June 2016 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for June 2016

June 1: With the entry of the Sun and Venus into Gemini, the persistently murky atmospherics of the ongoing mutable T-square transition into a highly charged and challenging Grand Cross. The climate of insult, innuendo, deception and outright lies that has marked the political campaign season is likely to become more toxic during the first days of June. What to do? Be forthright and stay true to your beliefs, especially during today’s midday period, when a surprising turn of events can test resolve. Tonight’s solar square to Neptune cautions against trusting unworthy people or ill-conceived ideas. For relationships there’s much at stake this week, so be careful.
Moon in Aries v/c 11:42AM-10:46PM Moon enters Taurus, Sun square Neptune.

June 2: The waning Taurus Moon jazzes up a glorious Earth sign Grand Trine. This most auspicious of alignments bodes well for material plane success and comfort. Of course there are still other challenges. Don’t throw caution to the wind. A pending square between Venus and Neptune is a classic omen of lost love and/or disappearing funds. You work hard for your money, protect it. Don’t take unnecessary risks. The same care should be taken of your heart. Progress, regardless of how slow, is accurately measured this evening, and for many folks there will be cause for celebration. Others may be more inclined to redouble their efforts. In either case, it’s important to get a good night’s rest.
Moon in Taurus.

June 3: Typically we can expect the final day of the lunar cycle to be so mellow that fatigue is often an issue. However, this day of completion is fiercely busy and challenging on many levels. First, an early morning solar opposition with Saturn calls for a thoughtful “reality check.” What’s working in your life? What isn’t? What can be improved and what should end or be abandoned? Venus is traveling with the Sun and is also at odds with both Saturn and Neptune. Partnerships and finances are now subjected to intense scrutiny. Tonight, a time of decision is at hand. Renew and strengthen ties or break them off. It is better to put off making new commitments rather than rushing into a possibly regrettable choice.
Moon in Taurus v/c 7:02PM-11:01PM Moon enters Gemini, Venus square Neptune, Sun opposite Saturn, Venus opposite Saturn.

June 4: Today’s New Moon in Gemini is powerful. The Sun and Moon are joined by the good omen of Venus but the three stars are in testing angles with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. This mutable Grand Cross configuration is one of daunting challenges as well as great opportunities. A clear vision, steadfast, positive attitude, and commitment to serve others ensures formidable accomplishments can be attained. Luckily, an earthy Grand Trine alignment opens constructive pathways for mental as well as physical energies. Tonight, a celebratory atmosphere may be noted. Remember, the New Moon is the time to set intentions and plant seeds. Proceed with caution, but proceed.
Moon in Gemini, New Moon in Gemini 10:59PM, Sun square Jupiter, Venus square Jupiter.

June 5: A morning outing, bike ride or other activity is refreshing. Minds are open and senses are sharp. Attend to any paperwork, errands or communications during this early part of the day. Extra-sensory perceptions are boosted by the Gemini Moon’s midday sextile with Uranus. Stay tuned for psychic messages and impressions. Brunches, lunches and other social gatherings also thrive under this engaging, friendly aspect. By early afternoon a quieter mood takes hold. The Moon travels void of course until almost midnight, providing a golden opportunity for relaxing minds and bodies, as well as slow-moving Sunday conversations, strolls and drives.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:47PM-11:41PM Moon enters Cancer.

June 6: The start of the working week is made infinitely more appealing by the Gemini Sun’s conjunction with gracious Venus. Moods are lively and upbeat! Hearts of all ages do a little youthful racing as even a casual conversation can quickly turn flirtatious. The Cancer Moon stirs up deep feelings. Affections are profound, especially this evening when lunar ties to Neptune and Jupiter arouse magnanimous feelings. Some folks feel an awareness of spiritual dimensions. Artists enjoy the creative potentials. Many feel as though they are on “cloud nine,” while actually settled into a familiar sofa watching television. Do some late night planning while Jupiter encourages thinking big.
Moon in Cancer, Sun conjunct Venus.

June 7: Hold on tight, the Cancer Moon ride continues but with plot twists and unexpected challenges for much of the day. Lunar friction with Pluto and Uranus evokes a great deal of uncertainty up until mid-afternoon. The unstable atmosphere keeps many folks on edge. Reason could take a vacation, replaced by defensiveness and thin-skinned sensitivity. Stick to basics. Engage partners directly, be kind and leave room for a change of heart or mind. Late afternoon brings a welcome mood swing that is both calming and more assured. This is the time to parse out any unresolved financial issues or deal with hurt feelings. Stay in tonight and enjoy the confines of a familiar retreat.
Moon in Cancer v/c 8:18PM-12:00AM.

June 8: Today’s quiet skies may be seductive but don’t be lulled into overconfidence. The Leo Moon can lead some folks to act cocky. However, regal posturing may not be warranted. There are no exact aspects to report but with mental Mercury moving into a tricky opposition with retrograde Mars, this is no time to count chickens before they’ve hatched. Level-headed thinking receives a nice boost late tonight, when the Moon nears a trine to Saturn. It’s a good evening to express your appreciation, return a favor, or look in on an elder or mentor. The trine also supports realistic appraisals, making long range plans and setting travel schedules.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-2:47AM Moon enters Leo.

June 9: Mental Mercury’s opposition to Mars inspires heroic thoughts and deeds but the aspect also cautions against speaking or acting without regard for the consequences. Don’t be stubborn. The risks of a blunder are greatest during the first half of the day. By mid-afternoon the Leo Moon is busy facilitating peaceful negotiations and friendlier relations. This is the best time of the day for meetings and conferences. Lucky souls may be touched by Cupid’s arrows. The good vibrations last well past nightfall so consider having an after work drink with pals or dinner with someone special. Tensions are again on the rise as midnight nears. Stay cool, calm and collected by watching your breath.
Moon in Leo, Mercury opposite Mars.

June 10: Today’s only two exact aspects occur during the wee hours of the morning. Minor in nature, these lunar squares may trigger some nocturnal tossing and turning. Hours before dawn the Leo Moon is void of course and even after changing signs, entering Virgo during the mid-morning, there is little to spark or spice up the day. Concentrate on ordinary routines. Look for practical ways to improve your performance and overall efficiency. Tidy up and create order in your home, garden or workplace. Complete what you can and make ready for the weekend. Tonight’s skies remain quiet, a good atmosphere for resting and relaxing.
Moon in Leo v/c 3:14AM-9:46AM Moon enters Virgo.

June 11: Trekking through the mutable Grand Cross, the Virgo Moon takes us all on an eventful and revealing journey. At times today it may feel as though living is a choice between alternate realities, one of colorful optimism and unlimited potential, the other of dull fears and endless worries. This morning, sweeping reveries and yearnings could grind to a halt when a forgotten task or less than glamorous errand needs attention. The noon hour brings a noticeable rebound as the Moon joins forces with the engagingly outspoken planet of positive thinking, Jupiter. It’s a good time for a fruitful shopping expedition or mind-expanding learning adventure! Broaden your horizons but keep things in perspective as the afternoon progresses and evening gives way to night.
Moon in Virgo.

June 12: If you experienced bouts of restlessness last night, blame it on the First Quarter Virgo Moon. Early birds awaken feeling gregarious and energized. Deal with household errands and chores while passion levels remain high. A transition to calmer trends soon unfolds. By mid-morning the Moon is void of course and enthusiasm wanes. Luckily, Venus is forming a zestful sextile with Uranus, a good omen for amusing social gatherings and community activities. This evening a noteworthy new idea may seem to come out of the blue and crystallize. Share it promptly with a friend or significant other.
First Quarter Moon in Virgo 4:10AM, Moon in Virgo v/c 10:47AM-8:33PM Moon enters Libra, Venus sextile Uranus, Mercury enters Gemini.

June 13: Be still oh beating heart. Neptune, the planet of dreams, schemes and unconditional compassion stations and turns retrograde in Pisces today. The direction change may launch or redirect any number of quixotic quests. It can also raise the risk levels posed by weather events as well as human error. Pay special attention to the food you eat, the water you drink and yes, the air you breathe. Because Neptune is locked in a square with retrograding Saturn, knight errants and other idealists honor their heroes and causes with unyielding fervor. Tonight, when progressive forces are in play, the stars bring like-minded people together in pursuit of shared goals and enlightening experiences.
Moon in Libra, Neptune Retrograde.

June 14: Conflicting trends lead many folks to vacillate between eager anticipation and nervous overthinking. The Libra Moon spends much of the day testing the unstable Pluto/Uranus square. Early birds may harbor secret worries and concerns. During the morning rush it will be easy to rub a partner the wrong way, so tread lightly. An evening lunar opposition with Uranus can trigger temperamental outbursts. Drive carefully and handle discontent or a sudden change of plans with calm and patience. Moods improve dramatically after nightfall. The Moon finds harmony with the Sun and Venus, fostering inner peace, shared love and mutual understanding.
Moon in Libra, Sun sextile Uranus.

June 15: Overcoming midweek challenges may seem unlikely to impossible early this morning. The Libra Moon is void of course until just after the start of business hours and inertia may be hard to overcome. Even after the waxing Moon settles into Scorpio there is little impetus or follow-through because of a lack of additional planetary support. Use the quiet hours well. Personal introspection and intimate discussions can be revealing and ultimately, empowering for individuals and partners. If words don’t come easily be content to sit with feelings and explore the history behind them. Understanding the interconnections between thoughts, emotions and behavior is one of today’s potential gifts. Awareness provides the option to transform and consciously change.
Moon in Libra v/c 3:01AM-9:18AM Moon enters Scorpio.

June 16: Things are very complicated overhead. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are winging their way through the famously fidgety, mentally alert and high strung sign of Gemini but today the waxing Scorpio Moon plays a pivotal role. The Moon takes attention out of our heads and into the depths of our emotional beings. Lunar aspects with Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto infuse ordinary routines with magic, otherworldly mystery and visionary possibilities. Creative juices are flowing. Hearts are open. Humanitarian impulses are strong. A guiding light could appear during a daydream or in the forces of Mother Nature. A family pet, daydream, casual conversation, scholarly lecture, well-written book, news service or spiritual tradition could be the wake-up call. Share your revelatory flashes with trusted companions as two heads as well as two hearts are stronger than one.
Moon in Scorpio.

June 17: The Scorpio Moon conjuncts retrograde Mars this morning. While the steamy pairing energizes and builds self-assurance in some people, it may also cause other folks to become aggressive. Remain tactful, respectful and cooperative, but draw the line at compromising your principles. By late morning the Moon is void of course and the quieter mood can be soothing. Venus’ afternoon entry into Cancer arouses fond feelings for family members and longtime acquaintances. Sentimental moods may also be stirred by tonight’s square between Saturn and Neptune. This important alignment can also be a harbinger of a colossal misunderstanding, political scandal or danger from toxins in the environment. Nasty weather is another possible danger. Avoid confusing or risky situations, and stay safe.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 9:52AM-9:34PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Venus enters Cancer, Saturn square Neptune.

June 18: The waxing Sagittarius Moon sets off a day long bout of challenging aspects. The results may be energizing, motivating travelers and stimulating thoughtful conversations, but there are also substantial risks. Be ready to deal with confusing situations. Differences of opinion may come down to some very basic issues, interpretations of fair play, right and wrong, or truth. These may be impossible to ignore or resolve. Take the high road and stick to it. Agree to disagree. Being “right” can bruise a partner’s feelings and be detrimental to long term trust and respect. Use extra care if you’re out traveling tonight. Employ a designated driver if you imbibe.
Moon in Sagittarius.

June 19: Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! The Moon is nearly full, so this is a day with plenty of get up and go. This morning the Sagittarius Moon can be a real turn on for sports enthusiasts. Throughout the day it may also prompt great storytelling as well as setting off on magnificent journeys of mind, body and spirit. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to get off your chest, out with it! If there are places in the Sun that call out to your heart, even if you cannot be on the way today, set an intention to make that trip. This evening, a lunar trine calls for a gathering of the tribe. Bring friends and family together and celebrate Father, the mysteries of the Cosmos and High Summer.
Moon in Sagittarius.

June 20: What a busy and momentous day! The Sun opposes the Full Moon in Sagittarius first thing in the morning. Certain ideas and attitudes have outlived their usefulness. Mental Mercury is also very active, intensifying the Saturn/Neptune square during the midday period. Keep your wits about you. Epiphanies are likely but some folks just have to muddle through. On the heels of the Full Moon emotions are high and senses are on edge. Don’t fall prey to empty words, rumors and innuendos or falsehoods. If you have doubts, take a “wait and see what develops” approach. Offer support for a co-worker or family member during the late afternoon. This evening the Sun enters nurturing Cancer and the new summer season begins. Happy Summer Solstice!
Full “Strawberry” Moon in Sagittarius 7:02AM, Moon in Sagittarius v/c 7:02AM-7:55AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury opposite Saturn, Mercury square Neptune, Sun enters Cancer 6:34PM, Summer Solstice.

June 21: It’s High Summer! This first full day of the sultry season finds the Moon aligned with Pluto in the ultra-ambitious sign of Capricorn. Those who are on a mission will not be deterred but watch out for self-centered “tunnel vision.” Stay sensitive to partners. Fortunately the Moon and Pluto have celestial support from Neptune and Jupiter. Kindly old souls wisely invest time and energy serving others. Less enlightened folks do well remembering Newton’s third law; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Willful behavior and force are not the best ways to achieve goals. Make your projects a team effort and progress will be great.
Moon in Capricorn.

June 22: An emotionally charged and restless night gives way to more mellow morning vibes. By sunrise the Capricorn Moon is languishing, void of course. The laid back atmosphere lasts until late afternoon. Keep your nose to the grindstone, taking care of ordinary chores and necessities. A square between mental Mercury and Jupiter causes some to long for greener, more exciting pastures. If you hear the call, set off on an adventure as evening approaches and the Moon enters freedom-loving Aquarius. An after work get together is entertaining.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 4:57AM-4:08PM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury square Jupiter.

June 23: The waning Aquarius Moon, with help from Saturn, fosters a strong and enduring work ethic today. Power through demanding tasks this morning. It’s also a good time to network and line up support for a range of future projects. Get input from friends, co-workers and mentors. Midday strategy sessions are especially fruitful. An abundance of good ideas may be noted. Well past nightfall communications and travel connections continue to have a fluid, easy flow. Evening meet ups are lively, humorous and intellectually stimulating.
Moon in Aquarius.

June 24: The early going may prove challenging to those folks who have things to do and places to be. The Aquarius Moon is in a testing square with retrograding Mars. Even if one is not confronted with an actual delay or obstacle, it can still feel as though nothing is proceeding smoothly. Be ready to tap into reserve strengths, and be patient. A late morning lunar sextile with Uranus quickly eliminates stumbling blocks and other hurdles. A message from a friend or well-timed move can make a huge difference. By noon the Moon is void of course and the second half of the day sees a slowdown. Go with the flow. If possible, get an early start on the weekend. Casual gatherings can be fun tonight.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 11:48AM-10:30PM Moon enters Pisces.

June 25: True to the Moon’s current sign, Pisces, today has distinctly different mood swings. The morning hours are blissfully cheerful. Some time alone can be enjoyable. Walks in parks and forests restore spirits. After noon, the Moon forms a splendid “happy camper” trine to loving Venus. This is a wonderful omen for a midday party or other social get together. Things change as evening nears. A sobering lunar square with Saturn is followed by a conjunction with Neptune. Unrequited love, losses and other disappointments may appear insurmountable. Love, forgiveness and kindness help us navigate out of depressing circumstances.
Moon in Pisces.

June 26: This morning’s powerful trine between Jupiter and Pluto is both healing and transformative. A positive change in consciousness or social status is indicated. The alignment is also a good omen for fertility, something farmers and expectant parents can cheer. A mid-afternoon trine between the Pisces Moon and Mars encourages action but a testing lunar angle with Mercury quickly follows. Careless words can wound. Luckily, Mercury is also in harmony with Uranus tonight. A slip of the tongue is quickly forgotten as thoughts turn to exciting possibilities and upcoming summer plans.
Moon in Pisces v/c 3:55PM-12:00AM, Jupiter trine Pluto, Mercury sextile Uranus.

June 27: With a take charge Aries Moon buoyed by a magical trine between Venus and Neptune, the morning possibilities are truly boundless. There is plenty of physical initiative mixed with heartfelt appreciation of life’s mysteries. Chief among them is love. Spread some kindness wherever you go. Let your talents shine. The remarkable good mood departs after lunch when the Moon is at odds with the Sun. For a few hours this Last Quarter Moon phase may highlight stylistic differences, set off arguments or arouse a competitive streak. Passions cool as the afternoon progresses. Tonight’s stars bring satisfaction in staying cool, taking the high road and honoring commitments.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-3:08AM Moon enters Aries, Venus trine Neptune.

June 28: Much is up in the air today. Don’t get down on yourself if you find it hard to make up your mind, or find it hard to see eye to eye with a partner. Occasionally we all get mired down wrestling with complicated situations and decisions. Confusion is understandable when the Aries Moon arouses the longtime square between Pluto and Uranus. Adding to the stressful instability, mental Mercury is preparing to change signs. Fiery Mars, retrograde since April, is in the process of shifting gears. With transitions imminent it’s best to choose words and deeds carefully. As much as you can, be true to your essence, idiosyncrasies, warts and all. Doing so can feel quite liberating tonight.
Moon in Aries.

June 29: We’re in a world of changes. Just after dawn the Moon arrives in Taurus. The day seems to move slowly but steadily along. Creature comforts are irresistible. Evening sees mental Mercury enter the instinctive, feeling-oriented sign of Cancer. Fiery Mars also returns to forward motion. New perspectives emerge. Vital energy motivates individuals and puts some dormant plans back on track. The Sun, Moon and Neptune weave a delicious web tonight. Go out. Look up at the wonder that is the Milky Way. It’s a fine night to get lost in Mother Nature, a mystery, film or hobby.
Moon in Aries v/c 3:46AM-6:03AM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury enters Cancer, Mars Direct.

June 30: Prepare for a busy and engaging day. This morning’s fertile lunar aspects promote joie de vivre, much goodwill, strong business ties, and wide-ranging discussions. Don’t be stubborn, listen and learn. You could be looking at a golden opportunity. This evening the Moon is at odds with Mars and Venus is opposes Pluto. Some ties are tested, and a few may break. Judgment and competition can become suffocating. Other loves alchemically transform from lead into gold. Key to getting along with others as well as deepening or strengthening commitments, is a shared passion and similar goals.
Moon in Taurus, Venus opposite Pluto.