June 2019 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for June 2019

June 1: The Taurus Moon’s proximity to Venus provides beguiling charm to a thoroughly enjoyable day. During the midday and afternoon hours other favorable lunar alignments with Neptune, Saturn and Pluto help sensitive souls more deeply appreciate the sanctity of earthly beauty as well as ties of affection. Many relationships intensify and flourish under these fertile influences. By evening the waning Moon is void of course, a good indicator for slowing down, relaxing and going with the flow. Due to the lateness of the lunar cycle, emotional detachment comes more readily. The dark phase of the Moon is also great for star gazing. Contemplate the wonders of the night sky and as you do, rest and recharge your batteries. 
Moon in Taurus v/c 6:52PM-12:00AM.

June 2: This final day of the lunar cycle is well-suited for consolidating and completing projects as well as formulating plans. After a listless early morning the Moon arrives in vivacious Gemini. Senses grow more acute and minds quicken. Hints of things to come may be detected. Curious types embark on Sunday strolls, drives and long distance journeys. Venus’ move into a powerful trine with Pluto is an excellent omen for rambling explorers as well as bargain hunters. The alignment also increases the ability to give, receive and enjoy material plane pleasures. Seen or unseen, the mysterious healing potential of Love may work more than one miracle today. 
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-7:48AM Moon enters Gemini, Venus trine Pluto.

June 3: This morning’s Gemini New Moon launches another fresh start. However, this time of beginnings is not without challenges. The Sun and Moon tandem is at odds with Neptune and Jupiter. Look carefully before you take a leap.  While some ideas aim high and could push the boundaries of what is possible, the risk of an ill-conceived or downright foolish move is also elevated. Gullibility may be proportionate to optimism. Bad judgment could offset faith and trust. If you are moving forward with a new project this month, do so cautiously and with due diligence. Consult with qualified expert advisors. Make detailed, realistic plans with full knowledge of potential profits as well as risks. Expect to make adjustments if and when they become necessary. 
New Moon in Gemini 6:02AM.

June 4: This morning, minds, phones and computers buzz with words from long lost teachers, friends and associates. The Gemini Moon is conjunct mental Mercury. Reunions and reflections on past events may open up new possibilities for the future. The Moon enters her own sign of Cancer just after noon. Nostalgia and old loyalties are keenly felt even even as the desirability of moving on is also clear. A lunar sextile to Uranus supports networking with like-minded folks, but don’t insulate yourself to such a degree that conflicting points of view are ignored. Entertain new, outlandish and breathtakingly different perspectives. Passions may be consuming as the naturally protective Moon edges closer to fiery Mars late in the day.
Moon in Gemini v/c 11:42AM-12:17PM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury enters Cancer.

June 5: This morning the Cancer Moon is conjunct the warrior star, Mars. Don’t mess with mama. She may be feeling militant. The need to put one’s house in order or protect one’s turf is powerful motivation. Impulses may be reactionary responses to real or imagined threats. With the Moon conjunct her own North Node tribal loyalties are commanding. Security is at stake. The evening’s lunar trine to Neptune affords the possibility of detente. Spiritual understanding, compassion and empathy, as well as positive thinking help soothe emotions. However, the Moon is also at odds with Saturn and Pluto tonight. Make a steadfast commitment to justice, cooperation and keeping the peace.
Moon in Cancer.

June 6: The early hours of the morning are cheerful. The Cancer Moon and Venus work together to promote peace and love. The best part of the day for meetings and sales calls is before mid-morning. A midday void of course Moon period slows or puts many projects on hold. Key documents and information may not be available. Don’t rush things. Use the time to review what is known and what critical components are missing. Hold off on decisions. By late afternoon the Moon is in Leo but a challenging late night square aspect to Uranus brings more uncertainties. Make yourself slow down. Drive defensively. There is no benefit in fighting Fate. Bide your time until more supportive trends arrive tomorrow.
Moon in Cancer v/c 10:10AM-3:16PM Moon enters Leo.

June 7: The Cosmos serves up a beautiful work week finale. Mental Mercury, now in the emotion-driven sign of Cancer, is in harmony with progressive Uranus. With one eye on the past and the other on the potential of the future, many souls feel more than ready to make fast tracks. Teamwork, friendship, travel and visionary thinking are all favored. Morning meetings are especially productive. The Leo Moon and Gemini Sun are also in harmony. Inner poise has a positive effect on relations with others. Tonight’s social atmosphere may be exuberant as the Moon forms a midnight trine to expansive Jupiter. Don’t be shy. Mingle and enjoy the lively, mind-expanding social scene.
Moon in Leo, Mercury sextile Uranus.

June 8: The waxing Leo Moon puts many people on track for fun. Hobbies, workouts, competitive sports and other creative projects are pursued with ardent devotion. However, the Gemini Sun’s pending aspects with Neptune and Jupiter are challenging. Take precautions. Confusion may enter any and all activities. Follow rules and regulations. If you don’t know them, study up. Oversights, omissions and mistakes may lead to disappointing delays and setbacks. A late afternoon lunar square to Venus can lead to heartache or joyful fulfillment. Those who can find contentment with what is have the most to smile about. By nightfall the Moon is in Virgo and soon after dark Venus enters flirtatious Gemini. Serendipity is in play. There may be unexpected pairings before the day is done.
Moon in Leo v/c 5:23PM-5:45PM Moon enters Virgo, Venus enters Gemini.

June 9: The Virgo Moon favors decisive thinking and action via dynamic alignments with Mercury and Mars. However, the Sun in Gemini is at odds with confusing Neptune. If in doubt at any time today, don’t overthink your next step. In some instances your gut level response is the better indicator of what path to take. Tune in to your body’s innate intelligence. Follow the energy of your life force. If you feel excited, energized and more alive, that’s the affirmative key. As night deepens the Moon is assuming a position as one corner of a Grand Square configuration, testing Jupiter, Neptune and the Gemini Sun. Indecision can become a relentless treadmill. If you feel stuck, adjust your attitude and trust in intuitive guidance.
Moon in Virgo, Sun square Neptune.

June 10: The post-midnight First Quarter Virgo Moon also sets off the ongoing Jupiter/Neptune square. Sleep may not come easily. When it does, dreams may run the gamut from idyllic to haunted. Dawn brings a stabilizing lunar trine to Pluto but many folks wake up feeling less than rested. The Moon is soon void of course, thus the start of the working week could be lacking in verve and enthusiasm. The Sun’s late morning opposition with Jupiter encourages putting your best foot forward but with the Moon disengaged until evening, there’s more talk than action. Tonight sees the Moon enter Libra, where she forms an engaging trine with Venus. The alignment bodes well for casual nighttime social gatherings, starstruck lovers and aficionados of art and fine food. 
First Quarter Moon in Virgo 1:59AM, Moon in Virgo v/c 8:01AM-8:29PM Moon enters Libra, Sun opposite Jupiter.

June 11: Sophisticated social skills come in handy today. Fans of good behavior and political correctness may assert their notions of how things ought to be. Lovers of design, color-coordinated clothing and complimentary accessories have strong opinions, too.  However, the waxing Libra Moon also calls for patience, tact and diplomacy. Disagreements are more probable after noon, when the Moon is at odds with mental Mercury and blustery Mars. Remember taste is always subjective. Often there is no rational reason why something is liked or disliked. If you object to a partner’s preferences, timing or choice of words, use restraint. In the interest of preserving peaceful relations, some opinions are best kept to one’s self.
Moon in Libra.

June 12: Fiery Mars’ pass by the lunar North Node is sure to ignite imaginations this morning. A fortunate alignment between the Gemini Sun and Libra Moon adds to the sense of anticipation. Many are eager to follow what feels like destiny or their soul’s mission. However, with Mars opposing Saturn and Pluto, expect delays and obstacles. Old fears and nagging responsibilities are not easily dismissed. Wrangling over financial realities may also be a limiting factor. None-the-less, it’s best to tackle gnarly issues during the busy morning hours. By noon the waxing Moon is void of course and the second half of the day unfolds in a calmer, more relaxed fashion. Plan on a quiet evening.
Moon in Libra v/c 11:15AM-12:00AM.

June 13: The waxing Scorpio Moon offers plenty of energy to work with but a mid-morning lunar opposition to Uranus suggests the Cosmos has big surprises in store. Progress comes in spurts, or not as you thought it would. The Trickster planet likes nothing better than upsetting the apple cart. Respond to fast-changing events without trying to control them. The day also features a fruitful trine between spark plug Mars and imaginative Neptune. The aspect is exact late tonight. With it comes the promise of dreams come true and spiritual mastery. Open yourself up as a conduit, channeling love and kindness to all you meet. Miracles do happen. A smile, hug or generous act can transform your day, or someone else’s life.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-12:02AM Moon enters Scorpio.

June 14: Idealistic dreams and good intentions flow in abundance during the overnight period. Mars’ trine to Neptune awakens and empowers the will to be a force for good in the world. As day breaks the Scorpio Moon forms a nifty Grand Trine configuration with the Red Planet and the cooperating planet of dreams. However, the astro scene is complicated this morning. Mars is also settling into an exact opposition to pragmatic Saturn. Dreaming isn’t enough. Concrete actions must follow. Define goals and make a reasoned strategy. With the Moon nicely aligned to Pluto, visionaries and idealists are swept along by their passions, overcoming doubts and tuning out naysayers. By late afternoon the Moon is void of course. Momentum slows but is not lost. Set your sights on weekend plans, rest and relaxation.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 3:45PM-12:00AM, Mars trine Neptune, Mars opposite Saturn.

June 15: Full Moon Fever is upon us! The nearly full Moon is in Sagittarius, the high-flying fire sign famously in love with truth and the freedom knowledge provides. A passion for sports, story-telling, travel and learning is also spurred. Being on the move is pure joy. Learning experiences may feel revelatory. Busy yourself with a lively social life and you won’t be disappointed. The Moon’s sole aspect is an evening opposition to Venus. This is a first rate “reach out and touch someone” auspice. The need for affection is widely shared. The after dark atmosphere is quite festive. Plan to share the summery evening with favorite friends, relatives and neighbors. 
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-5:03AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

June 16: Happy Father’s Day! With a nifty trine to Neptune winged Mercury directs many early risers towards beaches, parklands and other escapades. Those who sleep in late may enjoy supernatural dreams. Under the nearly full Sagittarius Moon the urge to hit the open road can be quite compelling. Before you set out, it might be wise to consider any unfinished business, commitments or obligations that need attention. Fickle Mercury is also testing dour Saturn as almost simultaneously, a square between Jupiter and Neptune inspires creative types, sports enthusiasts, humanitarians and spiritual seekers. It’s an astrologically busy, if conflicted morning. The urge to indulge in one amusement or another remains strong throughout the day. Nightfall brings sight of a lustrous Moonrise. That’s Jupiter close by the Moon. Enjoy the celestial show.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury trine Neptune, Mercury opposite Saturn, Jupiter square Neptune.

June 17: Can’t sleep? It may be because the Full Moon crescendo peaks shortly before dawn. Optimism as well as restlessness are fired up by Jupiter’s proximity to the Moon. Be aware of those who take a “holier than thou” approach. There is always something to learn from every opinion. By daybreak the Moon is traveling void of course. Use the morning hours to contemplate recent developments as well as emotionally charged issues. Minutes after noon the Moon arrives in gritty Capricorn, making it easier to contend with responsibilities. A handy blend of intuition and pragmatism guides decisions. Priorities are clear. Set intentions and heed tonight’s dreams. They may be prophetic.
Full “Strawberry” Moon in Sagittarius 4:31AM, Moon in Sagittarius v/c 4:31AM-12:13PM Moon enters Capricorn.

June 18: An early morning sextile between Saturn and Neptune suggests there is timeless wisdom to be had in dreams. Some folks wake up feeling as though they have been schooled in ancient wisdom while sleeping. Others feel empowered to go after a cherished goal. The rough and tumble pace of life is soon engrossing as Mercury and Mars join forces in Cancer at midday. The atmosphere is highly charged. Feverish emotions, bountiful energy and impatience can lead to contentious words. Think twice before speaking or acting on impulse. A good rule of thumb to follow is to speak in a way that would make you want to listen. Take time tonight to reflect on what’s been gained and learned during this at times hectic day. An elder or more experienced pal offers good insights.
Moon in Capricorn, Saturn sextile Neptune, Mercury conjunct Mars.

June 19: Mental Mercury and fiery Mars oppose Pluto today. This is a classic standoff between powerful forces. Less evolved souls resort to threats and aggressive moves. This in turn arouses considerable resistance. A firestorm could follow. A better course of action is cooperation. Identify shared needs and mutual benefits. Negotiate in good faith. With consistent effort working out a compromise can improve relationships. As Fate would have it the Capricorn Moon is void of course by the start of the work day. This helps ease some tensions and cool tempers. Egos are vulnerable to insults and criticism but helpful aspects from Neptune emphasize the healing potential of kindness, compassion and spiritual wisdom. 
Moon in Capricorn v/c 7:19AM-10:01PM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury opposite Pluto, Mars opposite Pluto.

June 20: A morning surprise may throw the day’s entire game plan out the window. Be careful during the rush hour. Slow down and stay relaxed. Fender benders, no-shows, cancellations and other unexpected complications will be less than welcome. Be ready to adapt. The Aquarius Moon helps steady frazzled nerves but with the Sun at the last degree of Gemini, minds tend to retrace old patterns. Move past second thoughts and regrets. Look to the future and let bygones be bygones. The evening hours show good social potential. A pending lunar trine to Venus brightens hearts. Friendly conversations are sprinkled with laughs and smiles. Say goodbye to Spring as tomorrow marks the beginning of the new season.
Moon in Aquarius.

June 21: Summer Solstice is here! Today begins happily, with an abundance of smiles and good cheer. The friendly Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Venus and Jupiter. By late morning the Moon is void of course. A lazier mood takes hold. The less motivated afternoon hours could be the time to get an early start on a weekend getaway or simply relax. The Sun enters emotive Cancer minutes before noon and Summer officially begins. Out in deep space Neptune turns retrograde. Pay attention to gut hunches, dreams, reveries and messages blowing in the wind. Because the Moon is traveling void of course, communications from the subconscious self are more easily received and deciphered. Chill out and celebrate the new season tonight.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 10:02AM-12:00AM, Summer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer, Neptune Retrograde.

June 22: The early hours of the day move slowly and with little apparent direction. It’s a good time to go with the flow. Things shift gears with the Moon’s late morning arrival into Pisces. More consistent progress is noted around noon. A lunar trine to the Cancer Sun facilitates keen emotional awareness as well as clearer intentions. Remembrances are heartfelt and powerful. Loyalties are keenly embraced. Visits to old haunts and gatherings with family and friends touch the soul. Later, a quest for new adventures combines with the sense of warm camaraderie. Tonight’s mood may also be mischievous. Humor is tongue in cheek. It’s a fabulous night to gather with pals to celebrate High Summer.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-10:01AM Moon enters Pisces. 

June 23: Venus’ midday opposition to Jupiter enlarges appetites as well as urges to enjoy life. Social encounters are lively as well as intellectually and spiritually stimulating. Costs may rapidly escalate but the live large atmosphere warrants taking things to the limit, particularly where there is fun to be had. However, testing angles with nebulous Neptune caution against overindulging with alcohol or drugs. Use good judgment. Don’t trust blindly. Idealizing others, refusing to see their faults and limitations, or being too generous can lead to future problems and disappointments. Fortunately, tonight’s lunar alignment with practical Saturn offers a finely balanced perspective. Put your life experience and wisdom to use!
Moon in Pisces, Venus opposite Jupiter.

June 24: Venus’ early morning square to Neptune calls some souls to take a spiritual journey. Others feel inspired to develop original ideas. Regrets may also be felt. If emotional sensitivity becomes extreme, try to stay grounded and on top of practical matters. The Pisces Moon, with its many moods, makes a series of potentially fruitful aspects throughout the work day. Teamwork is highlighted. Enlist the support of like-minded people and social organizations. Some seeds planted today may bear fruit later this week. Impressive gains are made as the Moon trines Mars and Mercury. Spirited evening discussions help define goals and put everyone on the same page. Tonight brings quieter sailing as the Moon goes void of course for a few hours.
Moon in Pisces v/c 7:10PM-10:38PM Moon enters Aries, Venus square Neptune.

June 25: Restless energies accompany the early morning’s Last Quarter Moon in Aries. Some folks find it hard to sleep. Others wake up feeling anxious. Find the right balance between your obligations and your independent urges. The day settles into a more comfortable rhythm by late morning but with Mercury at the end of Cancer, unfinished business or a lingering family matter may need attention. A blast from the past could come as a wake up call, even as the future beckons. Before proceeding boldly into uncharted territory, wisdom dictates that preparations be made and precautions taken. Tying up loose ends is an important first step.
Moon in Aries, Last Quarter Moon in Aries 5:46AM.

June 26: Mixed morning influences bestow confidence as well as reasons to be wary. The Aries Moon is triggering both Jupiter and Saturn. One aspect represents a green light from the Cosmos, the other is a cautionary yellow turning to red. The promise of a better tomorrow is a strengthening dynamic today and tomorrow but a premature move may spell trouble. The big picture is complicated. The Moon is part of a larger cardinal T-square configuration which, in addition to Saturn, also involves Pluto, Mars and Mercury. Mercury is changing signs, arriving in Leo this evening. The impetus to act is great but care must be taken in every word and deed. Stay open to new ideas and information and be respectful to all you meet.
Moon in Aries, Mercury enters leo.

June 27: After a slow void of course Aries Moon period to start the day, the pace of life rapidly accelerates at mid-morning when the Moon happily settles into Taurus. Folks feel more composed and eager to move forward but with Uranus waiting in the Sign of the Bull, unexpected surprises and opportunities are likely. By evening the Moon is conjunct Uranus and both stars are square to mental Mercury. It’s not what you think. A communications breakdown or a better idea, or both could occur. However things play out, changes are for the better. Do slow down during the commute. The Cancer Sun is also handily aligned with Uranus and the Moon. Rely on your intuitive sixth sense, tuned in friends and technological wizardry. After work get togethers are a gregarious good time.
Moon in Aries v/c 3:51AM-9:32AM Moon enters Taurus, Sun sextile Uranus.

June 28: The waning Taurus Moon offers a comfortable pace, even-keeled emotions and deep gratitude for life’s pleasures. Savor your treasured companions, pets, beautiful things and other earthly blessings. Gratitude itself may well be the day’s guiding principle and biggest gift. Clearing the slate of obligatory chores seems like the right thing to do. Work feels gratifying as by nightfall the Moon is nicely engaged with Saturn and Neptune. The garden of earthly delights offers continued enjoyment. Accomplishments and loyal pals are celebrated, as are the wonders of the natural world. Art, good food and music are also appreciated as the weekend gets under way.
Moon in Taurus.

June 29: Today has three markedly different chapters. During the first, the Taurus Moon makes a motivational sextile to Mars in Cancer. There’s plenty of down-to-earth energy for putting the house in order, gardening and running assorted errands. Plan on finishing chores and family business by mid-afternoon when a short-lived void of course Moon period begins. Use the late afternoon to catch your breath. By early evening the Moon finds new life in the naturally curious and often charming Sign of the Twins, Gemini. Gad about and dine with bon vivants and other fun-loving sorts as a lunar sextile to Mercury enlivens the hours around dusk. Conversations and story-telling episodes are scintillating. Expect some details to be embellished, all in good fun.
Moon in Taurus v/c 2:38PM-5:09PM Moon enters Gemini.

June 30: Even a waning, balsamic Gemini Moon has the power to arouse endless curiosity. Touching base with pals, going for a Sunday drive, walk or hike are all typical responses to the celestial energies. Mars’ position at the final degree of Cancer could be a prelude to many reunions. The sole exact aspect of the day, a late night lunar opposition to Jupiter, facilitates the ambling activities as well as making social connections. Wherever you go, this is a fine day for friendship. Learning, broadening horizons, and trading life stories are supported. Late tonight, an imminent square between the Moon and Neptune increases fantasy factors. Dreams of faraway places, pilgrimages and spiritual retreats are likely to be rooted in the distant past.
Moon in Gemini.