July 2019 Astrology Forecast

July 1: Big changes are imminent. Late in effervescent Gemini, the waning Moon is conjunct Venus. The pairing is cheerful, lending a pleasant cast to moods as well as various happenings. However, this is the final day of the lunar cycle and tomorrow’s new Moon eclipses the Sun. It’s wise to hold off on starting anything new as outcomes are uncertain. Fatigue and surprises are unavoidable. Certain leaders are about to be humbled. Fiery Mars is on the move, entering regal Leo this evening. Some folks may be seen preening tonight, proud as peacocks. Regardless of how much people may posture, we all face obstacles and course corrections over the coming weeks. Stay modest. Love well and live wisely.
Moon in Gemini v/c 5:48PM-9:24PM Moon enters Cancer, Mars enters Leo.

July 2: Today’s new Moon/solar eclipse is an omen of change. Once again it’s time to set intentions as the new, energizing lunar phase takes hold. Get centered, be bold. The only limitation is your imagination. The Cancer Sun and Moon are in harmony with Uranus, the eccentric genius planet of community, futuristic technology and progressive causes. The Cosmos serves up a tasty smorgasbord of memories and security-driven passions. The eclipse, as well as testing angles during the coming weeks suggest that surprises, delays and numerous challenges are imminent. Be ready to tap into your social networks for helpful guidance. 
Moon in Cancer, New Moon in Cancer/Solar Eclipse 3:16PM.

July 3: The morning is crunch time. The Cancer Moon is at odds with Saturn and Pluto. The opposing forces can be daunting. Things move slowly. Spirits feel weighed down by worries and fears. Dreamers find relief through a lunar trine to Neptune but cooperation is the key to productivity. Meet others half way. Refuse to be bullied or intimidated. By late morning the Moon is void of course. Internal pressures ease. A more relaxed mood takes hold. Venus joins the Sun and Moon in the sign of the crab shortly before noon, boosting nostalgic feelings. As with every void of course Moon period, it is best to delay major decisions and purchases. In a perfect world everyone would get the rest of the day off, an early start on the holiday, if you will. 
Moon in Cancer v/c 10:25AM-11:19PM Moon enters Leo, Venus enters Cancer.

July 4: Happy Birthday USA! A potent trio of planets in early Leo, Mars, Mercury and the Moon, fires up enthusiasm during the overnight period. By daybreak passions subside but a mid-morning lunar square to Uranus can lead to an unexpected change of plans. The risk of an accident is also heightened so if you’re doing some holiday traveling, slow your pace and stay alert. Seen from an impersonal, broader perspective, the Moon/Uranus friction speaks of a restive public, waiting for an honest populist leader. Nightfall brings a festive atmosphere as the Moon approaches an uplifting trine to Jupiter. Celebrate and take pride in the lofty principles enshrined in the Constitution. Brighter times are coming.
Moon in Leo.

July 5: The Leo Moon begins a lengthy void of course period during the wee hours of the morning. For folks on holiday, this is the cosmos’ way of saying relax, have fun and enjoy life. As with all void of course Moon intervals, forays into the mysteries of the subconscious are often unusually fruitful. Creative, restorative and personal growth work can be immensely rewarding. Lowered energy levels often make physically demanding tasks less dynamic. Indifference and indecision can also be problematic. Avoid making final choices and important decisions. With mental Mercury slowing and soon turning retrograde, take extra time to gather information. 
Moon in Leo v/c 2:24AM-12:00AM.

July 6: The waxing crescent Moon arrives in Virgo minutes after midnight. Harmonious lunar alignments with Venus, Uranus and the Sun form the backdrop of a fantastic day for socializing. Partake in team sports and community or group activities. Many hands make fast work of chores. Family members and other longtime loves are deeply appreciated. New friendships may spring up at any moment. Instinctive promptings are well worth following, especially during the late morning. Try something out of the ordinary. The happy vibes continue into the evening and beyond. Nighttime partygoers find their fond feelings for partners can only deepen.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-12:25AM Moon enters Virgo.

July 7: With the long holiday weekend coming to a close, the Moon in Virgo and Mercury turning retrograde, it’s wise to take care of yourself. Early morning lunar aspects to Saturn and Neptune offer starkly different choices, be cautious and use resources wisely or throw caution to the wind and follow a dream. A midday lunar trine to Pluto enhances desires for self-control as well as preservation of valuable assets. A brainstorming session may lead to excellent observations and strategies. By early afternoon the Moon is floating void of course. Evening sees the beginning of mental Mercury’s second retrograde of the year. Minds are more likely to back slide and plans are subject to change for the remainder of the month. 
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:50PM-12:00AM, Mercury Retrograde.

July 8: The waxing Libra Moon launches the new week with heads held high and spirited ambitions. Feeling capable of meeting any and all challenges is due in part to lunar angles with Mars and Mercury. Augmenting the keen sense of possibility is a supportive angle between Venus and Uranus. Friends easily come together to work as one. However, at midday be alert to those who may feel as though their needs are not being considered. Put that socially adept lunar energy to good use. A simple word of thanks or encouragement can be helpful. Now retrograde in early Leo, mental Mercury conjuncts fiery Mars this evening. The pairing lights a spark in visionaries but may also cause some grousing. Watch your response to provocations. Stay cool. Be a peacemaker and if a situation requires it, slow down. 
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-2:07AM Moon enters Libra, Venus sextile Uranus, Mercury conjunct Mars.

July 9: The Libra Moon reaches the pivotal first quarter has this morning, testing the Cancer Sun and Saturn, which stand opposed to each other. For good measure, the Moon is also square her own lunar nodes. This T-square configuration is a major “reality check” scenario. Activity could grind to a halt so that karmic lessons can be faced. Obligations and responsibilities have to be dealt with before progress can resume. Even those who are in the right place doing the right things can expect to face difficulties. As we are a week away from a full Moon/lunar eclipse, the going requires flexibility and inventiveness. Don’t give up on your dreams but be ready to adjust your plans.
Moon in Libra v/c 3:35PM-12:00AM, Sun opposite Saturn.

July 10: Around sunrise the waxing Moon enters Scorpio where she finds herself part of a formidable T-square, opposed to Uranus, and in square with retrograde Mercury and Mars. Easy does it. Rigorous self-control keeps spiritually connected, well-focused folks in the driver’s seat. Those with less clarity and determination are prone to cranky outbursts and accidents. The afternoon hours are the most intensely challenging. Frustrations can quickly boil over. Practice cooperation and dedication to the greater good. Don’t take criticism personally. Gentler moods prevail this evening when the Moon forms a healing trine with loving Venus while the Sun nears a trine to dreamy Neptune. After a tough day, the comforts of home and embrace of loved ones soothe weary spirits.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-5:29AM Moon enters Scorpio.

July 11: An explosive square between Mars and Uranus increases the risk of accidents, equipment failures and other unforeseen difficulties. If it’s at all possible, common sense dictates steering clear of potential trouble. When a touchy situation arises don’t add fuel to the fire. Breathe. Slow down. Fortunately, the Scorpio Moon along with the Cancer Sun and Neptune in Pisces are forming a healing water sign Grand Trine. Be nice if you wish to bring out the best in folks. The benefit is twofold. The great Indian swami, Paramhansa Yogananda shared this wisdom, “Be kind to others, so that you may learn the secret art of being kind to yourself.” Tonight brings quiet satisfaction in knowing you’ve done your best. Rest is well-earned and much appreciated as the Moon goes void of course well before midnight. 
Moon in Scorpio v/c  8:28PM-12:00AM, Sun trine Neptune, Mars square Uranus. 

July 12: The waxing but void of course Scorpio Moon sets off a swirl of mixed emotions this morning. Welcome any and all mood swings with the curious interest of an open-minded beginner. Some insights may actually feel refreshing. By midday the Moon has set up in Sagittarius and moods are notably more friendly and outgoing. Thoughts and feelings are more readily shared and expressed. Afternoon chats do much to clear the air of any lingering tensions or confusion. Travelers and weekend warriors itch to be on the move. Evening social gatherings tend to be boisterous as the Moon nears an impassioned trine to Mars in fun-loving Leo. Party lights burn bright long into the night.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-11:05AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

July 13: The nearly full Sagittarius Moon has an afternoon rendezvous with jolly Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. This is a fantastic omen for living fully, learning, growing and enjoying life. The duo also fosters unrestrained displays of happiness, optimism and generosity. However, some extravagances are best avoided. Caution is advised when it comes to gullibility and spending. Celebrate lavishly, but only if you can afford it. This evening, a lunar square with Neptune underscores the potential harm from putting one’s trust in the wrong people or overspending. Inclement weather may also make an impact. After testing Neptune, the Moon is in void of course mode. Earlier enthusiasm fades as questions and uncertainties persist. Play it safe late tonight.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:31PM-12:00AM.

July 14: The waxing, void of course Sagittarius Moon dominates the daylight hours. Biking, lazy drives, walks and other aimless rambling can be entertaining. Getting lost in a good book may also be a welcome diversion. The relaxed atmosphere has some competition from a late morning opposition between the Cancer Sun and Pluto. A few eyebrows may raise in awareness of an insult, transgression or threat. Pluto tensions are easily converted into opportunities for unity if common causes are noted and pursued. Discuss the possibility of teaming up with a partner. Turn a rival into an ally and friend. That’s the beauty of Pluto’s transformative potential. The Moon slips into gritty Capricorn as the Sun sinks towards the western horizon. Hints of things to come are available as night deepens.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-7:05PM Moon enters Capricorn, Sun opposite Pluto.

July 15: We’re running on high octane fuel. The waxing Capricorn Moon is in an early morning trine to Uranus. The brilliant pairing fires imaginations and sharpens intuitive perceptions. Tune in to hunches and inner guidance as you go through your morning rituals. Excitement and energy levels are nearing a crescendo as the Moon is exactly full tomorrow afternoon. Emotional intensity can make clear-headed thinking challenging but the potential of success in great undertakings is excellent. Bear in mind, the future may seem obvious today but there is a lunar eclipse tomorrow so plans are likely to change as unforeseen events play out and new information comes to light. 
Moon in Capricorn. 

July 16: The full Capricorn Moon is close to Saturn, Pluto and the lunar South Node. Misuses of funds, position and power are likely to appear in the media spotlight. Insidious corruption puts public figures under immense pressure. Some political ties are likely to break. Personal partnerships are also subject to intense scrutiny. Focus is rightfully on the quality and integrity of a few connections rather than immense popularity. My mentor, Isabel M. Hickey, advised her students, “Love everybody. You don’t have to like them, but love them.” Because the late afternoon Full Moon is eclipsed and Mercury is retrograde until the end of the month, it will take time for all the relevant facts to be known. Be wary of harsh judgments. With gracious Venus conjunct the lunar North Node, a loving encounter is priceless. Support from Neptune helps open hearts. 
Full “Buck” Moon in Capricorn 5:38PM, Moon in Capricorn v/c 5:38PM-12:00AM.

July 17: In the aftermath of yesterday’s potent full Moon, new realities slowly become apparent. Take time to evaluate recent changes with the understanding that some questions are likely to remain unanswered. The now waning Aquarius Moon’s early morning opposition to retrograde Mercury may complicate communications as well as the commute to work. As the day progresses the Moon moves into volatile angles with Uranus and Mars. Tensions steadily build until after midnight. Don’t be in a hurry. Practice the art of staying calm. Breathe. Go for a walk. Steal a few minutes to meditate. Use extra care and caution around machinery and with hi-tech gear. Avoid risky or dangerous situations and be quick to adapt to changing circumstances.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-5:19AM Moon enters Aquarius, Venus opposite Saturn. 

July 18: Morning meetings and discussions can be amazingly productive. The Aquarius Moon is in a fine angle with Jupiter, a promoter’s delight. Positive thinking, clarity and receptivity to new ideas are fostered. Adding to the rosy glow is a midday trine between Venus and Neptune. Loyal readers know these are the two planets of love, one personal and the other, spiritual and unconditional. When they align in supportive ways, charity, empathy and compassion are made manifest in everyday events. Creative talents also flourish. Complete key tasks during today’s more fertile first half because by noon the Moon is void of course. Folks are much more inclined to take a wait and see approach after the midday break. 
Moon in Aquarius v/c 11:53AM-12:00AM, Venus trine Neptune.

July 19: A void of course Moon on Friday can mean a tough day at work. Imaginations wander as concentration wavers and energy levels sag. Indecision frequently dominates these less focused interludes. With the Moon in Aquarius, friends and associates may be noncommittal. For those in a position to relax and go with the celestial flow, follow your meandering muses. Adding to potential confusion is mental Mercury’s retrograde return into Cancer. The backtracking communications planet visited these same degrees during the last week of June. An overlooked detail or issue unresolved since then could resurface and require further attention. By late afternoon the Moon arrives in Pisces where she supports an evening of relaxing and doing whatever you feel like doing. 
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-5:19PM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury enters Cancer.

July 20: The waning Moon is taking a magical mystery tour through the enigmatic sign of the fishes, Pisces. Her early morning sextile to Uranus fosters wild dreaming and for some souls, sudden awakening. Listen to inner guidance if you are up and about. Feelings are sensitive and fast-changing throughout the day. Tonight’s social atmosphere is cheerful. The Moon is nearing a square with optimistic Jupiter. Many people sense that something good is happening. However, a pending opposition between Venus and Pluto can make partners needy, demanding and impossible to please. Possessiveness and jealousy can surface. Flaunting social norms adds to tensions. Be on good behavior.
Moon in Pisces.

July 21: Planetary patterns are active so the day feels busy. Morning breezes rustle up numerous memories as the Cancer Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury. A visit to a favorite haunt could be on the agenda. Long lost friends or neighbors could make an appearance. Throughout the day the Pisces Moon arouses creative, caring and spiritual impulses. Venus is at odds with Pluto but the Moon helps dissolve old hurts and resentments by instilling compassion and understanding in wounded hearts. Early afternoon gatherings have the best potential for fun. A lunar trine to Venus is an ideal omen for an enjoyable party or romantic rendezvous. Communications remain strong and true long past midnight. Reminiscing with loved ones may clear up a mystery.
Moon in Pisces, Venus opposite Pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury.

July 22: During the pre-dawn hours the Sun and Pisces Moon form a trine, holding the promise of deep, restful sleep. Shortly after sunrise the Moon arrives in action-oriented Aries. Game on. The infusion of celestial energy is subtle but invigorating. It’s time to show some personal initiative. With the Sun at the final degree of Cancer a curious dynamic is in play. Some people feel conflicted. The Sun’s position brings up nostalgia for the past while the Moon is set up in support of new adventures. Holding space for sentimentality while embracing fresh challenges is the way to go. History may in fact be quite instructive. Late tonight the Sun enters majestic Leo, typically ushering in the season’s hottest or coldest weather, depending on which side of the equator you call home. 
Moon in Pisces v/c 4:34AM-6:02AM Moon enters Aries, Sun enters Leo.

July 23: The morning hours race by. The Aries Moon, never shy about getting a move on, is in a fire sign grand trine along with Mars and Jupiter. Anyone with a bold idea feels empowered to pursue their dream. Extraordinary mental or physical efforts are possible. Travel and teaching are also facilitated. The noon hour sees a sudden shift in energy. After the uplifting lunar trine to Jupiter is exact, the Moon’s next aspect is a testing square with Saturn. Delays and obstacles may bring progress to a stop. More complications are likely to follow. Be ready to negotiate or redraw plans. Pushing ahead in the face of resistance may quite possibly make matters worse. Be sure to include partners in deliberations and abide by rules and regulations.
Moon in Aries.

July 24: Much of the morning is a lesson in cooperation. Testing angles from the Aries Moon to Venus and Mercury make patience, tact and thoughtfulness essential. Curb an independent streak and any tendency to make impulsive moves. Protective types will feel threatened. By late morning the Moon is void of course, easing internal pressures to do something to change the status quo. Retrograde Mercury’s conjunction with Venus helps sustain pleasant communications but the void of course Moon leaves some folks feeling noncommittal. Moods change again this evening with the Moon’s arrival in Taurus. However, a testing last quarter lunar square with the Leo Sun has its own challenges. Inner unrest can be uncomfortable. Be kind to yourself, and to others. 
Moon in Aries v/c 10:48AM-5:42PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury conjunct Venus.

July 25: A brilliant idea or intuitive flash of recognition brightens the early morning. The Taurus Moon is conjunct the inventive planet, Uranus. Fiery Mars is also in a sparkling trine to Jupiter early today, bestowing enthusiasm and gratitude for the new day. Confidence is high. Knowledge is cherished. Goals seem clear. Everyone is off to a fast start. The pace gradually slows. Under a Taurus Moon steady and consistent progress is the expected norm. As night falls a lunar square to Mars is tightening. Some folks become argumentative or aggressive. Wise Saturn offers good counsel. There are better uses for the energy than simply venting frustrations. Remain constructive. Offer practical solutions to challenges.
Moon in Taurus, Mars trine Jupiter.

July 26: Today has a marvelously grounded feeling. The Taurus Moon nurtures sustained physical and emotional comfort. This morning’s lunar aspects to Neptune and Pluto bring pleasure from spiritual awareness as well as inspirational ideas. Consultations with partners and associates produce empowering strategies. It’s a good time to make an investment move. Conversations continue to be productive this afternoon. Desired results may not be immediately apparent with Mercury nearing the end of a three week retrograde. Keep the lines of communication open, none the less. Seeds are being planted and information gleaned may prove to be more valuable in the future. With the Moon and Venus happily aligned, tonight is a fine one for socializing. 
Moon in Taurus.

July 27: During the wee hours of the morning the waning Moon enters restless Gemini. By daybreak roaming around one’s neighborhood or heading further afield has strong appeal. Curiosity is easily piqued. An appetite for fun adventures is stimulated as the Moon and playful Leo Sun harmonize. If you feel motivated to take a day trip, be sure to nourish your mind. Venus’ position at the last degree of Cancer plucks at the heartstrings of nostalgia buffs and sentimentalists. Visiting family or close friends could be in order. Venus arrives in regal Leo tonight. Those who thrive on being noticed and praised may expect increased attention. Venus in Leo also demands respect. Do what you can to keep your prince or princess happy. Party goers are inclined to play and spend lavishly. Watch your speed.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:28AM-2:29AM Moon enters Gemini, Venus enters Leo.

July 28: Early birds feel inspired, energized and spurred on as the sociable Gemini Moon engages Jupiter and Mars. Speed records may fall. Get togethers are peppered with passionate discussions. By late morning the waning Moon is at odds with Neptune, sapping vitality and with it, motivation. A lazy mood takes hold just before noon and persists throughout the reminder of the day. The Moon has embarked on a long void of course period. Prepare to amble on at a speed that feels comfortable. Let your thoughts float and flow as they will. The astrological omens are truly “up in the air,” with surprises in store. Do not make major investments, commitments or decisions. Relax, immerse your senses in the fleeting pleasures of the summer season. 
Moon in Gemini v/c 11:25AM-12:00AM.

July 29: Night owls and those who rise at the crack of dawn may experience noticeable lethargy. The Moon is void of course during the early-morning. Once the Moon settles into her own sign of Cancer an interesting metamorphosis occurs. The waning Moon is in harmony with Uranus while the Sun tests the unpredictable planet of earthquakes and unexpected surprises. Some changes feel right, welcome and even liberating. Others can be incredibly disruptive and threatening. Uranus has a way of humbling strong-willed folks. We can attempt to have things our way but if and when Fate intervenes, our little wills have to adapt. Higher power is in play. Listen to your intuition and adjust plans accordingly.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-7:31AM Moon enters Cancer, Sun square Uranus.

July 30: A responsibility can feel particularly onerous this morning. Procrastinating won’t make the task any easier. Roll up your shirtsleeves and face it. This final day of the lunar cycle may seem to lack energy but there are bright spots. The midday period unfolds under the Cancer Moon’s trine to mystical Neptune. Magic may enter into commonplace, everyday moments. A kindness may be especially touching. Stay above potential arguments and accusations this evening. Resolutely seek out a positive solution to a partnership dilemma. Where there is a will to succeed, there is a way. Because Mercury is near the end of a retrograde, it’s best to be tolerant and forgiving. New facts will soon emerge and opinions can be expected to evolve.  
Moon in  Cancer v/c 11:33PM-12:00AM.

July 31: After a slow start the Moon enters Leo, raising the day’s tempo at mid-morning. Important changes and beginnings are imminent. Evening brings the union of the Moon and Sun, also known as a New Moon. A fresh activity cycle gets under way but there are complicating factors. The Moon/Sun tandem is at odds with Uranus in Taurus. Getting a project off the ground is likely to involve unforeseen disruptions and design changes. Winning widespread approval may also prove difficult. Financing could be an issue. Adding to the uncertainty is mental Mercury’s return to forward motion. This direction shift may coincide with numerous changes of outlook. Hidden facts could become available, causing an agreement to fall apart. If you must begin something today, proceed with caution and do your best to nurture team spirit. 
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-9:18 Moon enters Leo, New Moon in Leo 11:12PM, Mercury Direct.