Kiss The Ground Releases The Compost Story With A Celebrity Cast

Created in collaboration with Elevate Films, Kiss the Ground has released The Compost Story, a 6-minute video about why compost is a regenerative solution for depleted lands. Kiss the Ground wants to educate people how to turn biodegradable waste into healthy soils. This process also works to reduce the effects of climate change. Combining a celebrity cast of Rosario Dawson, Amy Smart, Adrian Grenier, Paul Blackthorne, and Kendrick Sampson, this video invites people everywhere to see compost in a completely new light.

Kiss the Ground believes that compost is a regenerating, probiotic solution for depleted land. Compost could also play a major role in rebalancing the world’s carbon cycle. Turning polluting waste streams into a valuable resource is a win-win proposition, says Kiss the Ground.

This message is a follow-up to The Soil Story, a 5-minute video on how soil can sequester carbon from the atmosphere to balance the climate.

Joey DeMarco is a research and writing intern for Food Tank.

This article was republished from Food Tank.

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