July 2018 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for July 2018

July 1: The now waning Aquarius Moon swells emotions and appetites via testing angles with Jupiter and Venus. Diehard hedonists as well as run of the mill weekend pleasure seekers busy themselves enjoying life’s treats and treasures. Sightseeing day trips, shopping jaunts and social calls are all fine ways to pass time. Among the more rewarding pleasures are matters of the heart. The evening’s lunar opposition with Venus brings numerous reasons to share hugs, laughs and tender memories with dear friends and family. Being fully present in the here and now also quickens hearts. By nightfall the Moon is void of course. Celebratory moods gradually quiet and become more introspective. Party lights dim. Plan to take it easy tonight.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 6:56PM -12:00AM.

July 2: The working week is off to a slow start due to the void of course Aquarius Moon. Passion may be lacking as cool detachment holds sway. Early afternoon, when the Moon enters Pisces, brings a seismic mood shift. Emotions as well as imaginations swing into action. A lunar alignment with inventive Uranus generates numerous bright ideas. Greater psychic awareness can be impressive. People also feel more uninhibited and spontaneous. Follow a gut hunch or the suggestion of a visionary pal. “Far out” spur of the moment decisions can lead to long term commitments and lasting gains. Don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled. Put your organizational skills to use tonight.
Moon in Aquarius vc/ 12:00AM-1:31PM Moon enters Pisces.

July 3: Holiday vacationers as well as homebodies have the wind at their backs. From just after midnight until late tonight the lyrical Pisces Moon makes a series of encouraging  and uplifting aspects. Midday harmony between the Moon, Cancer Sun and Jupiter stirs deep emotions. Under this stellar Grand Trine configuration, hearts open, loyalties are keenly felt, and the ways of the past prized. The late afternoon lunar trine to Jupiter elevates expectations and hastens travelers. The hopeful, jolly mood gracefully transitions into appreciation for the season’s graces. Relish the high summer evening atmospherics. The setting sun, fireflies at dusk or first twinkling star can be pure magic. Turn your gaze skyward tonight and take in the wonders of the milky way.
Moon in Pisces.

July 4: After an engaging early morning sextile to Pluto the Pisces Moon takes the day off, remaining void of course until midnight. Lacking initiative and urgency, this is a perfect day to relax, go with the flow and enjoy the mellow holiday atmospherics. Pay attention as even a momentary lapse can put travelers and revelers at risk. Some folks may find themselves curiously reflective, contemplating the past and/or current affairs. As a nation we are edging closer to our first Pluto return. The effects are already in evidence. As is typical of Pluto, we are seeing what has been hidden, the corruption and shortcomings of our institutions. A battle is under way for the heart and soul of the country. We must ask difficult questions, who are we, what do we value and where are we headed? Discussions promise to be lively.
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:46AM-12:00AM.

July 5: Enthusiasm returns as the Moon arrives in vibrant Aries a few minutes after midnight. The energized mood is enhanced by the Sun’s early morning trine with hopeful Jupiter. However optimistic, don’t let your big ideas carry you away. Hurrying commuters as well as philosophical planners need to slow down. Judgment, faith and optimism may all be tested as Mercury opposes Mars and the Moon tangles with Saturn later in the morning. Be patient and slow to reach conclusions. Put delays to good use. Revise travel routes and other plans as new needs arise. The going is faster and smoother after the midday break. Follow your heart while keeping teamwork and the common good in mind.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-12:50AM Moon enters Aries, Sun trine Jupiter, Mercury opposite Mars.

July 6: Attribute early morning restlessness to the stressful last quarter Aries Moon. Personal preferences may have to be abandoned in order to meet the needs of loved ones. Some tensions may linger or even intensify as the Moon is also at odds with Pluto this afternoon. Responsibilities may feel burdensome. Bosses can seem unreasonable or impossible to please. Leaving workplace cares behind is a relief. By evening a far lighter, more enjoyable vibe takes hold. The Moon approaches a trine with fun-loving Venus in Leo. Tip your hat to Venus, the jewel-like evening star visible in the western sky after sunset. Find a reason to celebrate. Dial up the music, ring up friends and welcome the weekend with a flourish.
Moon in Aries, Last Quarter Moon in Aries 3:51AM.

July 7: After an unfocused and low key start the day shifts gears with the Moon’s mid-morning entry into Taurus. Normally slow-moving yet steady in the Sign of the Bull, the Moon’s noon hour encounter with the evolutionary planet Uranus signals many possible surprises. Welcome new ideas. Be spontaneous. Put technology to work. A new friendship or acquisition could be truly life-enhancing. Social plans may suddenly be up in the air but this evening’s lunar trine to Saturn assures satisfying outcomes. Meet ups with time-tested friends and family are especially favored. Later tonight tempers grow short and tensions increase when the Moon forms a cantankerous square with Mars. “Fitting in” with the crowd can be difficult. Give partners space. Agree to disagree and be respectful of others’ idiosyncrasies.
Moon in Aries v/c 3:09AM-8:51AM Moon in Taurus.

July 8: Curious minds wander all over the map early this morning but the Cancer Sun’s trine with Neptune casts a lovely aura on all proceedings. Wonderment is in! Morning reveries, church services and strolls feel inspired. A trip to a favorite beach or bucolic retreat is tempting. Art museums and other storehouses of beauty are also appealing. The pleasing mood continues throughout the day. If there is a challenge, it’s likely related to having too many good choices and not enough time to fit them all in. As the Taurus Moon and Cancer Sun harmonize this afternoon, heed instincts and gut feelings. Minds will catch up to the body’s wisdom, in a few days time.
Moon in Taurus, Sun trine Neptune.

July 9: Mental Mercury forms an early morning square with Jupiter. When the two planets of knowledge and communication are at odds, minds work in interesting ways. Adding to the sense of anticipation, Jupiter has stationed in preparation for tomorrow’s return to forward motion. For the sake of clear expression, be concise and to the point. Political, moral and legal issues are front and center. Good intentions hold sway until the noon hour, when the Taurus Moon briefly goes void of course. A long ago love could cross one’s mind or appear in the flesh. By early afternoon the Moon enters Gemini, quickening tongues and reigniting a need to be heard. Speak your piece but remember to also be a good listener.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:10PM-12:58PM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury square Jupiter, Venus enters Virgo.

July 10: Jupiter’s return to forward motion is good reason to scrutinize assumptions. Facts, beliefs, feelings and suspicions can be seen in a new light. Secrets are likely to be outed this week. Take the time to double-check information before reaching conclusions. The waning Gemini Moon is sure to keep intellectual curiosity piqued. Midday conversations can be enlightening but a late afternoon lunar square with Neptune submerges some folks in a wave of confusion. If a compadre is out of touch or sending mixed signals, be patient. Observe and accept. Some decisions are best delayed as the Moon then embarks on a lengthy void of course period. Relax your mind this evening and enjoy light-hearted, friendly repartee.
Moon in Gemini v/c 4:01PM-12:00AM, Jupiter Direct.

July 11: The first half of this ambling day is curiously quiet. The waning Gemini Moon is void of course until early afternoon. However, a pleasing atmosphere pervades throughout the day as Venus is making a delightful trine with Uranus. The dominating aspect is a wonderful omen for striking up intriguing alliances and falling in love with life all over again. It also bodes well for existing relationships, especially those couples stepping into uncharted territory. The day’s second half has a notably different mood. The Moon enters nurturing Cancer and thanks to favorable angles with Venus and Uranus, further enhances affections. An after work get together is a hoot. Fatigue hits after sundown and with the new Moon/solar eclipse coming tomorrow, it’s a good night to rest. Be ready for surprising news.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-1:59PM Moon enters Cancer, Venus trine Uranus.

July 12: Partnerships are put under a microscope. The increased scrutiny may uncover disturbing behavior, power grabs and threats, among other unsavory acts. Hidden motives can also be exposed. The Sun’s early morning opposition with Pluto sets off the series of revelatory stories. Secrets will almost certainly come to light as tonight’s new Moon in Cancer is also a solar eclipse. Expect to be surprised. It may be time to revise a strategy or rethink goals. A boss or political leader may stumble or fall. Fortunately, the Sun/Moon tandem is in harmony with Jupiter and Neptune. There are silver linings in even the darkest of situations. Don’t overanalyze. Follow your heart, staying true to spiritual and humanitarian principles. Those whose deeds now come to light have erred and accumulated a karmic debt. The bill has come due.
Moon in Cancer, New Moon in Cancer/Solar Eclipse 10:48PM, Moon in Cancer v/c 10:48PM -12:00AM, Sun opposite Pluto.

July 13: Energy levels are low this morning as the Cancer Moon travels void of course. Moods are ambiguous and changeable. Loyalties may seem stretched thin at times. By early afternoon the Moon is in Leo, leading many folks to concentrate on weekend recreational plans. A lunar square with Uranus makes planning challenging. A friend may bow out due to unforeseen circumstances. If so, ring up another pal, someone you haven’t seen in a good long while. With the Moon approaching her own north node reconnecting or returning to a favorite old haunt can be big fun. Venus is also nearing a trine to Saturn, a timely reminder from the Cosmos to acknowledge steadfast supporters as well as appreciate the important events that shaped us.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-1:31PM Moon enters Leo.

July 14: During the wee hours of the morning night owls and insomniacs find themselves relishing karmic attractions. Familiar, enduring ties bring much satisfaction. By sunrise the Leo Moon fosters a sense of compelling curiosity. The urge to get on with a playful adventure or zip around town is strong. Others are inclined to speculate about causes and motives. One or more important insights is probable. A realization in turn triggers changes in priorities. The evening stars support heartfelt conversations but with the Moon going void of course well before nightfall, some people or facts may be unavailable. Feelings are likely to remain unsettled. Give contentious matters a rest tonight. Focus instead on enjoying life in the relaxed atmosphere. Dial up friends or ask your inner child what kind of fun he or she prefers.
Moon in Leo v/c 7:12PM-12:00AM, Venus trine Saturn.

July 15: The morning hours unfold under a delightfully lazy void of course Leo Moon. Cloud watching, meandering Sunday drives and relaxed brunching are perfectly acceptable diversions. By early afternoon there’s a mood change. The Moon enters Virgo, setting up an earth sign grand trine along with Uranus and Saturn. Quickened, hearts and minds work in fascinating ways. Gut instincts align with intuitive abilities. Listen to hunches and other subtle promptings. Worldly matters benefit in unexpected ways. An evening social occasion could see the smooth blending of business with pleasure. The waxing crescent Moon is approaching a conjunction with Venus. The pair make a pretty sight in the evening sky. Look to the west after sunset and feel the heaven sent Love.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-1:31PM Moon enters Virgo.

July 16: Artists, philosophers, lovers and rambunctious pets feel passionate this morning. The Virgo Moon and Venus are making nice with Jupiter. The effusive alignment builds confidence. It ably supports business meetings and also elicits outpourings of love and affection. Be sure to express your affection to partners and co-workers. Words of appreciation are universally welcomed. Stay on the same page with allies after noon. A lunar opposition with Neptune fires up humanitarian sensibilities but don’t expect everyone to think or feel as you do. Work at keeping yourself and others informed. Cooperation and teamwork remain everyone’s best hope.
Moon in Virgo.

July 17: Needs are clear and aspirations well grounded early this morning. However, the Virgo Moon is void of course long before most people begin their workday. The resulting low key atmospherics diminish urgency and ambition. Struggling against the cosmic ebb tide is not recommended. Go with the flow. Turn your attention to work already in progress. Revive a lapsed diet or exercise regimen. Do research but delay important decisions or purchases. Late afternoon sees the waxing Moon’s arrival in Libra. As fate has it, there is a sobering lunar square with Saturn tonight. The “reality check” alignment is a reminder to see partners as they are, abide by karmic laws and respect your limitations. Remind others of their obligations if necessary, but be kind.
Moon in Virgo v/c 6:49AM-3:42PM Moon enters Libra.

July 18: The waxing Moon in Libra forms a trine to retrograde Mars during the early morning. The surge of energy may rouse some dreamers from a sound sleep. Because Mars sits astride the lunar south node, a past regret may be a motivating force today. If you have the opportunity, make amends to a friend. Freeing up stuck energy makes it easier to follow the enlivening callings of the heart. Feelings remain sensitive well past nightfall. Some folks are impossibly thin-skinned, overreacting to the slightest provocation. Be aware of the needs and expectations of partners but remain level-headed. Try as you may, not every need can be filled.
Moon in Libra.

July 19: Early birds smartly snap to attention as the Libra Moon and Mercury harmonize. Minds are quick and inventive, traffic moves smoothly and the day is off to a fast start. By midday the energizing First Quarter Moon makes her presence felt. As with all discordant lunar phases, thoughts and feelings pull in different directions. If the forces are integrated, motivation is strong and achievements can be notable. On the other hand, emotional unrest may be upsetting. Afternoon meetings could see partners change plans or struggle to reach an agreement. A less demanding void of course Moon period lasts from late afternoon until after dark. Relax and digest the day’s happenings. The Moon then enters Scorpio, which can be helpful for those trying to make sense of life.
First Quarter Moon in Libra 3:52PM, Moon in Libra v/c 3:52PM-9:13PM Moon enters Scorpio.

July 20: Sleeplessness could easily result from a post-midnight lunar opposition with Uranus. The extended hours awake could bring an exciting epiphany. Thanks to Saturn sleep is easier and more restful as the morning light breaks through night’s darkness. By sunrise the Scorpio Moon’s square to Mars ushers in anxious moments. Honor your desires and good intentions but pace yourself. Hurrying during the commute increases risk factors. The second half of the day is a happier story. The Moon aligns with Venus and Jupiter, restoring confidence and a sense of relaxed ease. Let life come to you. Dinnertime and the evening hours are topnotch for socializing and enjoying excellent food, friends, and music. Create lasting memories. Make a dream come true.
Moon in Scorpio.

July 21: Soothing trends make for sound sleep and good dreams. Night owls find themselves pleasantly wandering between worlds of dreamy idealism and creative inspiration. As the new day dawns the Scorpio Moon is harmonizing with Pluto in Capricorn. Chores are skillfully handled. Garage sales, second hand shops and flea markets yield fine treasures at bargain prices. Homebodies could decide to repair or re-purpose items, for a new lease on life. As the afternoon unfolds communications are prone to bogging down. Stubbornness doesn’t help. Try making a point or asking a question a different way rather then endlessly repeating the same words. As if by magic, listening eases an impasse. Tonight sees easier going. A friendly gathering is great fun and may go much later than planned under a party-like atmosphere.
Moon in Scorpio.

July 22: Early risers wake up to the warm glow of Venus’ sextile to Jupiter. The enthusiastic angle is a crowd pleasing gift from the cosmos, a tribute to generosity, sharing and caring. With such a firm and positive foundation, the day gets off to a wonderful start. During the early morning the Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius, further inflating expectations. Another lunar alignment, this one with Mars keeps the day busily bouncing along, right until the Sun enters Leo this evening. The Sun’s sign change heralds the onset of the hottest summer weather here in the Northern Hemisphere. The next few days fuel ambitious plans. Dream big but there are also likely to be unexpected detours on whatever route you travel.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:18AM-6:12AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Venus sextile Jupiter, Sun enters Leo.

July 23: The waxing Sagittarius Moon encourages plain spoken truth telling. Whatever the issue, people are inclined to express their opinions. There are complicating factors. The Moon is part of a T-square configuration, testing two opposing planets, Venus and Neptune. The Leo Sun is nearing an opposition with Mars. Egos are easily bruised. Patience and tempers may be short. Keep messages simple and to the point. A misunderstanding can occur in a flash. For many souls, self-respect hinges on having a say and being heard. Sharing different viewpoints and learning can be healing. Be a willing and compassionate listener. Understand that universal agreement is not possible. The channels of communication flow more smoothly this evening so keep talking and listening.
Moon in Sagittarius.

July 24: While the Sagittarius Moon travels void of course from before dawn until evening, practical affairs may suffer a temporary loss of momentum. Uncertainties can increase, hindering progress. If you’re unsure about what move to make next, wait. An afternoon opposition between Venus and Neptune envelopes open hearts. The two planets, representing personal and unconditional love, invite giving with no strings attached. Artistic and altruistic sensibilities are also strengthened. The Moon’s evening arrival in Capricorn could give rise to a brilliant idea but with the Sun testing unpredictable Uranus, Mercury about to retrograde and a lunar eclipse all in the next three days, hearts, minds and plans are likely to change.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 4:22AM-5:49PM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus opposite Neptune.

July 25: The uncertainties of this eclipse season continue. The Leo Sun forms an explosive early morning square to erratic Uranus. The tense angle may set off new rounds of geological activity, political instability and soul-searching. Drive carefully. Extra caution is advised. If your nerves are on edge, forgo your morning coffee for tea or take some extra B-vitamins instead. Breathe. Meditation, yoga or a brisk workout can be a wonderful relaxer. An evening sextile between the Moon and Jupiter is comforting. Fulfilling one’s duties is a good thing but there is no substitute for companionship. Invite a friend, partner or co-worker for an after work dinner. Simple, thoughtful, loving gestures create a sense of true abundance.
Moon in Capricorn, Sun Square Uranus.

July 26: In the heat of summer and the buildup to tomorrow’s full Moon/lunar eclipse, sleep may be fitful. Mental Mercury begins a more than three week long retrograde during the wee hours of the morning. The direction shift is reason to expect reversals of beliefs and opinions. Eclipses also are known to bring hidden information to light. Fortunately, the early morning going is fruitful. The Capricorn Moon is boosting a trine angle between Pluto and Venus. Willing hands make fast work. But then the Moon goes void of course, a condition that persists long past midnight. Access to subconscious behavior patterns enables some astute observers to break free of old habits. Stay alert to your inner workings as well as global events.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 9:41AM-12:00AM, Mercury retrograde.

July 27: This afternoon’s full “Buck” Moon in Aquarius is a total lunar eclipse, visible in much of the eastern hemisphere. Revelatory insights into the trajectory of one’s life journey are possible. The Moon is conjunct retrograde Mars and her own south node. The Leo Sun is conjunct the lunar north node. It is up to each one of us to judge how far we’ve come and decide where the longings of the heart are directing us. Complicating the process, unpredictable Uranus squares the Sun, Moon, Mars and the nodes. What to do? Give yourself permission to change course, again and again. A well-timed trine between Venus and Pluto suggests that an intimate associate can help formulate new plans. After the Moon rises this evening, two heads are better than one.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-6:41AM Moon enters Aquarius, Full Moon in Aquarius 4:20PM, Sun opposite Mars, Venus trine Pluto.

July 28: Compared to yesterday’s turbulent full Moon energies today feels rather calm, like the exhale after taking a deep breath and holding it. The now waning Moon remains in the friendly, egalitarian yet aloof sign of Aquarius. A late morning lunar square with indulgent Jupiter inclines some folks to overreach, boast or make unrealistic promises. The aspect may lead adventurous souls to seek stimulating companions or mind-expanding experiences. Control your appetites and watch your budget. The fiery Leo Sun also passes by the lunar north node today. Put your personal stamp on whatever you do or create. Listen to and follow the passions tugging at your heartstrings and have fun!
Moon in Aquarius.

July 29: Many early birds feel a need to catch up on correspondence or paperwork. By sunrise the Aquarius Moon is sailing void of course. A mellow Sunday is perfect for sleeping late, lounging poolside or at the shore as well as various other summer idylls. Freed to wander, minds may play out endless scenarios. Put your imagination to work. Explore out of the way places or plan an impromptu get together with friends and family. Pick a theme and have everyone participate. The Moon enters Pisces this evening. Here she continues to stir imaginations as well as poignant reminders of times gone by. Psychic powers are also boosted.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:25AM-7:28PM Moon enters Pisces.

July 30: Stabilizing forces are in play. Enjoy the quiet spell while it lasts. The Pisces Moon is nicely aligned with Uranus and Saturn during the overnight period. Dream states may include precognitive visions or spirit messages from wise elders and mentors. Many things just feel right today. The Moon makes her way towards Neptune while forming an uplifting trine with Jupiter. Emotional awareness sharpens. Faith is bolstered. Expect good things to happen and they will. This is a fine day to be the master of your own destiny.
Moon in Pisces.

July 31: Focusing thoughts on certain fantasies, whether a great dream or a fear, has a way of making them come true. Direct your attention wisely, especially under the imaginative Pisces Moon. A late morning lunar sextile with Pluto propels well designed plans forward. Technical and financial support is available. If you are in need of someone with a specific talent or expertise, this is a good time to ask. Fruitful energies are felt into the evening hours. Balancing professional and social demands may require a delicate touch. The Moon goes void of course during the early evening and a mellow period follows. However, Mars and Uranus are edging into a highly volatile square. Slow down. Extra caution around cars, machinery and firearms is warranted.
Moon in Pisces v/c 6:42PM-12:00AM.