June 2017 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for June 2017

June 1: This morning’s First Quarter Virgo Moon increases motivation. It also raises stress levels and has certain risks. Both the Sun and Moon are at odds with dreamy Neptune so begin your day with mindful attention to detail. Be sure to carefully pack all essential food, gear, documents and clothing. A late morning trine between Venus and Saturn is the stuff upon which enduring commitments can be made but again, pay attention to the particulars. Expectations may be unrealistically utopian as the Moon continues to test Neptune into the mid-afternoon hours. More pragmatic trends develop late in the day. Tonight is a good time to take inventory, review the day’s events and develop contingency plans.
Moon in Virgo, First Quarter Moon in Virgo 8:42AM, Venus trine Saturn.

June 2: If you feel torn between responsibilities and taking off early on a weekend adventure, you’re not alone. The Virgo Moon speaks to the virtues of diligence and service to others. A midday lunar square with dutiful Saturn drives home the point. Work may seem oppressive. Matters aren’t helped by a second late afternoon lunar square with Mars. Wishes may seem frustrated, desires unmet. Find a lower gear, slow down and meet your obligations squarely. Evening brings a chance to let your hair down. The imminent meet up of Venus and Uranus spins a very different story, of light-hearted spontaneity, fun and games. Dinner at eight sounds great, as the Moon slips into the sociable sign of Libra and a festive atmosphere arrives.
Moon in Virgo v/c 5:48PM-8:04PM Moon enters Libra.

June 3: Exhilarating trends carry the day. During the post-midnight hours Venus forms a magical conjunction with Uranus in Aries. Love springs eternal, even in world weary hearts. Love at a first glance may blossom. Adding to the magic, the Gemini Sun is sliding into a heartwarming midday trine to Jupiter. Stories are captivating. Talk of fairness and justice resonates. Travel enthusiasts are off and running. Everyone seems to move with a little extra bounce in their step. Even the twilight fireflies are on a roll as the good omens continue until well after nightfall. This evening is stellar for hosting or attending a party. The waxing Libra Moon joins up with Jupiter. Both stars are harmoniously aligned with the Sun, making folks talkative, jolly and in the mood to celebrate life.
Moon in Libra, Venus conjunct Uranus, Sun trine Jupiter.

June 4: This morning the world may seem bogged down by deep thoughts, secret worries and unhurried Sunday drivers. Mind your tongue, your temper and your speed. Impatience can prove toxic. A seismic shift occurs during the noon hour when Mars arrives in Cancer. The fiery God of War is initially miscast in the emotional Sign of Mom, Home and Family but given a few days, he will reclaim his machismo. In the meanwhile, watch out for militant moms! The placement may inspire numerous cleanup and renovation projects around the nest. Build consensus after noon, while the Moon is favorably disposed towards Saturn. Frank discussions help clear the air of earlier, morning time anxieties and promote lasting unity.
Moon in Libra, Sun square Neptune, Mars enters Cancer.

June 5: Early birds launch the day with the wind at their backs. As the newly risen Sun arcs higher in the eastern sky the Moon arrives in Scorpio where she engages Mars in a stirring trine. The aspect provides both vitality and enthusiasm for meeting current challenges. However, a lack of follow-up alignments during the remainder of the day opens the door to a number of interesting possibilities. Emotional waters move slowly and quietly, but run deep. Instincts are powerfully compelling. With a little time given to introspection, hidden psychological patterns may become obvious. Venus stands at the final degree of Aries, adding to the number of recollections of pivotal life moments. A reunion is possible. It’s a good day to rethink experiences, count blessings and practice forgiveness.
Moon in Libra v/c 4:57AM-6:46AM Moon enters Scorpio.

June 6: The drumbeat of the waxing Moon becomes more insistent. Now in Scorpio, the Moon heightens psychic and emotional sensitivity. If you have the option, be with like-minded associates busily sharing in enjoyable activities. Some confusing moments are likely. Venus and Mercury both change signs today. The Goddess of Love and Beauty enters Taurus during the wee hours of the morning while the Winged Messenger reaches Gemini this evening. Hearts and minds can be volatile. Indecision may stubbornly persist. Direct your attention and efforts to where mutual gains and personal satisfaction can be had. Sundown ushers in a quieter, more private mood as the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 8:35PM-12:00AM, Venus enters Taurus, Mercury enters Gemini.

June 7: As Venus and Mercury settle into Taurus and Gemini, signs they are said to respectively “rule,” certain preferences, affections and ideas become crystal clear. However, the Scorpio Moon travels void of course until evening, so it may be best to sit with feelings and thoughts rather than act upon them. The waiting game can be tough to play as the Full Moon is a scant two days away. Concentrate today on keeping life simple and taking care of routine business. Steer clear of complicated, risky or untried plans and procedures. Let important decisions and meetings wait for another day. The Moon enters Sagittarius this evening but a late night testing angle with Mercury, while good for acquiring new information and ideas, is likely to be short on specific details or certainty.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-6:59PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

June 8: The buildup to tomorrow’s revelatory Full “Strawberry” Moon continues. There’s little holding the tide back. Happily, the truth-telling Sagittarius Moon is in harmony with loquacious Jupiter much of the day. Jupiter is on the verge of resuming forward motion after four months of backtracking. Today’s stars echo the words of Buddha, “Three things can not long be hidden, the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth.” Don’t hesitate, share your knowledge and opinions. Be a good listener, too. Travelers, writers, teachers and students all derive inspiration from the expansive, mind-quickening trends. As midnight nears a lunar square with nebulous Neptune may briefly make some folks confused or sleepy. If something feels “off,” take the time to double-check your sources.
Moon in Sagittarius.

June 9: This morning’s loud and proud Full “Strawberry” Moon in Sagittarius is one of the year’s most communicative. The need to express opinions will be intense today. With oodles of Cosmic energy available, it’s a good time to cut back on caffeine consumption. Less than an hour after the Moon is full Jupiter resumes forward motion. Truth be told! Some points are emphatically overstated but receptive audiences are charmed. Fortunately, Venus is also in harmony with Mars on this eventful morning and the sexy duo helps promote fond, friendly feelings as well as amorous ties. It may take until evening, when the Moon conjuncts Saturn, before certain realities sink in. Remember, for every door that closes a new one opens.
Moon in Sagittarius, Full “Strawberry” Moon in Sagittarius 9:10AM, Jupiter Direct, Venus sextile Mars.

June 10: The early going is sluggish as the Moon meanders void of course. By mid-morning Luna is firmly established in Capricorn where she encourages a more resolute frame of mind. Increased and steadfast motivation means it’s a good time to tend to gardens, household chores and familial obligations. However, a mid-afternoon lunar opposition to Mars soon presents potential problems. Rushing impulsively from one thing to another can lead to unsatisfying outcomes. A partner may be irritable. Be patient, gentle and kind as a more charming Venus influence melts hearts when the Sun begins to arc lower in the afternoon sky. Tonight’s atmosphere is low key, perfectly fine for enjoying customary habits and indulgences.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 2:20AM-7:36AM Moon enters Capricorn.

June 11: This morning many folks will wish they could be in two or more places at the same time. The Capricorn Moon is in a square with Jupiter, which can bring invitations to several highly desirable, prized events. Others may free themselves of all social commitments and just do their own preferred thing. Creative juices are flowing and Mother Nature can be a powerful draw. Whatever you choose to do today, do it with all your heart and complete attention. The Moon joins forces with Pluto, insuring that the energy we invest is potent, impactful and will returned multiplied. Look for ways to transform and improve life, and be greatly rewarded.
Moon in Capricorn.

June 12: The working week begins under an industrious Capricorn Moon. Despite a reputation for hard work, ambition and loyalty, even the staid Goat can have temporary streaks of irreverence. Such unexpected lapses in character are likely this afternoon as the Moon tests rebellious Uranus and then goes void of course. Midday meetings may be fruitless. Computers, phones and other high tech equipment can malfunction. A lost data file could be accompanied by a lost attention span. Go with the flow. Kicking around different ideas with pals or business associates might even lead to an epiphany but this is not an auspicious time to take action. Wait. Evening sees the Moon enter Aquarius and thoughts turn to friends and the future. Social networking, catching up on news and messages are recommended activities tonight.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 2:45PM-7:45PM Moon enters Aquarius.

June 13: Get ready for a busy, at times exhilarating day. Thinking big is infectious as mental Mercury makes a trine aspect with Jupiter. Optimism is rampant and talk incessant this morning. Lunar alignments with Venus and Jupiter sustain the upbeat exuberance into the evening hours. If you have a presentation to make, a product or idea to sell, or are planning a travel excursion, the Cosmos is signaling its approval. Learning is encouraged. Late tonight Mercury does form a square aspect with Neptune, the day’s only glitch. If you are making plans or booking reservations watch out for mistakes or oversights. Double-check schedules and leave adequate time to make connections. On an entirely different level, the square could be a fantastic source of inspiration but be mindful of on the ground realities.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury trine Jupiter, Mercury square Neptune.

June 14: While the stars foster easy growth and progress today, it’s wise to keep things in perspective. The Gemini Sun is nearing an annual opposition to Saturn. This important “reality check” alignment is a reminder to make sure priorities and goals are clear, and that partnerships are both fair and mutually supportive. Use any delays or obstacles to validate assumptions and expectations. A pause could be the “make it or break it” moment when a decision to follow a different course is made. On the other hand, a commitment may be confirmed and grow deeper, with a fuller understanding of the challenges ahead. As you make plans today, welcome input from trusted friends.
Moon in Aquarius.

June 15: This morning’s opposition between the Gemini Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius is an excellent reason to examine a great many beliefs and laws. It may be plain to see, not everyone abides by the same rules. Don’t fail to consider your own role in a challenging situation. If you are moved to take a partner to task for an injustice, do so. You might also contact an elected official. We can all learn from being humble, or trying a new approach. The Moon splashes down in Pisces at precisely the same moment the “reality check” Sun/Saturn opposition is exact. Expect some folks to beat around the bush rather than give straight answers or be held accountable for their actions. Persistence pays off tonight as many differences are overcome by good will and love.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 1:40AM-6:17AM Moon enters Pisces, Sun opposite Saturn.

June 16: Near the outer recesses of our solar system nebulous Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces. The waning Moon is conjunct the mysterious planet of dreams, idealism and compassion. As a result early morning moods may veer from laziness, swooning, to creatively inspired or strangely disassociated from reality. Reveries can be set off by the slightest provocation, a song on the radio, a tweeting bird or the soft touch of a loving hand. Let your imagination wander but stay grounded. A worrisome weather event could be in the making. After noon there are opportunities to direct creative ideas and humanitarian sentiments into practical channels. Tonight’s discussions are a scramble to find the right words. Timing, tone and locale are important. Don’t ruffle feathers unnecessarily.
Moon in Pisces, Neptune Retrograde.

June 17: A stressful Last Quarter Moon in Pisces, part of a T-square configuration, provides a jolt of early morning motivation and several anxious moments. The initial burst of energy soon fades. Most of the morning unfolds under an easy-going void of course Moon period. Willpower falters and attention spans meander. By mid-afternoon spirits are recharged by the Moon’s arrival in frisky Aries. Life speeds up. Errands and other tasks are dispensed with quickly. A complex astrological scenario requires sensitivity to others and self-control. Put some effort into making others feel great about themselves and watch magic unfold.
Moon in Pisces, Last Quarter Moon in Pisces 7:33AM, Moon in Pisces v/c 7:33AM-1:55PM Moon enters Aries.

June 18: Dads get their due but not without some complications. For starters, today’s Aries Moon serves up a series of alarm bells as she tests Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. Don’t act hastily. Pushy moves are likely to offend. Because the Gemini Sun is favorably aligned with Uranus, visionaries hold the upper hand. If you tend to play it safe, or go it alone, follow the lead of informed, technologically astute path makers. There is much to gain from liberated thinking, the latest scientific knowledge and being sociable. At the same time mental Mercury is at odds with Saturn. Their sobering opposition is best countered by a positive outlook, regardless of one’s status or situation. During the day there may be long lines and other delays to contend with. Look for silver linings and answered prayers.
Moon in Aries, Sun sextile Uranus, Mercury opposite Saturn.

June 19: Today’s Aries Moon keeps the day barreling busily along. Morning lunar alignments with Saturn and Mercury are calls to action. Intuitive faculties are in fine working order. Look for inventive solutions to persistent challenges. After lunch meetings can be productive. Encourage everyone in attendance to participate. Welcome new and oddball ideas. Pay attention to the quiet voice within as plans may change abruptly. A short, late afternoon interlude ushers in calmer trends and a chance to catch your breath. Relax tonight under the entrancing canopy of the starlit Milky Way. Savor music, fine food, and loving companions. A movie makes fine entertainment.
Moon in Aries v/c 3:42PM-5:53PM Moon enters Taurus.

June 20: As dawn nears, Venus and Mercury are gracefully making magic with Neptune and Uranus. Talk about a midsummer night’s dream. Both sleeping and early rising humans are all warm smiles and snuggles, as though touched by angels and Muses. Songbirds greet the new day with full-throated gusto. The steadying Taurus Moon sets most everyone to savoring the day’s many achievements and pleasures. Loyalty is appreciated. Feelings of happy contentment increase throughout the afternoon. An evening lunar conjunction with Venus caps off a remarkably entertaining and enjoyable day. Get together with loved ones for a special dinner or stroll. Officially, this is the final day of spring. The Sun is preparing to exit Gemini and enter Cancer. Make ready for the changes the new season will surely bring.
Moon in Taurus, Venus sextile Neptune. Mercury sextile Uranus.

June 21: Summer Solstice is here! Minutes after midnight the Sun enters Cancer and the fertile season, with its long hours of daylight and short nights, begins. Mental Mercury follows suit a few hours later, the two stars forming a late morning conjunction in the protective Sign of the Crab. Emotions and instincts hold sway as the waning Taurus Moon orbits in void of course mode into the evening hours. When possible, follow your whims and fancies, even if it means getting lost in a memory. Hunches may prove more solidly reliable than logic. Decisions are subject to reversal so put them off for now. This evening the Moon arrives in Gemini but as we are late in the lunar cycle, it is better to wait on starting new ventures until after Friday’s New Moon.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:25AM-6:44PM Moon enters Gemini, Sun enters Cancer, Sun conjunct Mercury.

June 22: This first full day of summer unfolds under a waning but light and breezy Gemini Moon. There’s a great deal of restlessness and chatter but little inclination to act on feelings or follow through on promises. The whimsical Moon is at the very end of its cycle, a time that is more suitable for finishing projects than starting new ones. Rest, relax and replenish your mind and spirits. A refreshing late afternoon lunar trine to Jupiter sparks interesting conversations but a square between the Moon and confusing Neptune soon follows. A captivating idea may suddenly seem to be an out of reach pipe dream. Others may wonder where they left their keys, or miss a point entirely. Pay attention during the evening commute. Plan to make it a quiet night.
Moon in Gemini.

June 23: Today begins under a weighty opposition between the Gemini Moon and Saturn. Facts may be inconvenient but they must be faced. Do what must be done. Honor commitments and be true to your beliefs. Travel delays can add to pressures. By late morning the day finds a better flow. Midday networking and planning are fruitful. Friends and associates are cooperative. Wrap up workplace chores by mid-afternoon, when the Moon goes void of course. For the next few hours life plays out in slow motion but evening sees the Moon arrive in Cancer and a very fertile two week period begins. Tonight’s New Moon energy is perfect for literal as well as metaphorical seed planting, launching boats and starting other endeavors. Home-based entertaining can be both fun and satisfying.
Moon in Gemini v/c 2:45PM-6:07PM Moon enters Cancer, New Moon in Cancer 10:31PM.

June 24: Tribal and other clan gatherings get a boost from four planets in Cancer, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars. Unexpected visitors, extended family and friends of friends add to the commotion and fun. Competitive spirits are easily elated, especially during the afternoon when the Moon conjuncts Mars and tests Jupiter. Don’t get carried away by the heat of the moment. Be a good sport. If you win don’t gloat. Respect the rules of the game and the efforts made. Mixed influences tonight foster magnetic attractions but also increase the likelihood of a heated argument. If you feel pressed, just smile and agree to disagree. Tact, charm and civility work well to defuse potential tensions.
Moon in Cancer, Venus trine Pluto.

June 25: Home and family-centered activities are encouraged and supported by the Cancer Moon. With rousing Mars testing Jupiter and approaching a trine to Neptune, either a home beautification project or a day trip could be in the works. Many folks want to be out in nature. Others opt for a rich color palette, a taste of art and beauty. Nerves are made jumpy by an afternoon lunar square to Uranus. A get together with friends or other plans may change or be postponed. Regroup as the Moon goes void of course for a few hours. Reacquaint yourself with the child within this evening, or spend time with young friends. It’s time for giggles, laughs and creative outpourings as the Moon sets up shop in playful Leo.
Moon in Cancer v/c 2:44PM-6:06PM Moon enters Leo, Mars square Jupiter.

June 26: Imaginative souls and open-hearted humanitarians feel inspired. Meditations are deep. Fiery Mars is forming a trine with visionary Neptune. The alignment graces the wee hours of the morning. Sleepers, take note of your dreams, and night owls your inventions and aspirations. If you have the chance to make a dream come true, go for it!Daylight sees the waxing Leo Moon moving towards a friendly sextile to Jupiter. Moods are buoyant and hopes seem justified. Partnerships prosper and new friendships thus begin under an auspicious omen. The aspect also favors all forms of communication and travel. The evening hours are mellow. Make time for a favorite hobby, pleasure or creative activity.
Moon in Leo, Mars trine Neptune.

June 27: Stressful factors seem to multiply at every turn. Mental Mercury is overtaking Mars and the two stars both test Jupiter and Pluto. This T-square configuration has been an off and on factor for much of the year. It has ignited political instability as well as economic and religious clashes around the world. In personal lives it may motivate some folks to take on great challenges. Others behave badly. Anger, impatience and vengeful motives can prove toxic. Fortunately, today’s Leo Moon is part of a far more pleasant fire sign Grand Trine, harmonizing with Saturn and Uranus. Mercury is also in a favorable trine to Neptune. A realization can point the way to a new and more joyful path. Heed the advice of wise mentors and prescient friends. Their words have the ring of truth and are instantly empowering.
Moon in Leo v/c 5:12PM-8:41PM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury square Jupiter, Mercury trine Neptune.

June 28: A morning sextile between the Virgo Moon and the Cancer Sun focuses intentions on doing quality work, whatever the task may be. Looking out for others is also a pleasantly persistent urge. There’s plenty of energy as mental Mercury and steamy Mars unite in Cancer. Loyalties are fierce. So are competitions. Don’t get so wrapped up in your work or point of view that partners feel offended or used. Feelings are very sensitive under current alignments. It will be hard to forgive and forget bad treatment. If anything, be forceful and frank about your good intentions or, if you are feeling unappreciated or disrespected, let associates know. Good communications remedy many perceived slights. Take it easy tonight as the Moon opposes dreamy Neptune.
Moon in Virgo, Mercury conjunct Mars.

June 29: Today is complicated. Five, or half of the ten major planets are now involved in a stressful cardinal sign T-square. There’s plenty of ambition in these stars but also certain risks if compelling drives anger key partners. Be considerate. Caring about and anticipating the needs of others wins lasting appreciation. There are other helpful factors. Today’s Virgo Moon is one corner of a fertile Grand Trine in earth signs also featuring Pluto and Venus. Don’t underestimate the healing power of love. Teamwork is facilitated. Respect personal preferences and make good use of individual talents. Delegate accordingly. Increase progress by working with partners rather than trying to outperform them. Think “we” first, rather than “I.”
Moon in Virgo v/c 4:34PM-12:00AM, Mercury opposite Pluto.

June 30: The waxing Moon enters Libra during the quiet darkness of the early morning hours. Luna is soon at odds with the Cancer Sun, reaching the First Quarter phase around nightfall. The stress-inducing angle is a call to clearly define and fully commit to current aspirations. Getting partners on board may require making a compromise or two. If so, make concessions graciously. Such a diplomatic step is best made before embarking on a journey or tackling new objectives. Be conscious and respectful of personal idiosyncrasies, histories and habits. Cooperation will pay dividends around the time of the upcoming Full Moon, a little more than a week away.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00 AM-3:02AM Moon enters Libra, First Quarter Moon in Libra 8:51PM.