra forming a trine to breezy Venus in Gemini, a fabulous omen for abundance, affection, happiness and fun. Venus is in turn approaching a sextile to Uranus. Be spontaneous. Creative juices are flowing. If you’re not in a party mood, add to your wardrobe or beautify your home. Shopping jaunts can be enjoyable. The late afternoon could see a change in plans. Friends may re-schedule at the last minute or there could be other complications. Keep your phone ringer on. Regroup during the evening while the Moon is void of course. Expect some pals to grow moody as celebratory nighttime activities play out under a more private and sensitive Scorpio Moon.
Moon in Libra v/c 5:30PM-8:23PM Moon enters Scorpio.

July 30: This morning’s first quarter Scorpio Moon can trigger a series of aggravations. The Moon is testing both the Sun and Mars in Leo. Leo loves attention. Scorpio enjoys privacy. Making peace with these contradictory urges is the morning’s key challenge. It may be time to re-evaluate a plan and make changes. An angry outburst is a convenient way of hiding a fear. Fortunately, the Moon is also in harmony with Mercury and Neptune. One possible solution; make a brief appearance while also reserving part of the morning for taking care of your own personal needs. Sharing certain closely guarded secrets or expressing them via creative outlets can help ease frustrations. Tonight’s lunar trine to Neptune brings more relaxing vibes. Put your feet up, sit back and enjoy life.
Moon in Scorpio, Venus sextile Uranus.

July 31: It’s a void of course Moon Monday. Getting back into the swing of things is possible, provided certain precautions are taken. After an early morning sextile to Pluto the Scorpio Moon goes void of course for the remainder of the day. Expect unusual amounts of indecision and lethargy. The less engaging atmosphere does allow for explorations on the inner levels of consciousness. Pay attention to the workings of your psyche. Valuable discoveries can be made. Creative ingenuity can also be notable. Still, this is not a good day for decision-making. Nor is it a good time to make large expenditures. Gather facts and do research. Convene brainstorming sessions with pals and co-workers but agree to hold off on taking action. Venus’ late morning arrival in Cancer strengthens loyalties and familial ties.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 7:10AM-12:00AM, Venus enters Cancer.