Making Love Primary In Your Life

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The ultimate goal for each of us, whether we are conscious of it or not, is love. We want to feel love and to be loved. We think that acceptance, value and worth from society, family or another person brings sustained levels of love.

As such, many of us pursue achievement, looks, wealth, acceptance, status or other external evidence. We want to affirm our value, to feel accepted and prove our worth. We spend whole lifetimes looking and sometimes never feeling love, loved or lovable. Instead, we tend to wear masks, hide our emotions and feel frustration at our challenges.

These thoughts are in direct opposition to divine truth, and lead us to believe that we are not worthy — that love comes from validation, achievement or approval from you (as the critic) and others in your life.

The truth is that love is an energy available to us all. If we stripped away all the nonsense of beliefs, distractions and rules imposed by society, we would soon discover that love is our natural state. Love is not separate from us. Love is a divine spark that comes from within our heart center. It holds the potential and ability to radiate, activate and experience higher vibrations.

Our ability to embody love energy is a direct reflection of our individual and collective experiences, along with our maturity at soul level.

Our directive today is to step into evolution by embodying higher levels of love energy within our day-to-day lives. This allows us to embrace feelings, with a priority to make love primary within our vibration.

Three Core Concepts

  1. PURITY OF INTENTION. Purity means your actions; words and thoughts are positive without motive, judgment or condition. You accept that you are part of something bigger, part of a whole and do no harm to another.
  2. PURITY OF DESIRE. Envision your desires from an expansive mental state. Keep your thoughts neutral and be open to the possibilities. With right timing, patience and allowance, the universe will help you create what serves the whole.
  3. PURITY OF TRUST. Be open and receptive. Accept your journey. Address stories, people and situations that create judgement within you. Release the past and live in the present. Take action with trust that your desires will manifest within universal flow.  

How do you make love energy primary in your life? Making love energy primary will come easier to some than others.

We create every day in many ways — conscious or otherwise. The goal is for us to become aware of the purity behind our behavior, words and thoughts. The goal is to create with radiance and love. This goal in action will transform your life and those around you.

Embrace new habits with the intention of activating and amplifying your heart center. In this process, you will learn to sprinkle love energy upon each of your words, thoughts and actions. You will learn to be neutral within your presence.

Concepts to Activate and Amplify Love Energies

  1. WE ARE ONE. Know that you are no more or less important than another person. Ask for the most beneficial outcome in your day-to-day happenings. Do this on purpose and see yourself transform within this process. Remind yourself to seek the Most Beneficial Outcome.
  2. BE AWARE. In general, we show others our best side. We do have the ability to sense the layers that are hidden. If this isn’t you yet, then practice looking deeper. It’s important to develop the ability to see layers with awareness and to practice discernment.  
  3. UPLIFT AND UNDERSTAND. A positive and loving vibe is possible in almost any situation. It’s about the energy behind the words and your willingness to feel and hold a neutral space in the presence of another. Adding positive perspective with uplifting words is an art. Listening can often say more than words.  
  4. COMMUNICATE FROM THE HEART. Make sure you are calm, grounded and centered. You impact another person with words, tone and intention. Connect to their heart energetically and put love energy into your words. This exchange creates a soft and safe space that allows them to heal at deeper levels. 
  5. CONNECT TO SOUL. Recognizing soul is something we learn through experience. The personality is not the soul. Mirror the beauty that resides deep within another person. Regardless of circumstance, each of us is very strong and capable. Ask spirit for the right words. Communicate their strength and beauty in whatever language reaches them.

Michelle J. Howe, known as The Wise Empath, is a powerful channel of high vibrational healing energies and a graduate of the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program. She serves as an awakening speaker, evolutionary guide and a master healer.