March 2016 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for March 2016

March 1: Feeling bearish rather than lion-like, March begins with a challenging T-square alignment. The taut Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct Saturn, at odds with the Pisces Sun and Neptune and also testing Jupiter in Virgo. Reliable information or essential facts may be lacking and honest answers hard to come by. At times it could seem there is no way out of an impasse. Don’t dwell on problems and uncertainties. Instead, put energy and attention into envisioning a new paradigm. The combination of dire need and creative imagination is motivational and powerful, and can lead to an unexpected realization, a healthy change in attitude or perhaps a career breakthrough.
Moon in Sagittarius, Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 6:11PM.

March 2: Nighttime worries are long gone by dawn’s early light. The Sagittarius Moon is in a much more optimistic mode with the morning sunrise. Lunar aspects with Venus, Uranus and Jupiter pave the way for an uptempo, productive and socially vibrant day. Travel indicators are excellent. Communications flow swiftly and surely. A fine sextile between Venus and iconoclastic Uranus supports the forming of new friendships and unexpected alliances. The aspect peaks this evening, a good time for socializing with recent as well as longtime acquaintances. The evening loses momentum well before midnight as the Moon goes void of course. “Early to bed” is an appropriate response.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:55PM-12:00AM, Venus sextile Uranus.

March 3: William Blake opined, “It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.” On this day when the pragmatic Capricorn Moon gracefully aligns with redemptive Neptune, forgiving impulses are strong. It just might be possible to let go of several old slights, by friends and foes alike. Inspirational potentials exist as well. Neptune is a gateway planet, connecting consciousness to the mysterious realms of dreams, imagination and altruism. Its more charitable impulses can lead to experiences of unconditional love. Let your heart be your guide as you navigate this day of magical potentials. Tonight, entertainment and diversions are out of this world. Feel transported and lose yourself in a book or romantic film, dinner by candle light or simply enjoy some quiet contemplation.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-5:01AM Moon enters Capricorn.

March 4: This morning, relationships and assets are reviewed and after careful consideration, re-imagined. If things haven’t been going as well as expected, a change in strategy is recommended. Adjustments may take considerable effort as the Capricorn Moon tests Pluto and Uranus during the middle of the day. Disagreements are likely to surface. Keep the focus on areas of consensus, rather than wasting time and energy on haggling or claiming credit. Be diplomatic, patient, willing to compromise and careful not to offend. A post-midnight square between mental Mercury and fiery Mars cautions against a “winner takes all” mentality.
Moon in Capricorn.

March 5: Today, mental Mercury and fiery Mars are at odds, even as both stars change signs. Mercury makes an early morning entry into Pisces and Mars arrives in Sagittarius tonight. The square aspect, as well as the sign shifts can be vexing. Hopes could be dashed. Patience may suddenly vanish. Don’t rush. Luckily, the Moon, in moving from Capricorn to Aquarius during the late morning, takes away some edginess. With the Sun also testing Saturn, it really is best to pick words and take action only after serious reflection. Long term security is at stake. Delays can be overcome but a hasty move or unkind words can and probably will have serious consequences.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:05AM-11:22AM Moon meters Aquarius, Mercury square Mars, Mercury enters Pisces, Mars enters Sagittarius.

March 6: Today the stars bear out an old saying; for every door that closes another opens. Just after midnight tolls the start of the new day, the Sun is exactly square to Saturn, the planet known for endings as well as time-consuming commitments which eventually lead to wisdom. Late tonight the Sun is also in sextile to Pluto, the celestial symbol of death, transformation and ultimately, rebirth. In the hours between the day’s bookend solar aspects, the Aquarius Moon forms empowering and enriching alignments with both Saturn and Uranus. Let go of whatever no longer serves you. Look to loyal friends for support and wise counsel. Answers are provided to every prayer. Needs are met and an uplifting social atmosphere blesses all with a strong sense of camaraderie.
Moon in Aquarius, Sun square Saturn, Sun sextile Pluto.

March 7: We are at the end of the lunar cycle and the Aquarius Moon is void of course until early afternoon. Spirits are likely to sag. This is a classic “Blue Monday” scenario. Use the available energy to shore up social ties. Check in on friends, co-workers and clients. Fast forward to early afternoon and the Moon arrives in mystical Pisces. Here she tests Mars, possibly triggering a temperamental outburst. Tomorrow evening’s Solar Eclipse casts a shadow over today’s events. Things may not be what they seem so avoid jumping to conclusions. Consider your options and formulate plans tonight, but bide your time, for now is not the time for taking action.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 3:46AM-2:08PM Moon enters Pisces.

March 8: Today’s New Moon in Pisces eclipses the Sun. Both stars are influenced by nearby Neptune and the karmic lunar South Node, as well as a challenging opposition with Jupiter. We may optimistically, even desperately want to see the best in others but believing in a fantasy may prove disastrous. Events close to the time of an eclipse can take weeks or even months before their full impact is completely understood. Extreme caution is advised. Minimize risks. Use common sense and make sure offered plans have tangible benefits. Handled wisely, the same omens can be powerfully transformative, leading to life-changing new opportunities and enduring friendships.
Moon in Pisces, New Moon in Pisces/Solar Eclipse 8:54PM, Moon in Pisces v/c 8:54PM-12:00AM.

March 9: The morning hours can flow by comfortably or feel lackadaisical to the point of being bogged down. The Pisces Moon is void of course. Fantasies and daydreams provide secret refuge. Visits to the inner realms of the imagination may produce useful ideas, if you flow with and follow your intuitive mind. During the early afternoon the Moon enters Aries. Minds sharpen and backbones straighten. Ambitions grow. A late afternoon lunar trine to fiery Mars may spark a good deal of physical and intellectual activity. Debates can grow heated as everyone is inclined to have the last word. Quieter trends take hold this evening, a good time to pamper yourself.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-2:40PM Moon enters Aries.

March 10: The Aries Moon triggers the fabulous trine between Saturn and Uranus today. Reformers, rebels and pioneers are motivated. Even old schoolers are open to new ideas and technological innovation. A steady, methodical approach is recommended throughout most of the workday. Evening brings rising stress levels and greater risk of an accident so be on good behavior and use caution during the evening commute. A last minute change in plans leads to a more magical night. Mental Mercury is moving into a spell-binding conjunction with fantastical Neptune. Dust off your creative chops and express your passion. Take in the magic of the Universe and prepare for a night of memorable dreaming.
Moon in Aries.

March 11: Social contacts are warm and sincere this morning. Within, a sense of deja vu or recollection of unrequited love gracefully evolves into a new awareness. Recognition that a lesson has been learned or a once painful issue of the heart is at last resolved feels quite liberating. Cheerful, chummy midday lunches and meetings are fertile ground for taking care of business as well as romance. Life seems to slow with the moon’s mid-afternoon arrival in earthy Taurus. A steadier, less improvisational approach works better during the latter part of the day. Make yourself comfortable this evening. Relish life’s simple pleasures and find contentment with what you already have manifested.
Moon in Aries v/c 1:24PM-2:44PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury conjunct Neptune.

March 12: Before sunrise loving Venus enters super sensitive Pisces. Here the Goddess planet takes love and beauty to unfathomable depths and heights. Let your heart swoop and soar, as it surely will in the coming weeks. The Taurus Moon forms a series of calming and supportive aspects throughout today. Put your home in order or shop for needed items this morning. Practical matters and decision making are aided by an earthy Grand Trine later in the day. Some find the alignment conducive to enjoying hard won creature comforts and financial security. This evening’s celebratory social life is notable for its magnanimous words and deeds. Don’t forget to set your clocks one hour ahead before heading off to sleep!
Moon in Taurus, Venus enters Pisces.

March 13: The welcome change to Daylight Savings Time begins at 2am. If you haven’t already turned your clocks forward an hour be sure to do so. An hour before sunrise the Taurus Moon begins a twelve hour void of course sojourn, making this a fine day to kick back and relax. Sleeping in is one approach to losing an hour. Lazing around the house, reading, leisurely brunching and taking in other sensory delights are also good ways to pass the time. The Moon’s late afternoon arrival in talkative Gemini could trigger a Sunday drive for a social visit. If you do head out this evening watch your speed and use care on your way home as the Moon makes a troublesome aspect with fiery Mars.
Moon in Taurus v/c 5:46AM-5:03PM Moon enters Gemini.

March 14: Fasten your seat belt and get ready for a bumpy ride. The Gemini Moon faces a daylong series of jolting aspects. A lunar square to mental Mercury makes finding the right words difficult, and with eight of the ten major planets involved in a mutable Grand Square it could seem as though there are doubts and dangers at every turn. Try to stay relaxed, focus, and take life one step at a time. A positive attitude adjustment is called for. Use delays for recalculating and come up with new strategies. More hopeful trends arrive late tonight, bringing input and good advice from knowledgeable friends and favorable news from afar.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury square Saturn, Venus square Mars.

March 15: Night owls are treated to stunning alignments between mental Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter. Thought processes are eye-opening as inspiration strikes nocturnal dreamers, both awake and asleep. By sunrise the Gemini Moon is approaching her first quarter phase with a square to the Pisces Sun. Indecision can be problematic. Both sides of an issue seem compelling, making it difficult to choose. Tensions ease during the early afternoon when a void of course Moon period lasting until well after nightfall begins. Gather your thoughts. Review documents. Check in with co-workers, assorted pals and clients. Plan to be home and in touch with family and close friends tonight.
Moon in Gemini, First Quarter Moon in Gemini 1:03PM, Moon in Gemini v/c 1:03PM-8:57PM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury sextile Pluto, Mercury opposite Jupiter.

March 16: Retrograding Jupiter slides into a second trine with Pluto today, inspiring practical steps towards success. But because Jupiter is also opposing the Sun, Mercury and Neptune, some restraint is advised. Faith is strong and the potential for a major success is great but overreaching can be detrimental. Don’t get cocky and risk what you can’t afford to lose. Make sure plans are realistic. The Cancer Moon stirs hopes and arouses dreams, most noticeably during the afternoon. Hearts too are open. Follow your impulse to do good. Help out when you can. This is great day for advancing professional interests and racking up “good karma” brownie points.
Moon in Cancer, Jupiter trine Pluto.

March 17: Be extra attentive to your surroundings this morning. Don’t rush during the commute. The Cancer Moon’s challenging aspects to Pluto and Uranus increase the odds of costly mistakes and accidents. Breathe! A detour or schedule change could be in the offing. Things calm down well before midday. Life feels less frantic and more composed during the afternoon. Meetings and social gatherings are friendly. Hosts are gracious and accommodating. Sentimental streaks are also on display tonight as the watery Moon, now waxing, and Pisces Sun form a congenial trine aspect.
Moon in Cancer.

March 18: During the predawn hours the Moon enters Leo, where she fires up smiles and passions. Some folks are content to enjoy and celebrate everyday routines. Others, owing to a lunar trine to Mars in Sagittarius, feel primed for a great adventure, a search for truth or a lively debate about the state of the world. Amidst the joyful din of the day there is also reason for reflection. The late Pisces Sun is evidence that the end of the astrological year is upon us. In two days a fresh turn of the Zodiacal wheel begins. Don’t be surprised to find emotions bubbling up at odd or inconvenient times. There are many reasons for boldly making merry today, but sensitivity, mystery, and nostalgia also occupy treasured places in a well-lived life.
Moon in Cancer vc/ 12:09AM-3:54AM Moon enters Leo.

March 19: This final day of the astrological year presents divergent dynamics. The Sun is about to exit Pisces, the super sensitive, moody, yet fabulously creative Sign of the Fishes. One fish looks to the past, the other ahead to the future. But before anyone can wax too poetic or be consumed by regrets, a fire sign Grand Trine, courtesy of the ebullient Leo Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, sets hearts to beating fervently. The lunar trine with Uranus has a particularly liberating effect. Be your best version of your self. Handle responsibilities and key decisions before late afternoon, when the Moon begins to travel void of course. The evening is prime time for relaxed fun and games, and yes, some wistful reflecting.
Moon in Leo v/c 4:43PM-12:00AM.

March 20: Happy Spring! We have made it through another winter and this first day of the new season may feel like the answer to a prayer. Loving Venus is conjunct Neptune, a truly heavenly confection and harbinger of love in all its many dreamy manifestations. The morning, when courting is best, moves slowly as the Moon languishes void of course in Leo. By mid-afternoon, with the waxing Moon now in Virgo, many folks gain a second wind. However, the late day Moon is at odds with cantankerous Mars. The fiery red planet is in outspoken Sagittarius. This is not the evening to push political or religious beliefs on opponents or skeptics. Leave contentious talk for a time when minds are more receptive.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-1:39PM Moon enters Virgo, Sun enters Aires (Spring Equinox) 12:31AM, Venus conjunct Neptune.

March 21: Today’s diligent Virgo Moon is paired with Jupiter and part of a tough six planet T-square configuration, degree of difficulty, extremely high. With the Moon almost full, this is going to be a high energy, arduous day, filled with potential. Put your psychological understanding and spiritual knowledge to good use. Maturity, patience and forgiveness are called for. So is hard work. Translate your inspired ideas, altruistic tendencies and hard won skills into feats of strength, endurance and beauty. Great advances on one’s spiritual path are within reach. Serve others, a cherished ideal or worthy cause, and feel blessed.
Moon in Virgo v/c 11:54PM-12:00AM, Mercury enters Aries.

March 22: The almost Full Virgo Moon is void of course this entire day. Unlike most void of course Moon periods, which are unfocused and laid back, the closeness of tomorrow morning’s Full Moon keeps the day buzzing along. The pressure to succeed, do an excellent job and prove one’s mettle is incredibly great, as Jupiter and Saturn are nearly in an exact square. Don’t be too hard on yourself, or critical of others. The strain of overworking can take a toll on one’s health so know when it is that you’ve done your share or reached your limit.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-12:00AM.

March 23: It’s Full Moon Fever, with complications. The Libra “Worm” Moon is full at 8:01AM EDT. The opposing Sun in Aries is conjunct mental Mercury. Mental faculties can be razor sharp one moment and lacking in objectivity the next. Expansive Jupiter is also forming an exact square to serious Saturn this morning, fueling a need to be tough as nails and take advantage of opportunities. If an offer is on the table, take time to sort through the myriad details, expectations and requirements. Because the Moon is eclipsed there are likely to be overlooked elements or facts that have yet to come to light. Finalizing a deal will take longer than expected.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-1:23AM Moon enters Libra, Full Moon in Libra 8:01AM (Lunar Eclipse), Jupiter square Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury.

March 24: While certain tensions ease after yesterday’s eclipse of the Full Moon, the skies remain busy. The Libra Moon helps foster a productive climate this morning with a sextile to Saturn. This early part of the day is likely to be the most fertile. By noontime a lunar square with Pluto sets off a round of jockeying for power, prestige and position. Matters are further complicated by the Moon’s late afternoon opposition with unpredictable Uranus. Use tact with ornery types. Some people and situations are best avoided. Fortunately, mental Mercury is in a harmonizing trine with Mars. Quick thinking and decisive action can head off some crises. Do what you can to maintain peace and harmony but don’t surrender your principles or self-respect.
Moon in Libra v/c 4:55PM-12:00AM, Mercury trine Mars.

March 25: Important astrological changes are under way. Beliefs and loyalties are tested as Saturn in Sagittarius begins a retrograde that lasts into August. Void of course this morning, the Moon passes from Libra into Scorpio during the mid-afternoon. The two primary partnering signs are highlighted while Venus, the planet of love and affection, is at odds with both Jupiter and Saturn. Expectations may exceed reality, leading to a change of heart or even a parting of ways. If you have been wrestling with a momentous decision, wait until later in the day to make up your mind. Today’s choices have, in their certain finality, long term impact.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-2:09PM Moon enters Scorpio, Saturn retrograde, Venus opposite Jupiter, Venus square Saturn.

March 26: Dawn breaks with the Aries Sun in an energizing trine to Mars. Eager beavers and workout devotees are in their element, fired up and charged to meet challenges and have record-breaking performances. The morning has a softer side, too. Loving Venus is in a healing sextile with Pluto, and the Scorpio Moon finds harmony with mystical Neptune. Affections are reciprocated, reveries are pleasant. Beauty and wonder are everywhere. If you stop to smell the flowers or chat with a neighbor, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The evening social scene is a good one, filled with witty remarks, pithy observations and lots of love. Jump in, participate and be entertained.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun trine Mars, Venus sextile Pluto.

March 27: From the wee hours of the morning until midnight the Scorpio Moon is void of course. The low key atmospherics are enjoyable, and leave lots of space for relaxed contemplation. Memories come flooding back, perhaps in dreams, just before dawn. There may also be hints at how to best organize and prepare to reach future goals. Pay attention to those visions and early musings. The quiet mood holds throughout the day. Today’s events will most likely lack staying power so avoid return trips to the store and put off major purchases and decisions for now. It’s a perfect day for exploring inner space, researching life’s mysteries and leisurely strolling in parks.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 3:25AM-12:00AM.

March 28: Energy is abundant and enthusiasm is contagious. The irrepressible Sagittarius Moon instills the feeling that life is a great adventure, to be experienced passionately. A lunar conjunction with Mars leads many people to float big ideas and emphatically proclaim their political and spiritual beliefs. New leaders may emerge, but being loud doesn’t guarantee wisdom or accuracy. Everyone is entitled to their point of view. With passions running high, it’s folly to expect all to agree. The Moon’s evening trine with the Aries Sun keeps things running smoothly and swiftly along. However, late night travelers are advised to be careful. A lunar square with Neptune increases the risk of bad judgment and poor weather. Play it safe.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-2:46AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

March 29: This will be a busy day, from the morning until well after nightfall. Stretch your limits but be careful not to overcommit yourself. The Sagittarius Moon is amidst the Saturn/Jupiter square, so the temptation to take on more than is realistic is great. If you do feel maxed out, quick thinking friends and technological wizardry could come to the rescue. Mental Mercury is in a helpful trine with Saturn. This aspect aids in keeping priorities clear, schedules on track and minds focused. An after work get together can be a fun time but plan to turn in early as the Moon goes void of course well before midnight.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:55PM-12:00AM, Mercury trine Saturn.

March 30: This morning’s void of course Sagittarius Moon causes many people to feel lethargic. Mental Mercury’s square with Pluto evokes discontent and for some, even anguish. Real or imagined slights may seem unforgivable but look for a diplomatic way out of an uncomfortable situation. Envision a satisfactory solution, planting the seeds for a peaceful, happy resolution. Mid-afternoon is the time to put plans into motion. By then the Moon is in dutiful Capricorn and the celestial climate is much better suited for taking action. Tonight is quietly conducive to putting one’s house in order.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-1:45PM Moon enters Capricorn.

March 31: The Last Quarter Capricorn Moon is a potent motivator this morning. With the Moon conjunct powerful Pluto, ambitions are great. However, the Aries Sun is conjunct Mercury and Uranus, dramatically increasing both energy levels and the risk of missteps. Don’t be impatient or impolite with co-workers. Stress the importance of teamwork. Under these stars, the sum of the whole is much greater than the individual parts. Keeping everyone working in harmony requires finesse, as well as clear, shared goals. Once again, I am reminded of a favorite north country road sign which stated, “He who serves best, profits most.” Put the needs of others before your own, and light the way. Be a beacon of hope!
Moon in Capricorn, Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn 11:17AM, Mercury conjunct Uranus.