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Long Life Near Infared Saunas

Welcome to Long Life Near Infrared Saunas. We are a small company dedicated to creating the most effective and affordable infrared saunas and to providing great information to help you make the most of your near infrared sauna. Unlike other sauna companies you”ll find online, we not only make your sauna by hand to order right here in the US, but we provide useful health information and great insights to help you really understand the incredible health benefits of near infrared sauna therapy.

Long Life Near Infared Saunas

Company Name: Long Life Near Infrared Saunas

Health Benefits Include:

Total Detoxification
Incredible Health
Energy! (Reduced Fatigue)
Skin Rejuvenation
Pain Relief
Enhanced Immune Function
Cardio Conditioning
Increased Nitric Oxide Production
Weight Loss
Alternative for Cancer
Relief from Lyme, Fibromyalgia
Chronic Fatigue and MCS
Reduced Excema and Psoriasis<
Improved Muscle Mass
Improved HGH levels
Longevity and Rejuvenation!

As a nutritionist and alternative healer, I have spent more than 15 years studying health and helping people achieve greater health for themselves and their families. In that time, I have never found a healing tool more versatile and effective than the near infrared sauna. (It doesn”t hurt that it”s fun to use too!)

I started Long Life Saunas to create effective tools for health and well-being. In my experience, there is nothing that feels like a near infrared sauna! In Vermont, I have had the privilege of working with some truly great carpenters and craftsmen. Together, we have created unique and innovative saunas of exceptional quality that are designed to provide years of service.

As a company, our goal is to produce the best quality products, provide the best quality service and have a good time doing so. We are not a big corporate health interest. Nor are we a large infrared sauna importer. Instead, we are one of the only built in the USA sauna makers because we care about quality. And, to give you the very highest quality, we build each and every sauna by hand, to order righ here in Vermont.

On a personal note, my journey with near infrared sauna therapy started in 2004 when I built my first unit. I was amazed at the effect and how I felt after using it. In my body, I have experienced a total relief in back pain, clear skin, clear thinking, mercury and copper detoxification, lowered blood pressure, and much more energy on a daily basis. More importantly, though, I feel a great emotional relief and a sense of security knowing I have the ability to stay healthy with my own efforts. I feel optimistic and I no longer worry about chemical and heavy metal toxicity because I can easily remove these things from my body.

To learn more about our affordable saunas, visit www.nearinfraredsauna.com
Read our Blog: http://nearinfraredsaunaexperience.blogspot.com/

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